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Mario Golf: World Tour UK Pre-Order Bonus Lets You Don A Mario Cap

Posted by Mark Green

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2014 seems to be flying by. Just where is the time going? Winter is already a distant memory for some and — even though Animal Crossing tells us we’re currently in spring — summer is right around the corner. Thankfully, along with it, comes a line-up of new games such as Kirby Triple Deluxe, Mario Kart 8 and the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros.. Another game coming out though is Mario Golf: World Tour, and to celebrate the game's release – as well as to keep the angry sun out of your eyes whilst you play – Nintendo UK has released a pre-order bonus on its official store that let’s buyers take home Mario’s signature hat as a gift.

Mario Golf has been one of the fore-running Mario Sports titles since the days of the N64 and the latest outing looks set to outshine the others with gorgeous graphics and gameplay, all on a portable device. It’s safe to say that plenty can’t wait to get their hands on it, but now there’s even more reason to get excited with this special pre-order bonus that's only available on Nintendo’s UK store – much like the Mario Kart 8 pre-order bundle.

Unfortunately there is no Bullet Bill shirt, red shell key ring or blue shell figurine with this offer, but some would argue that what you do get is something more precious — Mario’s red cap, which is something many Nintendo fans would love to have on their heads. Mario Golf: World Tour is out in the UK, Europe and North America on 2nd May, and if any of you UK-based gamers want to get your hands on the crimson cap you should get on over to the Nintendo store. Nintendo has been releasing a lot of pre-order bonuses recently, so it might be an idea to keep checking back with the store in future. You never know what will be on offer next. Plush smash ball anyone?


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Goginho said:

Aw man. Why do all the games I don't want to get offer cool extras like this? I've always wanted a Mario hat (even though this one isn't all that pretty, I mean just compare it with Mario's hat from the cover of the game), but they always come with things I won't get. And wouldn't it make more sense to offer something golf related? Oh well.



smikey said:

It's good to see they are putting more uk bonus items with orders for the nintendo store rather than giving everything to game who have little desire in selling Nintendo in the first place.
having said that i'd rather have a figurine (I know that was never going to happen) or a golf trophy or something if it had to be a hat i'd rather have luigi but i'll take it all the same.



RetroBillyT said:

Do you get the feeling that Nintendo UK have a job lot of Mario hats they need to get rid of?



Jazzer94 said:

I have the hat already from the Wiiu launch night its ok nothing special tbh.



YoshiAngemon said:

Big deal. I may be American, but I already have a Collector's Grade Mario hat from Club Nintendo. Why would I wanna import this game, just for the hat?



TheWhiteFalcon said:

Why does the UK get all the preorder bonuses now?

I don't like NOA…we don't even have Super Mario Kart on Wuu VC.



AkinaChan said:

If this comes to GameStop, I may consider it :3 though, I could easily get a Mario hat on eBay for cheap :3 Depending on file size, I may just download this game



Action51 said:

Kind of a shame Nintendo doesn't spring for a PGA license and then plug their golf games on 3DS during the US Open.

It's also hard to explain to an older crowd that doesn't follow gaming trends just how amazing a Nintendo golf game in true 3D without special glasses is compared to their crappy smartphone apps on a TV commercial.



Obito_Sigma said:

@Goginho Oh my goodness, same here! Every time I am planning on buying a game, I am either late, decided that I didn't want it but get anyway a year later (Kid Icarus Uprising and the free 3D Classic promotion), UK / Japan only, or it's a game that I don't want at all.

There are also promotions that I miss where it applies to some price drops but not to others (bought 3DS two weeks after price drop; bought Wii U one month after release but no Ambassador Program). I also miss out promotions which end in three days (LoZ:WWHD Statue LITERALLY ENDED within three days of the promotion, seriously!). Long story short, I am the unluckiest Nintendo fan in the world...

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