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CoroCoro Magazine Reveals New Rock/Fairy-Type Pokémon

Posted by Andrew Karklins

Only in the movies as of now

The Pokémon series of games is a franchise that generally remains untouched following launch. Minus a few patches, the core game remains almost identical to its launch day counterpart; the only exception Game Freak has made to this formula is the distribution of additional and unique Pokémon. In the early days of the series, certain Pokémon such as Mew and Celebi were only legitimately available when users performed specific tasks or fulfilled certain requirements. Even in 2014, Pokémon continues to make additional creatures available to players.

The March 2014 issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro has officially unveiled a new Pokémon to the generation six roster. Diancie, the new Rock/Fairy Pokémon with the Pokédex number #719, is the first event Pokémon to be announced for generation six. Diancie will star in the seventeenth Pokémon movie titled: The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie, the first of the X & Y era.

Although no details we stated indicating this Pokémon will be available for distribution in Pokémon X and Y, an image that surfaced in late October may indicate otherwise.

The leak contained an image of Diancie, with identical typing as well as Pokédex number compared to the information revealed today. The set of images also included details about a plethora of additional Pokémon including Volcanion and Hoopa, two new legendaries, as well as Mega Evolutions for Latias and Latios, and new designs for Floette and Vivillion.

Perhaps these Pokémon, as well as Diancie, will make their way into Pokémon X and Y in the future.

Do you like the design for this Pokémon? Let us know in the comments below.


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FriedSquid said:

Hmm, I still wonder why this is so similar to Carbink... Maybe there's no relation, but it would make so much sense.

Also, I think it's spelled Vivillon rather than Vivillion in the article.



GuardianKing said:

You know, I think Diancie might have something to do with the Anistar Sundial or the Couriway Train Station. After all, someone at the Anistar Sundial mentions how there is "great treasure" hidden "where the sundial's shadow falls." Think about it; the sundial is a giant, magical rock that has a very fairy-like motif (similar colors too).



Gridatttack said:

I hope all 3 mythical pokemons appear in the next game version. I always hated this distribution thing because its limited only to "developed" countries :/

Considering this was the case for meloetta and keldeo, I would hate that if happened again

Thought the game mentions that alexa was supposed to go to search for a mythical pokemon in the mountains, so either its an event item or will appear in the new game.



Gioku said:

...the event legendaries this time around are all really bizarre looking... IMO, at least. Still better than Tornadus and co., though. They're the worst!



AlexSora89 said:

I'll say it right away. To me, the practice of keeping some of these legendary critters a secret and unveiling them later... is outright stupid. I don't know, what's the point in having this or that legendary in the game, and starting to acknowledge it only months after the game's release? That's beyond me.



rjejr said:

So when do the X and Y Pokemon get added to the $15 3DS Pokedex?

#719 made me think of it, Im not starting a movement or anything.



AlbertoC said:

Em... Fortunately, the GTS isn't full of people putting up random stuff for this thing. Yet. (Unfortunalety, the current situation is pretty much the same.) Once the movie is released, it will be the new Darkrai.

And yes, this, alongside the other two X/Y legends, was leaked on october. Kudos to the amazing people who did that possible, since it should have took a lot of effort, if not work, and it shows there are capable people. But it's at the same time a shame that the surprises are now ruined, for the most part.



Sonic260 said:

@Blast It IS in Pokemon X and Y, at least, its data is. It's one of the Pokemon that players won't be able to receive unless they take part in a special event. It's like Arceus and Manaphy for Diamond and Pearl, Victini for Black and White, Jirachi for Ruby and Sapphire., and any legendary Pokemon foreign to a region they can't be caught in.



DanteSolablood said:

@cowsareawesome Well, Mew was always in the code for Pokémon Red & Blue... yet it wasn't (legally) available for months after the games were released. Celebi wasn't available in England for years!

Personally I think these pokémon are going to be available in a new unlockable area. This seems to me a lot more feasible since Nintendo/Gamefreak sent us the updates to X&Y. They obviously added the ability to add DLC & a large amount of the NPCs won't shut up about going somewhere new. I just hope 2+2=4.



MegaBeedrill said:

Sad to say most of us will never see it in-game in person.. Like one of the first post said.. this will be released and distributed in well developed countries and cities were we will litteraly have to cross the world to recieve.. and then there most likely will be no english releases and they'll all be foreign.. in this case only cloners will keep this pokemon alive.. and thats sad to say.. arceus was the same way but there were many options of obtaining it, legit or not, we were still able to keep the name alive and satisfy everyone. Dancie will be a huge diamond that we'll have to search for, for quite awhile.. I hope gamefreak acknowledges this and makes an exception releasing the premier as well as event at one given time world wide like the release of x/y.. and no "traffic" server crashes either like a certain software we waited forever for..

And this goes for the other two pokemon.. dancie along with several other new legendaries and a pair of mega evolutions as well as a few more bonuses were found by a hacker at the same time as dancie so without a doubt I declare them comfirmed!



FilmerNgameR said:

It looks like a legendary and wtf happened to the legendary trio X and Y are supposed to get? o.O Will there be DLC b/c I was disappointed that there wasn't anymore lv.60 or higher trainers in Kiloude City (whatever it's called), the region seems freakin small now, and the elite 4 are VERY weak T_T At least a battle frontier like from Platinum would be awesome!



scrubbyscum999 said:

PLEASE LET THIS BE AVAILABLE IN AN EVENT SO I CAN SOFT RESET IT FOR SHINY GAME FREAK!!! Sorry for the caps, but I've been hating the recent shiny lock on legendaries.



audiobrainiac said:

@AlexSora89 It IS rather annoying that they do that with Legendary pokemon. I've always chosen to never include legendaries in my teams just because some online battles didn't/don't allow them and plus i don't want that kind of an advantage anyway. Really Legendary pokemon are nice just to help one advance the offline game, or collect them like trinkets, nothing more imo.



audiobrainiac said:

I remember when they used to make Mew out to be the rarest pokemon of them all, he demonstrated true power. Hate all these legendary cutsie pokemon lol.



FlameTaJaDoru said:

What's the probability of Diancie and the others to be available as an online mystery gift? Because it'll be sad if it's a movie distribution. And it's impossinle to get from gts.



Rensch said:

I really hope they ditch those timed events and just make them permanently available. Why not make them available through Global Link to players who have accumulated enough Poké Miles or Dream Points or whatever? It would still require effort, but at least it would still be easier to obtain all Pokémon for those who didn't buy the game within the first few months after release. Heck, for all I care they make it paid DLC. Every generation they add more of these Mew-esque creatures that often end up being ugly holes in your Pokédex if you don't pay attention to those timed events.



DarkNinja9 said:

well if anyone had been following the hacked rumors and what not this is pretty old news now ppl are just waiting for it to be offically revealed aswell as when we will get able to get it o.o

anyway i wish this was kinda like the darkrai event were you download it and it has its own story to it >.>



DarkKirby said:

This Pokemon was leaked a long time but the official announcement is nice.

The new trio seems overpowered all around with the leaked information about them.



kamifox1 said:

I love that crystal one, they all remind me of the familiars in Ni No Kuni! But they all seem like strange and possibly overpowered type combos...

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