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Nintendo World Championships Trophy Up for Auction

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Now YOU can be Atlanta's 11 & Under winner!

Back in 1990 you needed skill, dedication, and maybe a little bit of luck to get your hands on a Nintendo World Championships trophy. Today, all you may need is some cold, hard cash.

An alleged 1990 Nintendo World Championships trophy has popped up on ebay for the Buy It Now price of $2,000 (or best offer). The trophy's placard identifies it as the one that went to the 11 & Under champion in the Atlanta competition, who was Jeremy Tomashek. The competitions that were held in cities across the United States determined the finalists who would go on to compete at Universal Studios Hollywood for a golden Mario trophy and a sleek, world-renowned, has-only-increased-in-value-today-we're-sure 1990 Geo Metro convertible, among other prizes.

The seller of the trophy claims he or she purchased it directly from Tomashek, who did not go on to win the full championship. It also appears attempts have been made to sell this trophy in the past. It has seen better days, with the seller admitting scuffs and scratches, but it's still a one-of-a-kind piece, if legit. You can imagine young Jeremy Tomashek hoisting this trophy over his head, feeling on top of the world after proving his Nintendo gaming cred.

How much would you pay for a piece of history such as this? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Gamesniped for digging through ebay and finding the trophy!


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Of_Folsense said:

How could you not want it! I think the actual game would be considered more rare though. Maybe if I had this, someone with one of the copies would trade me for it!



ikki5 said:

Why... would someone sell this? It says the guy bought it from the original owner but... if he won something like this... why sell it, you'd never get it back or a chance for this again....



Drawdler said:

Nah... I wouldn't care too much unless it was my own trophy with my own name. It's a cool artefact but just because it's from the NWC, nothing else. There's plenty of stuff I would enjoy more which I could get from that $2000.

Maybe I would be more excited if it looked cooler lol.



KiwiPanda said:

What's the point of a trophy, anyways? congratulate, reward, and recognize the recipient, right?



Stu13 said:

Put a piece of masking tape with your name written on over top of his. Bam! You are the champion.



64supermario said:

I saw this on eBay the other day, I actually wondered if this site was going to post anything about it, looks like for once in my life I was ahead of the news . Anyways, I would really love that trophy, but I didn't earn it myself so it feels fake and also ain't no way I'm dishing out $2,000.



StarDust4Ever said:

Economy shipping for $8-something really? Shipping should be included in the price, and it needs to be insured...



WiiLovePeace said:

Eh, if I'm that desperate to feel like the winner of some old competition I'll just get some trophy making place to make a replica, a lot cheaper than $2,000



Ichiban said:

Seems pointless, why would you want someone elses trophy? But some loony Nintendo fan will no doubt pay for this. My money is on Pat the NES Punk (god i hate that guy!)



mikeyman64 said:

Epic. Only contests I ever get to do are the Smash Bros tourneys at GT Gamefest once a semester. And all you win at those is a high five and a lanyard from whatever energy drink is sponsoring the event. X(



allav866 said:

I swear, if the person who takes that baby home also has a Nintendo World Championships NES cartridge--be it the original competition grey cartridge or the gold limited edition cartridge--then that person is a champion among collectors.



Jedi-tomahawk said:

Hi guys... I am jeremy Tomashek!!! my facebook is If your a fan... hit me up!!!!

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