AE Games

It is certainly no secret that some people - be they fans or critics - don’t like the Wii U. It seems that every other day someone has something bad to say about Nintendo’s latest home console, and if they aren’t doing that they’re revelling in the company’s shortcomings. Some would argue that it’s not unwarranted. After all, Nintendo has been hit by a string of bad news recently that includes the unflattering reveal of its Wii U sales and the lack of developer support becoming more and more apparent. Thankfully however, even though things may be looking arguably bleak for the system, it seems there are some in the industry who are willing to keep the faith.

Introducing AE Games, a brand new game developer based in North Carolina with plans to make great games on the Wii U. AE Games states it's noticed the potential in the home console, and has seen what amazing things can be done with it when a developer has put time and effort in. It's also noticed the Wii U being an afterthought to fellow developers, and after watching so many third party companies move away from Nintendo’s latest system, has decided to instead move towards it.

According to the developer, other companies have forgotten to take partial blame themselves for the Wii U’s supposed failure:

It seems that late DLC, no DLC, missing modes, and selling last year's game as this year's, has been the way to go. Then follow that up with trying to justify poor sales by blaming consumers (or, even Nintendo)? There are examples of publisher support that shouldn't be forgotten, wonderfully terrible examples in our opinion, like a publisher releasing one game on the Wii U for $60, but selling a trilogy of that game series on the other consoles for the same price. Or, releasing the exact same game on all consoles at the same time, but pricing the Wii U version nearly 70% more than the other versions. Or, now even more recently, delaying only the Wii U version of a game that was already previously announced.

To AE Games, this is tantamount to sabotage, and so it wants to put a stop to it by showing its complete support to the system. In fact, it aims to build a happy relationship with Nintendo and start making games on the company’s other consoles, but for now the Wii U is at the forefront.

Unfortunately this resolute introductory post by the developer is all we have from them right now – we don’t even know about the people on board - but it has promised to unveil news on its first Wii U Game this coming Friday. So, has AE Games got your attention? Do you think it could be a valuable addition for the Wii U, or does its firmness strike you as naïve? One way or another we’ll have more to show this Friday, so watch this space.