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Exclusive: AE Games Achieves Approved Wii U Developer Status

Posted by Martin Watts


AE Games has clarified that while it has received approved Wii U developer status, it has yet to obtain a Wii U development kit.

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Mad Men Football developer AE Games has exclusively revealed to us that it has now been officially approved as Wii U developer.

With a Wii U development kit finally in its possession, the indie studio can now begin to develop its previously announced Gridiron football title, in which everyday sportsmen are bizarrely replaced with historical figures such as George Washington and Julius Caesar.

Until now, we've only seen some concept art for the game, and given that AE Games have only just received their newly approved status, it may be a short while before we see actual gameplay footage. The small development studio previously created waves by blaming major third-party companies for essentially sabotaging their chances of success on Wii U in a public blog post.

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Sean_Aaron said:

If it turns out fun like those old silly games like Blood Bowl I'm down for it. Here's hoping something quality results for this!



polarbear said:

I don't understand the publicity this game gets. All words and nothing to show so far.



MAB said:

Mad Men Football haters shouldn't jump to conclusions before seeing the final build... This could possibly score 9/10 and turn into one of those Angry Birds overnight success stories



0utburst said:

The wait for the Digital Event is killing me and we only have two articles in this site so far.



Spoony_Tech said:

The U is in desperate need of sports games and we will see how this turns out but man I wish it was full on NFL. Hopefully either way it's good! I do like the devs thinking behind the whole process though!



Tsurii said:

@MAB well...I don't understand either side (fans and haters). We didn't see anything yet except for like..2(?) character designs. As it stands now, they ARE just talk.



Jazzer94 said:

Nintendo needs to bring back the official seal of quality because this is getting out of hand.



0utburst said:

EA Games - Madden
They aren't supporting Nintendo and some of their subsidiary studios have been vocal about it.

AE Games - Madmen
They've been vocal about supporting Nintendo.

I don't trust these guys tbh. I have a bad feeling. Can't they think of another studio name? They're trying to be anti-EA? I just couldn't take them seriously.



Sean_Aaron said:

They have developer status now, so clearly things must have progressed beyond a couple of sketches; more importantly they can now go ahead with the project full-steam ahead.



kyuubikid213 said:

Well, they're approved developers now.

If this is true, it's time for them to put out a truly great game. Sad to say, I'm not a fan of sports games, so I won't be buying unless it's truly quirky and isn't something I could just do by gathering a few friends and going outside.



sinalefa said:

They finally are approved devs. They talked the talk, now I hope they walk the walk.



JusticeColde said:

I'm very interested in what Mad Men Football could be like, so I'll just keep this on my radar but I won't get my hopes too high.



jjmesa16 said:

At first I thought it said EA. Oh well. I'm not missing much from them anyways, except a Michael Bay bank robbery game.



RennanNT said:

@MAB @Tsurii897
I was going to give AE the benefit of the doubt, but I lost any trust (actually gained negative trust) after seeing the feb13th post on their blog ( Seriously, I know 7 years old kids who could do a less amateur job than that. To make it worse the '3rd party conspiracy' post and naming it after EA...
I will give them the credits for the idea and the name of the game, but they are way more close to Angry Fanboys than Angry Birds.



unrandomsam said:

@Jazzer94 They have the official seal but it doesn't seem to count for much.

(What is worse is the allow anybody to use the Wii U style branding. Making it look like official stuff).



RennanNT said:

@MAB That Mario's sprite still is professional and, under the hardware limitations, it looks good.

OTOH, Even if all AE had was the Microsoft Word they used and didn't have experience with it, there's still way better teasers they could do if they spend a few hours trying to improve. There's no excuse to it be so bad. God, pure text would be absolutely better.



RennanNT said:

@unrandomsam Those things means they are amateurs and have no taste or were too lazy, and thats all we have about them. They might end making a good game, sure, but for me expect they will or to be excited about the game, they will have to gain my trust first.

If I say now "I'm done with yearly COD. I gonna make a SOOO much better shooter on Wii U", I might actually end doing it, but would you care till you have anything supporting I really have the ability to do it?



Sean_Aaron said:

The amount of smash being talked here is amazing. It's a simple announcement; unless you know the person(s) involved there's nothing to speculate about and no one has to "prove" anything to anyone. There's either going to be a game in the end or there isn't. It might be a year or two or it might be never, but it won't be tomorrow!



TheRealThanos said:

@Tsurii897 Just talk won't get you the approved developer status and a dev kit, so no, they are NOT just talk. Being careful or realistic is fine. Being negative or pessimistic ain't. Let's just wait and see what they come up with before we plant an axe in their necks, shall we? Same goes for all the actual haters on here, because it's obvious that you're not one of them, but the real ones are just talking out of the wrong end and clearly haven't got a clue what it takes or what they are talking about. I wish some actual developers would speak up...
@unrandomsam My thoughts exactly. Good on you.
@Sean_Aaron EXACTLY. Irritable bunch, but what can you do? One of the lesser perks of being able to anonymously comment on a website without someone being able to actually set you straight if you're talking nonsense...



MikeLove said:


Would you believe that dragons exist if I told you I saw one in my backyard today, and could provide no visual or physical evidence to back it up?


Then why are you so quick to believe anything this developer says, when he has yet to provide any evidence/proof that this "game" exists? Aside from a meaningless sketch and a shoddy MS Paint quality logo?

You are acting self righteous and looking foolish by essentially complaining that there are many people on here who are skeptical about the existence of a video game that has yet to be seen or proven to be real.

Questioning the validity of this story/game (which is ONLY covered by this website) seems perfectly reasonable given the information (or lack thereof) we currently have about this project.

p.s. before you try to type out a lengthy reply calling me a "jerk", "negative", etc, think for one moment....I have provided several valid reasons WHY the validity of this story should be questioned. Can you provide a single piece of tangible evidence that this game exists, beyond taking this guy's word for it or just being "optimistic"?



TheRealThanos said:

@KennyPowers Why so negative man? Also no need to be sarcastic or insulting. With all due respect: you don't know me and I am anything BUT self-righteous. And you're asking questions unrelated to my comment because I NEVER stated that the game exists, I just responded to the unfounded negativity. I simply stated that there's a reason that they approved him and that he received a dev kit, nothing more. Meanwhile, people have been hacking into this guy with every means possible, just because he made a (bad) joke at the cost of EA and because he hasn't shown much. That's why I also asked developers on here to chime in, because they know what it takes to put a game together and how long it can take to actually come up with something presentable. It is exactly like @Sean_Aaron said: the amount of negative comments is astounding. And if you had read my comment more carefully, you could actually see that I never expressed any blind believe in the existence of the game, I just suggested people to be somewhat more open-minded instead of plain dismissive. Like I said before: "Being careful or realistic is fine. Being negative or pessimistic ain't. Let's just wait and see what they come up with before we plant an axe in their necks, shall we?" None of us know if the game will actually be made or, if it is, how far along it is and until then judging something that isn't there is actually pretty silly.



MikeLove said:


Thanks for pounding out that lengthy reply, which as I predicted, would offer nothing other than "be positive!" in regards to this game.

There is no evidence whatsoever that this game exists, that it's being worked on, or that the "developer" has been accepted by Nintendo.

People who are questioning the reality of this project aren't being "negative", they are being realistic and looking at the facts.

"None of us know if the game will actually be made or, if it is, how far along it is and until then judging something that isn't there is actually pretty silly."

So is complaining about people who are skeptical about this game's existence, even though all the evidence we have so far points to it being vaporware/a joke.



TheRealThanos said:

@KennyPowers Lengthy? That was just an average one...
But once again: I haven't expressed any blind believe in the existence of this game, so why you keep pulling that card I don't know.
Honest question: what do you get out of being able to "predict" what other commenters are going to post (since I've come across you arguing with others too on WAY more than one occasion, so apparently it's not just me) and then being right about it according to your own view on things? With that in mind I could also question you calling ME self-righteous, but that to me is not the goal of this conversation let alone the reason why I'm on NLife.
Maybe my way of writing things down leads to interpretations that I never intended, but in my honest opinion I can't make my thoughts on this any clearer than they are. And we don't necessarily have to agree so no problem there either.
But from what I gather from your answer you seem to be so very certain that there is no dev kit or official approval from Nintendo, but how would you know? Are other indie developers conveying this information in another way that is more believable? I couldn't tell because I'm really not too interested in most indie titles but I haven't seen any photo's of dev kits or approval documents from other companies, so besides the admittedly very slim pickings of news we get from this AE guy, what's the actual difference between all these indies? (obviously only considering newcomers and not indies that have already published one or more games)



TheRealThanos said:

@KennyPowers Answer: because I agreed with @Sean_Aaron and because I don't understand why everyone is giving this AE guy so much cr@p, just because he didn't follow the apparently very strict rules of announcing a game. Maybe he is full of it, and will never release a game, or maybe he will. That's why I'm not a blind believer because it will make me look pretty stupid if he doesn't and that right there is why I usually keep a carefully optimistic, yet realistic frame of mind of let's just wait and see instead of being downright dismissive and skeptical from the get go, because that will make me look WAY more stupid if the game does get released.
As for me, I apparently come across to you as just being against things for the sake of it, but I can honestly assure you that is not the case and maybe I should have communicated that a bit better so I wouldn't have left that impression on you.
I'm perfectly okay with criticism as long as it is constructive and I do not bear you any ill will. To leave things on a more positive note: thanks for explaining yourself and I do agree with you that the drawings aren't all too inspiring. But you're right: it's probably also good to call it a day on this topic. Have a good one, day that is.

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