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Video: Nintendo Unleashes New Trailer for Bravely Default

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh, the sweet music

We don't always have the opportunity to celebrate the localisation of a Japan-based and developed RPG to the West, so the news earlier this year that Bravely Default — from Square Enix — would step out of Japan was sure to please 3DS fans. It hits Europe on 6th December — along with a lovely collector's edition packed with goodies — while the North America release is loosely set for 2014 at the time of writing.

It's the updated Bravely Default: For the Sequel version that will be released, which features tweaks that the developers hope will improve the overall gameplay and balancing; the update isn't all roses, with some questionable (but avoidable) microtransaction special powers also on the way. Overall, however, the future arrival of a title that's attracted plenty of buzz in Japan is something to anticipate.

We'll soon find out whether it's been worth the wait, but Nintendo UK has posted a new trailer that sets the scene rather nicely. We get a glimpse of the story, battles and an earful of gorgeous music. Check it out and let us know whether it's boosted your interest in the title.

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LoveSugoi said:

Gotta hand it to SE. No matter the platform, they know how to utilize it to create the most gorgeous game possible.



spoonm said:

Now I'm not as excited as I was about the game. I want to see more gameplay footage, and then I'll be able to decide on getting it or not. It'll all depend on how the battle system and the world exploration are set up.

EDIT: Plus I didn't like their english voice. If there's any option to switch to japanese voice with english subtitles, it'd be great.



brandonbwii said:

God that VO was painful to the ears. I'd hope there would be a japanese option but somehow I don't think Nintendo will go that far for just this one game.

EDIT: Yes I know it mentions Square Enix as publisher but given how this game was present in ND I'm guessing Nintendo will copublish.



Tractavus said:

Cant wait for this game, although I have to wait until 2014 to get it.
Will the special edition come to Canada?



Tasuki said:

Wow this the first time I have seen the a tailer for this game. I have to say it looks good I just might have to pick it up.



unrandomsam said:

(When it comes to Square Enix content the only stuff I want is the stuff they think the Western market won't want).



TruenoGT said:

I'm still kind of annoyed by the buyable cheat potion thing, but this game does look pretty awesome.



GuSolarFlare said:

it reminds me of final fantasy 4 heroes of light, what's a good thing!
and I didn't find the English voices so annoying...



ChessboardMan said:

Weird, that linked to article says that GAME are releasing the collector's edition, but I preordered it ShopTo where it said it was an exclusive?



ricklongo said:

As of right now, this is my most anticipated game on the 3DS. I wish we'd see a big JRPG resurgence in the near future; many of my favorite games of all time are JRPGs.



unrandomsam said:

@ricklongo I liked IX but too much of it was too easy. Some parts of it are basically impossible for me to ever do. (If they released it today those bits would be doable by paying). Story wasn't that good. I liked V better than it by miles. (I paid 3 times as much for V as well and it was worth it).



unrandomsam said:

Maybe I am just not into JRPG's anymore. Even Xenoblade I liked it but I enjoyed it less than Skies of Arcadia Legends.



uximal said:

I have been waiting for Bravely default so eagerly .....Finally its here..

Get The Last Story, you won't regret it. its got one of the most unique battle system in any RPG I know.



Windy said:

I pre-ordered this yesterday at GameStop they are showing it coming out on February 2nd. After watching the trailer, I can't wait! I'm hoping Mario Golf and Fantasy Life will be right behind it.



Windy said:

@ricklongo I wish they do a release of Dragon Quest IX in 3d. They could even add DLC and maybe some online co-op and I would be happy as a clam



Windy said:

@Tsuzura your going to have a long wait if Nintendo continues to follow their Wii business model. The RPG's were few and far between on Wii and it looks the same on Wii-U. Such a shame for me its my favorite genre and just about all I play anymore. Funny 25 years ago I got into video gaming because of Madden and NHL Hockey on sega genesis, now I won't touch it



ricklongo said:

@Windy - I don't think I'd get a remake so soon. I'd kill for a new numbered, non-MMO entry in the franchise, though. Especially on the Wii U.



Weedy said:

Definately looking forward to this game. May wait until Christmas though since I'll have Zelda to keep my thumbs busy before then.



Weedy said:

I'm in the UK, which means it will be out a month from today!
Sorry for the US on this one, the same old ocean divide messing with release dates. Hopefully worldwide releases like Pokemon X&Y will become more common.



MideonNViscera said:

@Weedy Ah yes, the UK. I'd almost forgotten the sting of you guys getting better versions of Square games than us. Now it appears it's just earlier instead haha



GraveLordXD said:

@Windy you and me both why I usually have to resort to my PC or PlayStation lack of RPGs on Nintendo's home consoles. I would love for Nintendo to have its own RPG a new IP something huge it would be awesome and it will probably never happen



Pit-Stain said:

THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!! I'll be sure be picking this up when it comes to US in 2014!




$50 that someone in that party of four has amnesia...

Still gonna get it, but I'm betting that someone has the usual case of amnesia.



Finntendo said:

Thankfully tax refund is paid in early Dec

Ps. Where are the games like this for Wii U?! ?!



Kolzig said:

So awesome that the game will have both voices in the western countries. Definitely choosing the professional Japanese voiceovers.



gurtifus said:

Amazing music !
By the way, I'm going for the collector edition with the figure/art book/ost and so on...



Shambo said:

Collector's edition preordered. How come Nintendo platforms miss out on so many big budget RPG's, yet still get some of the best in the end exclusively? Oh I can't wait for more on 'X'...

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