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ChristopherM commented on Nintendo's Latest Hanafuda Deck Is Perhaps Its...:

Mister_Wu - Yes, the new deck remains a recognisable Hanafuda deck at heart.

Some might find the older, less adorned deck to be more playable. However, anybody who prefers every card to be customised should certainly be looking at the newer deck (assuming of course that the quality of manufacture is comparable).



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo's Latest Hanafuda Deck Is Perhaps Its...:

Gridatttack - Thanks for the video link. Yes that's the same theme that I've downloaded via UK Club Nintendo. I agree with you that it's the best theme around by far.

Although the art styles are similar, the cards in that theme are actually lifted from the old Club Nintendo "Mario" Hanafuda deck, and not the new deck shown above.

Some of the older cards are illustrated at:

I just wanted to point out that anybody who wants to buy cards that closely match the Club Nintendo 3DS theme might prefer to track down a copy of the older deck.

(NB - Unlike the new deck, the old deck includes many traditional Hanafuda designs that do not feature Mushroom Kingdom denizens)



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo's Latest Hanafuda Deck Is Perhaps Its...:

@Gridatttack - I don't know about the Japan Club Nintendo 3DS theme, but the recent UK Club Nintendo 3DS theme was based on an older Mario Hanafuda deck.

Similarly, the forthcoming Japanese 3DS cover plate features the "Shy Boo" pampas card from the older deck, rather than the new "Scary Boo" design shown above.

But yes, both deck designs are awesome. And yes, DS Clubhouse Games (aka "42 All-Time Classics" over here) does contain Koi-Koi, complete with illustrated instructions.



ChristopherM commented on Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Now Available in Eu...:

To anybody thinking of picking up a cheap game in order to get 250 extra Stars - my £6 copy of Arkham Origins from Amazon UK did NOT include a PIN voucher, despite the game being listed on the Club Nintendo site. Presumably that copy of the game had been packaged after the scheme had closed(?) Caveat Emptor.



ChristopherM commented on Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Now Available in Eu...:

@manu0 - Thanks, that's interesting about the German description.

Club Nintendo's UK description (not fully repeated in the article above) says "Please note: the coin is silver-plated only". If anybody received one without any actual silver on it, then I'd say they would be entitled to a refund.

Of course, a refund would be pretty worthless if the stars were no longer valid by then.



ChristopherM commented on Club Nintendo Goodbye Coin Now Available in Eu...:

Looking at my account, I have seen thousands of my Stars expire during the life of Club Nintendo Europe. That was because, at that time, there was simply nothing worth getting. Any decent physical goods were snapped up within minutes by the lucky few (I myself managed to snag the Hanafuda cards), leaving worthless digital wallpapers etc for everybody else.

However, if I remember correctly, at that time the North American Club Nintendo had far better gifts than Europe!



ChristopherM commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

Nice tribute Thomas, although you neglected to mention that a big difference over the previous SNES version (and the subsequent GBA and DS versions) was the analogue steering.

For myself, I love this version. The course designs were perfect for three-player family games, both racing and battles. The Block Fort and Double Deck battle stages in particular have never been bettered (although DKR's subsequent castle and pyramid arenas came close).

There were also some wonderful details in the presentation, such as the aerial views in the end credits, and the unnecessary-but-fun ability to visit the Mario 64 model of Peach's castle.



ChristopherM commented on Hands On: Disney Infinity Toy Box 3.0 Brings A...:

Could anybody afford to take over Disney? Well, you might argue that Pixar already did, in essence. When Disney "bought" Pixar, the deal meant that Pixar's owner - Steve Jobs - joined the Disney board of directors as the biggest shareholder. Also, John Lasseter - the creative head of Pixar - gained huge creative control at Disney.

Seriously, I don't see any reason why Disney and Nintendo couldn't enter into a corporate partnership, if not a full merger



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo DS And Nintendo 64 Games Finally Comi...:

Can somebody who has already downloaded Mario Kart DS please confirm whether Nintendo has added analogue steering as an option?

Failing that, can NintendoLife please specify this in any review?

If analogue steering is not a new option, then I have no need to download a single player version of a game that I can still play solo and in local multiplayer on my 3DS.




ChristopherM commented on Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack Brought ...:

In the AC track, the seasons changing every time you play is a nice touch - I hope the ice and wet leaves etc impact the handling.

BTW, I’m surprised that the Nintendo broadcast didn’t show the Mute City DLC at 200cc. Or was it so fast that I missed it?



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (Europe):

GBA Pokemon Pinball transcends its franchise and stands as the best hand-held pinball game ever. Far more playable than the Mario pinball game and easier to follow than Zen's pinball games on 3DS. Plus the collection factor leads to obsessive "one more go" sessions.

Not sure what the frame rate will look like on a big screen, and the layout will probably appear a bit basic, but it'll probably be fine for playing on the WiiU tablet. A full-blooded remake would have been preferable though, for either 3DS or WiiU.

Perhaps this is being released to test demand for a remake, although those of us who love it still play the original cart. Also there's a danger it will be buried this week under the avalanche of Zen tables.



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo UK Store Launches "24 Days of Christm...:

I was looking at the hoodie as a gift, but can anybody make sense of the size guide? Even on XL the chest measurement is only a tiny 56cm. Even worse, the same size guide appears on the Mario Kart T-Shirt and the (non-Sale) men's hoodie. 56cm? XL? Really?



ChristopherM commented on Adam West Dusts Off His Bat-Vocals for LEGO Ba...:

Perhaps worth mentioning that Adam West has already provided the voice for a "Lego-compatible" C3 Batman figure - in the animated short "Batman: New Times". Mark Hamill voiced the Joker and Dick Van Dyke was Commissioner Gordon.

The DVD is long out-of-print, but the short can still be streamed from DAVE School, where it was made.



ChristopherM commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:

If Nintendo wants to improve sales momentum in the UK over Christmas then it needs to get stock on the High Street. The Wii U Fit Meter is not available in my local HMV, Game, Blockbuster, Argos or Asda. The staff I spoke to hadn't even heard of it.



ChristopherM commented on 3D Versions Of Shinobi III And Streets Of Rage...:

shinobi88 / Kaine - I agree about the soundtrack. You may already know this, but the soundtracks for all three SoR/Bare Knuckle games - plus Shinobi - are available on the Japanese triple CD "Yuzo Koshiro Best Collection Vol 2". Not sure if it's still available though.



ChristopherM commented on Crazy Taxi Wannabe Coming to the Japanese eShop:

"We're not convinced this'll make it West (as the series never has to date)..."

Actually Thomas, at least one of the Simple DS series has been released in the West. The Volume 4 cartridge was released here as "Break 'em All".



ChristopherM commented on Review: Puzzler World 2013 (DS):

Thanks for the review Martin, but is there really "no dumbing down"?

I bought an earlier edition of Puzzler World purely for the Link-A-Pix puzzles but they were painfully easy, compared to the equivalent puzzles on Pic Pic.

Since Conceptis provided the puzzles for both games, I can only assume that Ubisoft deliberately set the bar lower for Puzzler World than 505 did for Pic Pic.



ChristopherM commented on You, Me, and the Cubes Designer Dies Ages 42:

Very sad. Back in the '90s, Kenji Eno's name and personality lit up the game world in big, bright and bold letters.

His original "D" was a 3DO classic - original, innovative and in many ways ahead of it's time. It also featured tremendously atmospheric music, which he composed himself.

If you ever played the N64's New Tetris and enjoyed merging the giant gold and silver blocks, you should know that Kenji Eno had already created the concept in his own delightful falling block game "Trip'd" (also on 3DO, and a perfect candidate for an eShop remake).

Many on this forum would also have delighted in his very public anti-Sony antics.

RIP Kenji Eno. The world of videogames will be a shade more grey without you.



ChristopherM commented on 3DS XL UK Prices Will be Decided by Retailers:

Three points about converting the US price to UK currency...

First - One could argue that we should be using Purchasing Power Parities rather than exchange rates. This would push the UK equivalent price closer to £135.

Second - I don't believe the $199 includes any sales tax, does it? (Perhaps the US readers can correct me if I'm wrong). UK Sales Tax is 20%

Third - Nintendo is obliged to let UK retailers set their own profit margins. Unless an aggressive retailer makes an early move, these margins will tend to start high and move lower over time, after the retailers have mopped up the early adopters.



ChristopherM commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii U at £199.99:

American readers should note that any price advertised on Amazon UK will include the UK's 20% purchase tax. You should adjust Thomas's currency conversion for your own local taxes.



ChristopherM commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii U at £199.99:


You won't hear a price from Nintendo. Nintendo never sets a retail price for Europe. It sets a wholesale price and leaves retailers to set their own retail prices. It's been that way ever since Nintendo was fined by the EU for price fixing.



ChristopherM commented on E3 2012: Wii U Supports Two GamePads:

There's no point buying a second pad until somebody produces a game that can use a second pad.

Unless I've missed something, every game shown so far is either single-player (eg Takamaru's Ninja Castle), asymmetric (eg Luigi's Ghost Mansion) or turn-based (presumably the golf - if it progresses beyond a tech demo).

Even if somebody does produce a 2-pad game it would have to be a really good one to justify the extra expense.



ChristopherM commented on Goooooal Europa 2012 Has the Best Name on DSiWare:

I don't want to get pedantic, but is this actually foosball? I thought foosball was the more popular version of table football with the players on horizontal rods?

However, I do remember a physical set like this in my local toyshop back in the 70s. A kind of alternative Subbuteo with the players in fixed positions.



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo Zone Launched in Europe:

@Bliquid : I already had a good idea where my local hotspot was. The light on my 3DS didn't flash when I got there, but maybe I opened it too soon. Once I opened it, a message window appeared over the main menu asking me if I wanted to download the Nintendo Zone software.

The link in the main article above provides a hotspot map that seems to search on Italian city names. Have you tried that?



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo Zone Launched in Europe:

Earlier today, I stopped outside a local hotspot, downloaded the app and opened it. At a quick glance the current demos were all for titles that have already had demos available via eShop. It was possible to stream the "3D Machine" video for free, but only within range of the hotspot. There were some other menu options (eg "3DS Games") but rain stopped play. Once I had moved away from the hotspot the Nintendo Zone icon remained on my menu but it's not possible to open the app properly away from a public hotspot (no, home-based wifi is not sufficient). Hopefully my 3DS will eventually be able to download content when I pass by the public hotspot, without my having to open the app each time. Hope that answers some questions.



ChristopherM commented on Review: Puzzle to Go Planets and Universe (DSi...:

OK, I'll admit I was wrong - at least partially.

As pointed out by the Nintendo Helpdesk, this software does work on the 3DS, provided the photos are stored on the 3DS system memory.

Am I the only one who thinks that both the eShop description and the game instructions should mention the requirement to move photos from the SD card onto the system memory?



ChristopherM commented on Review: Puzzle to Go Planets and Universe (DSi...:

***Warning to 3DS owners***

This software was written for the DSi and does not seem to recognise the 3DS photo album. This means it works only with the ten built-in puzzles, which are clearly not worth the asking price.

I have written to Nintendo customer services suggesting they remove it from the 3DS eShop - and have asked for a refund.



ChristopherM commented on Nintendo Rep Backpedals on Game Boy Advance Kirby:

Pretty obvious what happened - even at the time. The GBA version of Yoshi's Island is subtitled Super Mario Advance 3. A Nintendo rep simply misread that as "Super Mario Bros 3".

Super Mario Bros 3 is not being withdrawn or cancelled because it was never on the list.



ChristopherM commented on As Predicted, Wii Drops to £99 in UK Today:

Just for info - Sainsbury (for one) is today selling the Wii bundle for £99 without the obligation to buy a chart title.

I for one don't think the Wii is dying - Nintendo is clearly repositioning it as the industry's "entry" console for young families and new gamers. The PS One survived for years in such a market position.