Cute Konami Shooter Pop'n Twinbee Is Coming To The Virtual Console

The only question now is which one

The Australian Classification Board has revealed that Konami's Pop'n Twinbee is coming to the Virtual Console. The vertically-scrolling shooter is the sequel to the original Twinbee, and takes place in a cartoon-like world where you pilot a ship with arms.

However, before you get too excited about the prospect of playing the amazing SNES version, it's worth noting that a port was also released on the monochrome Game Boy, which — in its Japanese form, at least — pre-dates the SNES version by three years.

Launched in Japan in 1990 under the title It's Twinbee!!, the game saw release in Europe in 1994 — shortly after Pop'n Twinbee hit Nintendo's 16-bit home console.

The rating doesn't indicate which version of the game this is, so at the moment we could be looking at a 3DS eShop or Wii U eShop release. The fact that the Game Boy edition is already available in Japan suggests that is the more likely option, but who knows?