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Get Mythical Time Travel Pokémon Celebi When You Download Pokémon Bank

Posted by Damien McFerran

Between December 27th and September 30, 2014

The Pokémon Bank goes live on December 27th, and to encourage fans to make use of the service, Nintendo and Game Freak are giving those who download it a special treat.

If you download and access the Pokémon Bank application on your 3DS between December 27th, 2013 and September 30, 2014, you'll be rewarded with the "Mythical Time Travel" Pokémon Celebi. This creature comes with Hold Back, a move which cannot be learned via normal gameplay and which always leaves the target with at least 1 HP. This Celebi also has the moves Recover, Heal Bell, and Safeguard in its arsenal.

You'll need to use the Pokémon Link feature in Pokémon X & Y to gain this special Celebi. After receiving the Celebi gift within Pokémon Bank, selecting Pokémon Link will deposit the new monster into your PC Box within the game itself.

Will this compel you to use the service when it launches?

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DualWielding said:

would you need a nnid to download pokemon bank, I want this Celebi but I'm scared of country locking myself



Shadowkiller97 said:

I am wondering if I can use Pokemon bank to store all my current Pokemon so I can restart my game and be able to transfer back everything? Anyone know if this would work? And will all my transfered Pokemon be "traded" and get the exp boost on my new save file?



WingedSnagret said:

I wasn't planning on getting the Bank since I haven't played any previous gen games, but this changed my mind. Heck, it's 100% free to with the free trial and all.



SirQuincealot said:

fitting that this is the time travel pokemon, because there was no pokemon i wanted more as a 8 year old playing through silver,



Pokefanmum82 said:

Downloading as soon as possible. I have to send in my XL to get fixed first. And then buy white 2 again. I lost all my DS games somewhere in my house.



GodfatherTaunt said:

"This creature comes with Hold Back, a move [...] which always leaves the target with at least 1 HP"

So basically the same as 'False Swipe' then?



Marakuto said:

Too bad it's going to work out the same way as Pokemon Dream Radar did where the Pokemon gets sent and you don't get a Nature & IV that you desire.



Ronoh said:

@WingedSnagret @SirQuincealot I would be cautious about how easily you can access Pokemon from the Bank within Pokemon X/Y.

Like every previous Pokemon game in the main series, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have access to download Pokemon from the Bank until you reached a certain point in the story. This has historically prevented players from moving Lv.100 Pokemon into a new file (from the Bank this time) and then rampaging through the game uncontested.

In Blank and White, you couldn't transfer up Pokemon from gen. 4 until after you beat the game.



2Sang said:

Sweet, I've never got a chance at a legit celebi other than Gen II. I just need a shiny mew now and my dream team will be set.



Hamguar said:

Wasn't gonna bother with the free download seeing as X is my first mon game in years but this has intrigued me.



Interneto said:

Why not a Shiny Porygon? It would make more sense than this because of the purpose of each Pokémon.

@Gridatttack It doesn't work that way you know...

@OptometristLime This Celebi is free. Free trial ends when this event does too...



H1B1Esquire said:

I'm not defending the choice of an alternate False Swipe as an "event only" move, but I will defend the fact of the typing and usage of Celebi in double/triple battles, especially if (I haven't tried this or even know if it works properly) you can Skill Swap the ability Sheer Force (removes additional effects to increase move damage) and faint said target.



Obito_Sigma said:

We'll all be surprised the minute that we find out that Celebi is a Fairy Type. Celebi, Jirachi, Phione, Manaphy, and Shaymin should all be Fairy Types.



Lux0rd1 said:

Even if you could get the level 100 pokemon straight away they wouldn't listen to you. Sure they'd 1 hit KO anything when they actually listen but you'd spend 80% of the game watching your pokemon do things like loaf around.



JubilifeRival said:

The only legendaries I don't own are Mew and Celebi, so I guess that narrows it to Mew. I was going to get Pokemon Bank anyways.

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