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Video: Proof That Mario Kart 8 Can Only Be Enriched By The Addition Of F1-Style Commentary

Posted by Damien McFerran

Murray Walker would be proud

Mario Kart 8 is shaping up to be something pretty special, with its amazing visuals, upside-down track design and trademark killer gameplay.

However, the following video — produced in conjunction with our friends at Family Gamer TV and Team VVV — illustrates that there's always room for improvement. What Nintendo should really do for this upcoming instalment is include authentic F1 commentary.

We're joking of course, but the video is rather amusing — especially if you're already a keen follower of motorsport.

The footage was captured during the recent Eurogamer Expo, where Mario Kart 8 was playable. Nintendo Life was also there, and you can check out photos from our StreetPass Zone here.

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SirMime said:

MK7 was a lot more tense with Rory's amazing commentary during the finals



Warbeard said:

Can't believe you're using the GamePad honking :/ Really hope Nintendo thinks of something better before release.



SirMime said:

Couldn't work it out playing the demo myself. Is the F-Zero like spin attack done by a Gamepad/Wii remote flick like the stunt jumps? All the AI kept doing it and my friends and I couldn't figure it out at all.



micronean said:

From the looks of it, I don't feel very optimistic about this game. There doesn't seem to be any new challenge to it. it just looks prettier. I hope this was only the beginner level, because whoever was playing did not lift off the gas pedal in any of the races, and that worries me, because I'd like to see the player be in charge of multiple driving variables aside from gas/steer/slide. Otherwise it's just an overpriced "Sonic Racing".



Goginho said:

@Warbeard Well there's not much really you can do with it for a racing game. The Wii U is basically like the 3DS, two screens. The only useful and integral element I can think of is a rear view mirror.



withoutdk said:

i really cant wait for this... then i will try to win over my better half.. even though i cant.



Goginho said:

@micronean Don't worry, this is made extra easy for demo purposes. I believe it's on the lowest speed, 50cc I can imagine. They'll come out with some challenging tracks as well, I'm sure of it.



Warbeard said:


Well, it would be very easy to do a sort of Double-Dash gameplay, where the player with the Gamepad sees an over-shoulder view of the characters, and would have to tap on the gamepad to aim - I loved double dash, and when the Wii U gives us the opportunity for assymetric gameplay, it seems it should be taken advantage off.



Franklin said:

The character selection screen looks good.

The tracks seem narrower than in the Wii version, which is encouraging.

Even if that footage was 50cc, it looks far too easy though. And only 2 laps?

Early days yet I guess.



ledreppe said:

Anyone know if you can use the gamepad gyro controls, so the gamepad is like a giant steering wheel with a screen in the middle. I didn't like MK7's gyro controls, but that was because the whole 3DS was a steering wheel and interfered with the 3d screen. It would be different with the gamepad.

I really hope they put some extra single player features and game modes in MK8, like the ones in Sonic Transformed, because MK really needs something like that rather than the same old things they trot out every generation. Something tells me that's not going to happen.



Kirk said:

I kinda think it would actually be really cool to add in an OPTIONAL commentary like this to the Mario Kart games; much like they have commentary on football video games for example.

I think it could really take the Mario Kart games to a whole new level.

They'd have to get the right voice though and probably one that sounds like it's actually a character from the Mario/Mushroom Kingdom so it all sounds authentic and really blends with the experiends.

Someone should maybe send this to Nintendo with that suggestion and recommendation.



Kirk said:


Well obviously you can. It's in the video.

I assume you can use whatever control method suits you best.



yuwarite said:

@sackferret We pronounce the "Ma" part of Mario like how you'd pronounce "Map". Americans pronounce the "Mar" part, like how we'd pronounce "Marmite". So, Brits pronounce it like "Ma-Rio", Americans like "Mar-Rio". I've heard Japanese people pronounce it closer to our way, but obviously the "rio" part is more like "leo".



rjejr said:

The hammer of doom. Doom!

Playing this game is always going to feel less than whole now.

Very well done.



ledreppe said:


Well ok, i just don't remember seeing him tilting the gamepad. Maybe I was too busy watching the race.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol like the commentary while playing xD but game looks nice still need that spark to it though as to why its a new mario kart



suburban_sensei said:

Even though off-screen footage doesn't do the look of the game justice, it does seem to have really beautiful graphics. I love the textures and the lighting, so I can't wait to see all the tracks.



WiiLovePeace said:

@micronean What the...? "Let go of the gas"??? Have you ever played a Mario Kart game? Ever? Or even any arcade-style racing game? Blimey!! No Mario Kart has ever needed the player to let go of the accelerate button to finish a race, why would they start now? :S It's about fun, not realism. Hence the shells, bananas & mushroom boosts. Only benefit to letting go of the accelerate button in Mario Kart is in the battle mode & that's how it should be!



Silent said:

Proof that the driver in this video needs to take a class on common sense. My cousin hates mario kart but she is still better than this guy



JaxonH said:

Ya no doubt lol... it's fine as one of several OPTIONS mind you, but not as the premier use of the gamepad. A rearview mirror would have been ideal, so you could aim your backward shells and banana peels.



StarDust4Ever said:

Comentary probably would get tiring very quickly if it was built into the game. You don't play most games for very long before commentary starts to repeat itself due to prerecorded voice samples. Think obnoxious like "Hi, I'm Daisy!" but constantly playing throughout the background.



Gameday said:

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could use the Wii u pads video cam ? Then this would be like the arcade version where you see the persons face. Would be nice if you could take a picture and have that for your icon instead of your actually character lol i know this is Nintendo and its not gonna happen but i just go that idea coming to this page ~

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