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UK Magazine EDGE Names Nintendo Publisher Of The Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Fire Emblem and Super Mario 3D World considered two of 2013's best games

Nintendo hasn't had the best year, what with the Wii U underperforming and third party support on the wane, but there have been some incredible highs to consider — including a robust performance by the 3DS and some amazing first-party releases.

As if to acknowledge Nintendo's continued dedication, UK magazine EDGE has named the company as Publisher of the Year in its latest issue.

Fire Emblem: Awakening and Super Mario 3D World were also listed as two of the year's best software releases, and a special mention was made to The Wonderful 101.

Hopefully 2014 will hold more commercial success for the Wii U while Nintendo maintains its typically high standard of software output.


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JesusAcHe said:

The WiiU is starting to pick some momentum. I'm sure this won't be a lost console, heck I even think it has a decade of a lifespan ahead.



AdanVC said:

Absolutely well desserved, it desserves all the praise. Unfortunately, it would have just a little of it. Gaming sites are too busy bashing on Nintendo because Wii U sales and because their games are not gray-violent-bloody-hardcore, you know, the usual in those websites so they can have thousands of clicks...



Shiryu said:

Well deserved IMO, no way I can complain about what was offered this year on both Wii U and 3DS. Looking to 2014 with even more smiling expectations.



doctor_doak said:

Didn't Edge also say after E3 that Nintendo were sliding into irrelevance?




NintyMan said:

Good; it's a well-earned award. Today has been a very good day for Nintendo.



Assassinated said:

@JesusAcHe Don't get carried away. It will certainly last a few more years at least, but even the Wii, Nintendo's best selling console ever, didn't reach a decade long lifespan. I would be surprised if we get through 2016 without hearing of any plans for the WiiU's successor.



ledreppe said:

@Assassinated Yeah, rumours and some little details leaking out at the end of 2016. Then a worldwide reveal at E3 2017, then a further reveal at E3 2018 and launched towards end of the same year (in a similar fashion to the 2 Wii U E3 reveals and eventual launch). That would give the Wii U a 6 year life cycle, which is what Nintendo tends to stick to anyway.



Kirk said:


There were quite a few very strong titles from Nintendo this year. More on 3DS than Wii U but still.

Out of all the developers out there it makes sense that Nintendo got the title considering it basically had to carry two consoles on it's own for the most part.

A bit of good Nintendo news.



JaxonH said:

Well deserved. I feel proud to be a Nintendo fan. And all of you should too! (Not because of the award, although that's nice too, but because of the continued excellence in gaming offered to us. We are privileged to game Nintendo- not everyone has the common sense to recognize how fun Wii U and 3DS is to play. I consider myself fortunate, and thank God that I am not so close-minded as to limit my gaming experiences due to bias)



B3ND3R said:

Well, it's well-deserved. Every game I've been excited to play and enjoyed have been on Nintendo consoles! Fire Emblem, Wind Waker, Wonderful 101, Luigi's mansion, need I go on? The games have rocked!



chiptoon said:

Sadly it seems that Fire Emblem is no longer officially available in South Africa. I remember seeing a few copies earlier in the year, but I was too busy and delayed buying one. Been searching for a copy and eventually just mailed the local Nintendo distributor to find out. They sent me a link to a listing on a local auction site, where its being sold for nearly double retail price. Nintendo South Africa really are utterly useless.



willsargent said:

Shock, horror. And we needed to spend a fiver to have some po-faced philosophy student tell us that? Edge sm-Edge. Farewell and thank you print-based publishing.



Peach64 said:

Edge is my favourite form of gaming media out there. It's so far in front of any other magazine as all the rest seemed aimed squarely at kids. They also put together the best Top 10 of 2013 I've seen so far.



Gamer83 said:

Aside from Super Mario 3D World, I didn't think Wii U had the best year, but Nintendo really brought it in regards to 3DS, so, good choice. When a company can deliver two games like 3D World and A Link Between Worlds for two different machines, on the same day, it deserves to win this kind of award. And while I don't really go for them, Pokémon X/Y were great from what I've heard, Pikmin 3 got a nice reception, Luigi's Mansion was a great game and though it's just a port with 3D added to it, I was really happy to have Donkey Kong Country Returns with me for the breaks at work. Haven't played Fire Emblem yet, it's another series I don't really love but again, a game that I've heard nothing but great things about from fans of the genre.



theBluntKnight said:

Congratulations to Nintendo they have certainly earned this award.

I had a thought while scrolling thru the comments section. If their next console is both the new 3ds and the new WiiU then they could make all their new games available digitally but do it in a non douchey way. Such as with an experimental new game type they could put out demos and if the fan feedback is positive they could make a few stages and sell them digitally at a low price. And then for extra levels developed system owners could purchase them as they become available. Could be good avant garde indie folks who'd like a crack at the big time.



Fill-N said:

Wow. All of a sudden the internet has got a lot of nice things about nintendo. The end is near.
Well, i hope not THAT near, since i still plan to play smash and fire emblem on wiiu until exhaustion stops me.



strongest_link said:

I thought Fire Emblem: Awakening was incredible. That game already seems to be getting forgotten a bit after New Leaf, X and Y, and A Link Between Worlds. Awakening absolutely belongs in the best handheld game of the year conversation, and yet it is being overlooked even when it comes to nominations. I guess that's what it gets for coming out early in the year.

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