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Video: This Atmospheric Tengami Trailer Makes The Wait For The Wii U Version Even Harder

Posted by Damien McFerran

Turning the page

Tengami is certainly one of the most unique games we've seen in quite some time, and is one we've been keeping a watchful eye on ever since we broke the news that it's coming to the Wii U eShop.

Developed by former Rare staffers Phil Tossell and Jennifer Schneidereit, Tengami is an adventure where you can interact with parts of the "page" using your finger. Tengami runs on a bespoke game engine developed from the ground up by Tossell and Schneidereit which allows them to create realistic representations of traditional pop-up books, and the results are stunning.

Communicating this unique feature isn't always easy unless you can actually get the game into the hands of players, which is no doubt why Nyamyam has produced this rather classy trailer which tries to illustrate the unique features of Tengami.

The person in the trailer is playing the iPad version — that is the game's lead platform, after all — but the Wii U edition is expected to launch shortly after the iOS release, which is due early 2014. We've been lucky enough to play the game, and were very impressed with what we saw.

Is Tengami on your list of potential eShop purchases? Let us know with a comment below.

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MAB said:

Playing through Knytt Underground atm and it has awesome atmosphere... Looking forward to more indie stuff like these



Tuurtledove said:

I realise the opinions of a mere online stranger such as myself don't hold any considerable weight, Though It's not often that you come across leisure games that so actively exert such a beautiful sense of immersion and pure tranquility. Though the wonderfully talented developers over at Nyamyam certainly appear to have achieved this. The game looks positively gorgeous, and looks like it has quite the adventure to share as well

It in many ways appears as the perfect game for snuggling down to after a stressful game, Allowing oneself the ability to indulge on a hot chocolate, all whilst quietly immersing oneself into the realm and story of Tengami for an hour or two



Vriess said:

Looks very nice and atmospheric but there's not much to it. I think I would get bored after about 15 minutes.



JaxonH said:

Right. Although, I see the potential for a puzzle element to the game, unfolding the stage in ways to progress. Not sure if that's the reality of the game, but I'm curious to find out.



MattTaylor said:

Hello all. I had the dubious honour of directing and shooting this trailer and it has been an amazing experience to read all the positive comments on here and across the internet. Thanks so much for all your support.



Vriess said:

Don't get me wrong, I could be mistaken. It's just one trailer but one that doesn't speak to me that much. It looks very pretty and all, but if turning pages and moving the character around is the only thing you do, then there isn't much incentive for me to buy.



Gen0neD said:

Gonna but this for my WiiU, but I think a 3DS version would suit this game perfectly



MattTaylor said:

I wouldn't pass the game of so quickly Vriess. You should really give it a try. It is a wonderfully therapeutic experience, and has a different tone to any other game I have ever played... And of course we wouldn't show you the best bits of the game in the trailer



Cevan said:

Really looking forward to this. I've been waiting for this game for quite some time now, and it's great to hear its release is drawing near.



ACK said:

@Vriess I agree. Need to see a lot more than this to pique my interest. Looks like a tech demo. Trailers like this make me uncomfortable... Like I need to check if someone is watcthing over my shoulder.

Eh, I'll buy it for my wife. Her backlog is not sufficient yet.



Luna-Harmony said:

I cant's wait to get this i love seeing japan in games just like the old neogeo samurai games like last blade. This game looks stunning a beautiful popup game book does anyone know that date it will be coming out in the EU ?



IronMan28 said:

Looks pretty cool to me, former Rare guys being behind it makes it even more enticing. I really like games like this, it makes my pretentious side smile.



Vriess said:

Hehehe Actually...I am a person like that. Story and gameplay over graphics. That's for sure.



Smug43 said:

not looking like my kind of game.. I mean is that all you do? There is very little gameplay mechanics if so.. just not looking like it will do it for me.. will hold out and see if there is more to it.. looks wise, it's unique... but as we all know, just because it can look unique doesn't mean it will appeal to one self..



sinalefa said:

I have the feeling calling this game boring is like calling Flower or Journey boring games. Hopefully it is as good and original as those.



Nareva said:

It looks great and I love a good puzzle game, but whether I buy will depend on the gameplay.



ChessboardMan said:

Looks nice and interesting, though confused about a couple bits of the mechanics (like how you know when you can unfold the next page, etc). However, it also looks like the kind of game I'll probably use my ipad for, over my WiiU. Just something about it screams iPad, and I don't think it is just the use of one in the trailer. I think it might be that it feels it might benefit from a little bit of extra portability…



SeaCocumber said:

the game seems very pretty and all, but I find it very annoying when you have to wait a lot for the character to walk like that.



JustinH said:

Game looks great and I am very excited for it.

That said, "most unique"? Poor form. C'mon guys.



gage_wolf said:

Looks great, but kind of empty? Maybe the trailer is intentionally sparse on details, but it looks it's really riding on the hopes that the atmosphere (visuals, soundtrack) is enough to hold your interest. We shall see!

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