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Nintendo Joining the White House for its 2014 Easter Egg Roll

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Yolks like fun

The Easter Egg Roll, taking place this year on Monday, 21st April, is a time-honoured tradition in which children use long-handled spoons to race their ovoids down the South Lawn of the White House. It should come as no surprise that Nintendo would want in on the fun this year, as the event practically begs for a tie-in with Yoshi's New Is--

Wait, what? They're not taking Yoshi with them?


Ah. According to a Nintendo press release, the company has paired up with the National Park Foundation and First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign to promote their more active titles: Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club. Both games will be available for play during the festivities, and costumed Mario and Luigi characters will also be on hand for photo ops and cheering on the kids as they roll.

Honestly, having Wii Fit and Wii Sports at the Easter Egg Roll fits perfectly with this year's theme of "Hop Into Healthy, Swing Into Shape" and is a good push toward Nintendo's planned "Quality of Life" initiative. Just don't tell Mrs. Obama how a certain poor, snubbed green dino will be spending the day sitting at home double-fisting discount Peeps and Cadbury Eggs.

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lividd3ad said:

Hopefully this comes with the announcement of "Children's Long-Handled Spoon Ovoid Racing" on Wii U.



Cevan said:

Hopefully this'll create some more Wii U awareness from the people who attend the egg roll.



Nik-Davies said:

Perhaps they didn't want to advertise Yoshi's New Island as it would distract from the Wii U. Don't know about you, but my attention would go towards Yoshi's New Island and therefore the 3DS more than it would Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U



Raylax said:

They aren't advertising Yoshi's New Island because it's cruel to subject children to a game that bad.



Lance168 said:

Pretty sure they using Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U cause its the lets move campaign. If they used Yoshis New Island it would be like 'Hey kids! This is not lets move anymore! It's lets press buttons!'



JaxonH said:


Ya'll are crazy. Wii Sports Club is mega-fun. Specially the golf. And Yoshi's New Island isn't a bad game I don't think. Sticker Star on the other hand, ok. That was boring.



sinalefa said:

Yoshi's Rehashed Island is a mediocre game. So glad it won't be there.

Tennis plays much better with motion plus and golf is fun too. Bowling is a perennial winner.



ShadyKnights said:

Yeeees! More good publicity for video games! I care not that they're exercise games, gateway games are still good. Besides Wii Fit U is actually rather fun when I can move enough junk out of the way to use my balance board.

You know, in the spirit of getting people moving and all... This could have been fantastic for the Kinect to show off the Just Dance or get something big out for it and what not.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@XFsWorld Thankee kindly! @JaxonH They all have one thing in common, they are all (including sticker star) copies of their previous games, but slightly worse. This makes them really bad games!



AkinaChan said:

@JaxonH Yeah, I had a ton of fun playing Wii Sports with my mom and older brother back when it came out XD

As for Sticker Star... It was fun at first, and the stickers where really fun to try out, but when I figured out the whole game was gonna be that bland level system, it was a bit of a letdown.



River3636 said:

Sticker star is great, Yoshi egg on the other hand needs to be deviled. This is great Publicity for the WiiU. I also saw WiiU product placement on the tv series resurrection. Which also had donkey Kong on a phone.



JaxonH said:


I never played the Yoshi's Island on SNES or DS (even though I own both of them), so I found the 3DS game to be a real treat! As for Wii Sports Club, that's a game that doesn't need to do anything new. Throw in online and upgrade to HD, you've got a classic in the making. But, just for good measure, the triple course selection in Golf (Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and NES Golf courses) along with the gamepad use really make that game stand out. When I refer to Wii Sports, I always have Golf in mind, cause that game to this day blows me away with how great a SIM experience it is. Bowling's still fun though. Can't go wrong with bowling with a Wiimote!

But, I get what you're saying. I just bought Trials Fusion on PS4, and everyone is trashing the game saying it's no different than it's predecessors. But to me, someone who never played the games before, it's amazing!



Giygas_95 said:

Neither Yoshi's New Island or Sticker Star are bad games. As far as Yoshi's New Island goes, it's practically the first one with different levels and graphics. Okay, so it's not very inspired, but it's not bad.



MagicEmperor said:

Meanwhile, in the white house, Frank Underwood looks to the camera with a slightly confused yet-still-evil expression



sinalefa said:


In your case the game is great because everything is new. But Artoon just copy pasted the original game. That is why Yoshi fans are so critical about it.



JaxonH said:


Yeah, I know alot of people complained about that, and I'm not one to pay for rentals myself, though I personally had no issues paying for them outright.



JaxonH said:


Well, there's only 3 of them, so $30 for the three, and the 10% back through DDP takes it down to around $27. That's about right imo. And tbh, I would have paid $30 just for the Golf alone- it's like a full game by itself. I love that Golf game. They did a real nice job with it though. Not just the HD graphics and online play, but the added gamepad integration is what really makes it stand out and it plays like a dream. On top of all that they added the course from NES Golf, and recently gave free update DLC that added the Wii Sports Resort course.

So yeah, imo you can't go wrong with the Golf. $10 is a steal for that game if you ask me, especially considering how much fun I've gotten out of it. As for the other 2 sports, I guess it just comes down to the individual, like all games do. If you really enjoy bowling with the Wiimote or enjoy competitive online play with the clubs, it's probably a good buy. If you only play occasionally with friends, might be better to bust out the Wii version. The tennis, eh... I haven't played it much but I like having it just in case.

So yeah, that's how I feel about it anyways. I had not problem paying $27 for the three, considering the Golf alone felt like a full game. I would just recommend the Golf tbh, unless you're a diehard fan of bowling or tennis. I think Nintendo had a few free trial weekends for Wii Sports Club. If you ever get the chance, try checking out that Golf next time they do a free weekend. I like to play with 2 of my friends that actually golf in real life. It's a blast to pass the Wiimote and step up to the Gamepad to tee off in turns.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@JaxonH And how many sports were in the original? Exactly, so about £50 if you want an upgraded version of the original (of course, as of yet there is no boxing or baseball). I'll assume you're correct as far as golf goes, but from what I played of tennis and bowling, they is eerily similar to the originals and NOT worth buying.



JaxonH said:


Everyone's different. No one can definitively say something is worth buying or not worth buying. For some, like me, it was worth it and then some. For others, like you, maybe it wasn't. All I can do is share my personal experience and satisfaction. I say the tennis was meh, but to someone who thoroughly enjoys playing tennis games, that could be their GotY and $10 could seem like chump change to them for that experience. It all comes down to personal preference.



Senario said:

@PvtOttobot But here is a problem. Wii sports wasn't a bad game to begin with. I am sure everybody had fun with bowling and boxing at the very least



JaxonH said:


Right. Those were EXCELLENT games, and Wii Sports Club just took it to a whole other level. If some people decided to pass, hey that's fine, that's on them, but I know I had a great time playing those games and they will continue to be a mainstay with friends for years to come. I'm all about the gaming, as are many on this site. And like many others here, I never let money stand between me and a game I want to play. If something is fun, I'm buying it no exceptions. Wii Sports is fun. There's no way I'm not gonna enjoy the new HD versions to their fullest. I certainly don't understand why anyone would try to go out of their way to ridicule games others enjoy. There's a WHOLE LOT of games I don't enjoy, or don't think are worth a purchase. Doesn't mean I'm gonna question those who do enjoy those games, or try to tell them they shouldn't enjoy them because I don't.

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