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Pandora's Tower Creator Ganbarion Is Co-Developing Wii Fit U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Name appears on the title screen

Recently, Nintendo has made a habit of outsourcing or collaborating with other studios on many of its key titles, and it would appear that Wii Fit U is no exception.

According to Kotaku's Stephen Totilo, Pandora's Tower developer Ganbarion is involved with the forthcoming Wii U title, as its name appears on the title screen:

It's not known how deeply Ganbarion has been involved with development of the game at this stage. Pandora's Tower director Toru Haga recently praised the Wii U as "unique" and "exciting".

Wii Fit U is released in December, but you'll be able to download and play a one month trial version in November.

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Norik said:

Hope this means more JRPGs from them coming to the Wii U in the future.



MussakkuLaden said:

@MrGawain Maybe they would have been enough to solve that girl's bodily problems... ^^ "Darling, no monster meat for you today. I brought Wii Fit for you!"

On a serious note though, it's nice to see that the collaboration between both companies continues, which may increase to chance to see something more serious again in the future.



ArkOne77 said:

Pandora's Tower was a great game. Would love to see Ganbarion bring something to the Wii U. Definitely picking this up. Already have the balance board, getting the WiiFit Meter -day 1.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'm gonna lol so hard if it includes an RPG activity using the balance board to walk. On second thought, that'd actually be pretty cool, and I'd buy Wii Fit U for it (if I had a Wii U)



rjejr said:

I'm guessing help w/ the HD graphics is about the extent of their involvement. Nintendo seems to have a problem programming on their own console.

First time I've seen that scuba diving screenshot. Reminds me of Endless Ocean, and I think it's new to the "Fit" series. New is good.



raith said:

Great to hear. I would absolutely love a new Pandora's Tower game in the future. If ganbarion can refine a few things, it'll be incredible. Pandora's Tower is the type of mature (in theme) game Nintendo should focus on.



Zael said:

a new game from gambarion only for wii u, this is what I want



FishieFish said:

Will there be a minigame that lets you kill creatures and give the flesh to a girl?




Dogpigfish said:

That screenshot! I just can't take this serious. What's she working out to? Ride the board staring at small screen to target?



AltDotNerd said:

That'll be a welcome message after a work out:
"I see you've got some flesh to sell..."



sinalefa said:

Wii Fit Trainer cosplay!

I started Pandora's Tower, beat the first tower and never touched it again. I got bummed after hearing there is a glitch near the end of the game. Still what I played was interesting and I hope they can do more games with Nintendo.



AJWolfTill said:

I was trying to find out what this studio had been up to a week ago, I hope this partnership simply shows a greater involvement with Nintendo as opposed to being their primary output right now.

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