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Yoshi's New Island Makes UK Chart Début in 12th Place

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Avoids getting egg on its face

Last week brought us the launch of Yoshi's New Island, which was met with a decidedly mixed critical reaction. Despite that its success rests not in reviews but in the final results — its performance at retail and, of course, on the eShop. We have a chance to gauge part of its early performance courtesy of the weekly UK chart update, and the result is reasonable if unspectacular.

Yoshi's adventure has made its all-format chart début in 12th place, kept out of the top ten by two big-hitting new blockbusters — *Titanfall and Dark Souls II in the top two places — and a series of multi-platform releases. Though Nintendo's commercial performance in the UK is having its troubles, the 3DS remains a hugely popular device with an impressive userbase; in that respect this game may have hoped for a little better. The silver-lining is that in the single-format chart New Island does sneak into 10th place.

Back to the all-format chart and we have three other Nintendo exclusives in the top 40. Pokémon Y is in 30th place, lording it over its sibling Pokémon X in 35th position. Wii U title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is clinging on to a top 40 place in 39th, though with the current trends is likely to drop out next week.

A solid début for Yoshi, if unlikely to prompt many champagne corks to be popped at Nintendo HQ; it'll be interesting to see what momentum it can hold in the coming weeks.


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HipsterDashie said:

Yeah, I just 100% completed world 1 last night, ready to start world 2 tonight. I'm enjoying it much, much more than Yoshi's Island DS, however the original still reigns superior. It's not hugely original and the music is a bit iffy here and there, but it offers a reasonable challenge and is a solid little platformer. Certainly I'd rate it at least a 6 or 7 out of 10.



Sparx said:

Would have done better if titanfall didn't come out, its just a Yoshi's island rip off >



Jazzer94 said:

Good the game is doing well seems to be heavily aimed at little Kids and plenty of them own 3DS plus this is the sort of game a parent feels completely safe buying.



Lance168 said:

Nintendo, if you don't reveal at least 1 new game(or show SMT x FE) in the Nintendo Direct, Wii Doomed.



Daz-brum said:

Got yoshi on friday for what it is it is brilliant says what it is on the tin why do the so call game reviewers want more more nore after all call of duty is the same ever stupid time they release it as it gets rave reviews so Nintendo brilliant game controls spot on graphics ace game play predictable but that is what i expected a good Nintendo game. 9/10



Einherjar said:

Its an ok game. A bit shallow, the overall soundtrack is abyssmal, but its solid enough



Kirk said:

Isn't this actually higher than a few 3DS/Wii U games that were universally considered vastly superior?

If so I find my fellow UK gamers purchasing choices very disappointing.

I wonder if these people ever really had a chance to play some of the best Nintendo games in their prime to even know the difference between a truly brilliant game, the kinds of game that becomes a timeless beloved classic, and just a mostly generic, derivative and very average game that no one will even be talking about in 20 days time let alone 20 years...

Or, have Nintendo gamer quality standards really just dropped that much in recent times...

Personally, I expect a LOT more from Nintendo's titles.



Ristar42 said:

I think Yoshi may be a bit of a cash grab game, not saying it’s bad as I've not played it, but it looks very derivative of its prequels and a few have suggested the quality is lessened.
I want to play Dark Souls 2, but I'm still (slowly!) working my way through the first one...



DreamOn said:

Playing through Yoshis Old Island as a part of the Month of Yoshi! Wooop!



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm quite surprised as I thought the mixed reaction had killed all hope for this game. Seems pretty similar to how Mario Party did which had a similar reception.
Edit: Looking at guesstimated numbers Titanfall One is like at over 110,000 while Yoshi is less than 5,600.

But, you missed the real headline. Xenoblade, Boom Street and Rhythm Paradise Fever at numbers 1,2 and 5, respectively...of the Wii budget chart:
Behold. The power of the Argos. Yeah, apparently the controller bundle of Xenoblade is a "budget" game, whatever chart-track.



rjejr said:

@Starwolf_UK - Looking at that Wii Top 40 Budget chart makes me think that must be the entire Wii chart - Disney Infinity, Just Dance 4, SMG, SSBB, all the Lego games are on it. Not sure why the Wii even needs a Top 40 chart, much less a budget one, how many Wii games can be sold in 1 week, 3 copies of each? Maybe 8 copies of Xenoblade. Interesting though.

NVM - did the legwork, budget = discounted price. Still dont see why Wii needs a budget Top 40 but only a normal 10. Weird.



Peach64 said:

When they were selling Xenoblade bundled with a classic controller for £14.99 I think it counts as budget.

It makes sense the budget chart is bigger. What is still getting sold at RRP on Wii?



Xaltheron said:

Good to see that at least some people out there gave the game a chance and tried it for themselves rather than blindly following the internet bandwagon.

I don't think anyone will ever try to claim it's top tier GOTY material, but it's enjoyable if you know what to expect, and trying to get all the collectables is certainly giving me plenty of challenge.



Peach64 said:

@Marshi Almost all of them. Nobody is sure how it happened, but last Wednesday it showed up on the Argos website for £14.99, not available for home delivery but just collection from store. The demand actually crashed the gaming section of their website on Thursday and they then put the price up to £24.99. It's still on there but all my local stores now show as being out of stock. They definitely had them though, I picked one up thursday as did many others.



fluggy said:

The word isn't out yet I guess.... This shambolic monstrosity doesn't even deserve a top 50 place!!! Xxxx



K-Gamer said:

I'm sure the games not stunning but it should at least be a 7 in most cases.



Doma said:

@Xaltheron Did it even get a demo? if not, that 'give the game a chance first' expectation is stupid. Seeing the gameplay is enough for most people to judge it for themselves. The reviews only reinforce that the game is awful.

Hopefully its sales drop off a cliff, momentarily.



Megumi said:

I wasn't expecting to surpass the original game, so I'm still gonna get this at some point. (physical, once I beat/complete it, chances are I might not mess with it anymore)



marnelljm said:

I was always going to buy Yoshi's New Island, I'm just waiting until April because nothing is really coming out next month.



Giygas_95 said:

I decided to go ahead and try it. I like it a lot! It's a very good platformer. Sure is tough to 100% each level, but I'm glad it is.

@Doma Or you could rent it. And sure the reviews are mixed, but it's quite a fun game in my opinion. I mean it's nowhere near awful. I've played worse. And frankly, there's no reason to want the game to fail either.



ledreppe said:

Agree with others, it's getting too much unfair criticism. I've just finished World 1 and it's pretty solid so far. I do wish the World 1 boss was a little harder, but they probably get harder further on anyway. Give it a chance nay sayers!



Galenmereth said:

@ledreppe It's an expensive leap of faith, especially when reviews are universally not so good, and Yoshi's Island DS was a trainwreck (IMO). If there was a downloadable demo, I could try it; I won't pay full price again to see if I'll disagree with the majority.



letsplay said:


I looked at TitanFall and it looks like another shoot up game. Other would say the same after seeing Mario and Donkey Kong games.



DiscoDriver43 said:


No thanks. I have played Artoon's Yoshi's Touch and Go, and Yoshi's Island DS and they were mediocre at best games. I'm not willing to take the bullet when videos and reviews have confirmed that it is still mediocre. Only way i'm going to buy a new Yoshi game is if it showed promise like Yoshi Yarn or that they scrap Artoon and replace them with someone who has talent like Wayforward.

Edit: bah. ok it seems like Yoshi i though Touch and go was developed by Artoon. They did Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, which looked blah.



pyrodoggie said:

Good. This is not just pretty underrated. This was way underrated. It deserves at least an 8. I hope strong sales would prove the low ratings wrong.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I really don't see how this game is "watered down". It has far less Checkpoint Rings than the previous two titles (I've taken notice that they don't really put them in front of the Boss Doors anymore), so that makes no-damage runs much more of a factor than before. That and it seems that items are hidden quite well this time around. I'd say the only disappointments I've had so far are the multiplayer games and the first boss.



zool said:

Yoshi's New Island; Great game. I wonder if the reviewers were sniffing something when they reviewed it.

A few reviews said you can complete the game in a few hours if you don't bother collecting everything...... well that is NOT completing the game, if you think it is, then you have missed the point of the game.

Had the reviews been better the game could have made the number one spot.

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