Kickstarter projects are quick to mention any star members of the production team, and when you've got one as big as the acclaimed Yasumi Matsuno on-board, it's pretty understandable. Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians will be the most ambitious title to date from developer Playdek, which is previously known for a slew of iOS games. Currently aiming for a minimum goal of $600,000, it's one that Final Fantasy fans may want to keep an eye on.

Matsuno is famous for his work with the Tactical RPG genre, which has reached Nintendo platforms with titles like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on GBA, Tactics Ogre on SNES and alternatively MadWorld, which he wrote. His most recent appearance on Nintendo systems is through the excellent Crimson Shroud on the 3DS eShop.

Staying true to the genre, battles here will take place on a grid-based 3D landscape, with profession-based units and plenty of deep mechanics to make the most of. The story is set over the course of a seventy-seven year conflict told through a variety of perspectives, with a chance for players to take part in the war that will decide the fate of whole empires. There's plenty of information on the Kickstarter page, but unfortunately there are definitely a few concerns as well.

For a project self-touted as 'multi-platform', this really only boils down to an initial release on iOS, Android and PC/Mac platforms. There's no mention of any console releases and handhelds have been relegated to late stretch goals. If we want to see it on 3DS then the downright baffling goal of $2,800,000 will have to be met for the privilege. By that point the game will have a hefty amount of additional content as well, begging the question of how much will be left out if these goals are not met? Past-colleagues that worked with Matsuno on major projects have also been lined up to assist, but again this will be under the conditions of a stretch goal.

Fire Emblem's success is 2013 has played a role in opening up an audience eager for more from the genre, so it would be a pity to have this one bypass 3DS owners completely. Are we unreasonable to expect it for less, or do the stretch goals need some legitimate adjustment in this case?

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