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GAME's Wii U Cyber Monday Console Deals Should Shift Some Units

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hurry up!

We've had to share some relatively grisly UK Wii U sales news today, but there's nothing like a Cyber Monday promotion to push some buttons and shift some units. Retailer GAME is offering the following bundles for £199.99.

Unfortunately the New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U bundle is already sold out, which is disappointing for prospective buyers but better news for Nintendo UK. It raises the question, of course, whether the Wii U would shift serious units given a £200 / $250 price as the norm, differentiating itself from its new rivals both in concept and with even greater value.

GAME delivers free to the UK and offers various options for mainland Europe delivery; hit up this product page to see the details. Have you seen any other Cyber Monday deals to get excited about?


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Peach64 said:

I bet quite a few Wii U's have been shifted in the last week. Every major retailer seems to have been doing a Premium and at least 2 games for £200 or less. The Lego City bundle was £180 on Amazon a few times. I'm not sure it will be enough to make a difference, but it will probably be a big percentage increase in sales, and people love seeing 'Wii U sales increase 900%'



Mk_II said:

Street prices are already trending towards a 200 UKP / 250 euro level for a 32Gb bundle and there are some excellent deals with extra games or controllers. If you are after value for money, the Nintendo Wii U is the console to buy right now.



sinanziric said:

Nintendo should start giving Wii U's for Free.... Oh wait... they are already doing that.



datamonkey said:

Damn I wish I waited until now to buy my Wii U.

Don't think I've really turned it on this year other than to play W101 demo and paid £350 this time last year for it. Can get it now for £200 with Wind Waker! donkey ;(



Highwinter said:

Thanks for posting this. Was debating whether or not to pick up the Windwaker bundle or the big Mario one from the official store, this makes that choice much easier, especially since I only really cared about 3D World.



Nintenjoe64 said:

My 3 nearest GAMEs have no Wii U or even 3DS stuff on display. Nintendo should incentivise GAME to actually display their products because you can tell the Sony and MS have done a really good job of providing promotional tools. Even if the Wii U gets 5 killer apps that everyone wants, people will be going into the only game shop in the UK and only seeing the other consoles.



JimLad said:

See?... That's value for money!
People still want Nintendo consoles, but not for £300.



Anclation said:

"We've had to share some relatively grisly UK Wii U sales news today,"

No you didn't, you made the choice to do so in order to get clicks. Own up to it. Like many of the other so-called Nintendo fansites, you often seem outright masochistic.



N64ever said:

I have my Wii U and 3DS already and so do my niece and nephews I need some deals on individual games not bundles. GAH!!!



ULTRA-64 said:

@Nintenjoe64 I completely agree, I work in a city centre and walk through a game store to get my lunch, its so hard to take that each of their stores are a sea of blue and red in sight, the Nintendo stuff is in the corner, out of sight , with no label at all!! They take the piss if you ask about Wii u, the demo units all have the original software so push the likes of rayman as exclusive and coming soon and all state aliens colonial marines will be coming soon!! Not one Mario poster even though a new game was launched, there was a life size sonic in store for the 3ds launch of lost world for f sake. The person in charge of uk marketing is doing nothing, not 'too little' but absolutely NOTHING!! It's just gone too far too reverse now.....I'm optimistic but if they can't sell a new console as worth shelf space in stores during a year it the only next gen option then I'd be an idiot to think they could do more now theres competition!!



AyeHaley said:

Argh why am I always so stupid to buy a console at launch. Only exception was the 3DS and that was great so..enough said.
That Wind Waker bundle is such a sweet deal...the game is like perfection in 1080p. Oh and a Hyrule Historia App for Wii U! How awesome is that!



rastamadeus said:

@Anclation So a Nintendo new site should only report good news then? News flash: there's been hardly any good news (home console-wise) all year so should the staff just shut up shop til there is?



Luna-Harmony said:

Watch out games about messing up orders and a robot down the phone that can't help and they take 2days to get back to an email.
Game sends games in super flat vac pack and they get squashed ive had so many squashed.
I have tryed to suport game but messing up my mario 3d world is the last straw i will only get forsed limited editions from them ie exclusives.
I know i shouldent get stuff from amazon with there slavery system to poor workers but at least they get it right.

Uncharted 3 limited edition (squashed), gtav special edition (squashed), Mario 3D world sent standard edition when i clearly pre-ordered 2months in advance for the fur sleeve. They have left me fuming this weekend.
My list can go on and on with (squashed)games becouse of games vac packs.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@ULTRA-64 The mindless optimist in me says that the competition will actually make people more aware of the Wii U. Especially when the game drought for the other two becomes apparent. I bought SM3DW in GAME yesterday and there were actually a few people looking at Wii Us despite the fact they could've walked out with an Xbone or some amazing PS360 bundles for less money. The guy in GAME actually mentioned that more people were buying Wii Us now there were games for it.

I am not too worried if it fails to outsell the competition but a poor UK install base is going to be a nightmare for future support. I don't think the Wii U was that hard a sell early on but every step has seemed like Nintendo kicking itself in the face. They've been stitched up by some of their 'partners' but their damage control is laughable. At least MS listened when people criticised. The best advert to describe it was at e3 2011, everything since looks like an attempt to put teenagers off buying their console. The good news for Nintendo fans is that most of the Wii Series of games are now failing to sell. It means that once they knock out Mario Kart, Smash we don't really know what is coming apart from X and Zelda.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Nintenjoe64 good point on future releases, I was getting worried there was nothing good in the horizon after the biggies but, to take another pov , it's a blank slate ready for new ip's or some classic ones to break through. I'd personally love another wave race, pilot wings and a wario game. Plus I'd love to see just one ADULT Nintendo game, a zombie game or something gory. Just to see if gamers would buy Nintendo games more if you mixed in classic game play with a bit of modern cool factor!?! Fingers crossed a low install base will lead to greater fan influence over choices. Silver lining?



ThumperUK said:

Yet again more bad news about WiiU's abysmal sales. It is hardly surprising they are not selling when I've seen dozens of Xbone and PS4 ads, and a total of two adverts for Mario 3D World and no other WiliU advert. I've seen Zelda almost ten times now....or 500% more than the WiiU !!

NIntendo needs to sack its entire marketing & advertising team, they are really not up to the job in hand. The WiiU deserves much better than Nintendo UK's current (mis)management team.



akaDv8R said:

@sinanziric Oh yeah, and the winner of the first Sony PS4 in America has been told he won`t get it until early next year. Why? They have no fully working consoles at the moment, so are unable to send him one. LOL

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