In true LEGO style, the lightheartedness of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has been pushed further yet with an increased character roster and — most importantly — with Adam West joining the cast of well-known stars who will be lending their voices to the game.

Veterans of the series will be getting a bit of old-school love as well, with classic 1960s costumes for characters such as Robin, Catwoman and Batgirl, so fans of the show will find plenty to remember.

West plays himself as well as the iconic vigilante, and will be joined by some of the more obscure characters from the DC Comics universe, including Arkillo, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Hawkman, Krypto and Mr. Mxyzptlk, with more yet to be announced.

This instalment promises to push the boundaries of the previous two games and expand the world beyond our atmosphere and into outer space. Even with two versions of Batman can the Justice League muster enough bat-strength and conquer the likes of Lex Luthor, The Joker and the rest of the cacophony of villains lead by the sinister Braniac?

You can find the trailer from Comic-Con 2014 below, complete with subtle ducks reference, and a neat cast video with the voice actors — including Adam West.