Video: Nintendo Unleashes New Trailer for Bravely Default

Oh, the sweet music

We don't always have the opportunity to celebrate the localisation of a Japan-based and developed RPG to the West, so the news earlier this year that Bravely Default — from Square Enix — would step out of Japan was sure to please 3DS fans. It hits Europe on 6th December — along with a lovely collector's edition packed with goodies — while the North America release is loosely set for 2014 at the time of writing.

It's the updated Bravely Default: For the Sequel version that will be released, which features tweaks that the developers hope will improve the overall gameplay and balancing; the update isn't all roses, with some questionable (but avoidable) microtransaction special powers also on the way. Overall, however, the future arrival of a title that's attracted plenty of buzz in Japan is something to anticipate.

We'll soon find out whether it's been worth the wait, but Nintendo UK has posted a new trailer that sets the scene rather nicely. We get a glimpse of the story, battles and an earful of gorgeous music. Check it out and let us know whether it's boosted your interest in the title.

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