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Video: We Put The Pedal To The Metal In Sega's 3D OutRun

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Can M2 keep up their winning streak?

It hardly feels like Japanese 3DS owners have finished with Fantasy Zone, but M2 is back on the eShop and granting gamer wishes once again, this time bringing Yu Suzuki's OutRun into the palms of arcade fans.

As we've come to expect this is yet another fantastic port with just the right balance of hardcore accuracy and new bells and whistles to keep everyone happy, and we'll be busy writing up a full Matters of Import feature on the game soon. For now take a look at the video below, set to Cruising Line, one of the two new music tracks made for the game.

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Tops said:

Just woke up to see this posted 44 seconds ago lol. There's no NA date for these yet, is there?



3dcaleb said:

yea thats cool i guess but what i really want is for them to give us fantasy zone over here!!! u guys dont have any idea when we will be getting it do you?



Zemus-DJ said:

The 1st set of sega 3D classics was 8 games, then they launched them to the west. I'm guessing after another 5 games we will then get this 2nd set of 3D classics. I got all of the 1st set, just hoping with 2nd set is golden axe glad fantasy zone is in 2nd set.



FritzFrapp said:

I see they've changed the KTM bike billboards to read M2 now – well all except that one after Kerry crashed into it!) The 'danke' ones are still there.
Looks like a really good port and not a bad new tune. Bet it looks awesome in 3D.



FritzFrapp said:

That's because Sega didn't renew their licence with Ferrari a few years ago. It's the reason why Outrun Online was removed from PSN and Xbox Live.



madelk said:

New music is great, but this is still going to have Splash Wave and Magical Sound Shower.. right? RIGHT?! o.o



madelk said:

@Erixsan I hope so. Seeing the billboards and the Ferrari change made me antsy. But I understand why some things need to change.



absuplendous said:

This is a thing of beauty. Everything's just as I remember it--licensing tweaks and soundtrack aside, of course. Composing new tunes of the same caliber as OutRun's original three seemed like a very tall order, but Manabu Namiki delivered; Crushing Line sounds right at home in YM2151. If only we could go back in time and have the SEGA S.S.T. band make arranged recordings...

@maldelk The original soundtrack is intact; Sega's web page for the game ( says so, and you can see the track names in the music selection screenshots. The other changes mentioned were due to licensing issues; Sega owns the music, so there'd be no need to change it... thankfully!



Ristar42 said:

The car sprite is not accurate, but I expected they would be concerned about a possible liscence issue with Ferrari. Shenmue 2 and Yu Suzuki Gameworks versions on Dreamcast have the alternative car too.

Orignal Xbox Outrun 2 version has the correct car, but its a basic version.
Megadrive version was ok at the time, but weirdly only featured the 'Japan' track layout...

The Japanese Saturn version remains the best version and supports the analogue controller and steering wheel, but since Outrun is my favourite game ever since I played the arcade back in the 80s, I'll be getting this as soon as its released, looks great!



unrandomsam said:

@Spoony_Tech For Super Hang On I found the only way to play it properly was with the gyro controls. Sharp turn works properly. Dunno what it will be like for this though. I don't like the tap tap method either.



SparkOfSpirit said:

The best racing series. Shame we'll probably have to wait to get them until after they're all done for months like the first line.



masterLEON said:

Wasn't the original arcade version a Testarossa-ish facsimile in the first place? I mean, it looks really close, but there's no visible logo in the cabinet art, marquee, no credits to Ferarri anywhere, the steering wheel has a horse with wings, and the in-game graphics are lo-res that it looks like the pony on the back, but it's still a bit ambiguous (that, and the logo flips when you turn to the right. Ferarri would probably not go for that)



GeekSquad1992 said:

I utterly cannot wait till I have this and After Burner 2 on my 3DS. Some of my favorite games of all time! Heck, just having Space Harrier with me is fantastic, and it'll be even better with After Burner 2 and OutRun!!!



Ootfan98 said:

Hopefully this makes it West.
What will be M2's next conversion? Please be Powerdrift or SOR2



tovare said:

I think i have the outrun music casette from the zzap 64 cover somewhere, but no working casette player. Might get this for a good nostalgia trip



musicmaniac1965 said:

Best oldschool racing game EVER! Just like most of you, this needs to be released in the rest of the world as soon as possible. No gamer should be without this superb classic, even with changed sprites.

I think Sega really should consider recreating all their sprite scaling games from the 80's-90's! Where's Tubro OutRun and OutRunners? LOL

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