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Video: This Japanese Pokémon X & Y Overview Trailer is Almost Too Epic

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All aboard...


Courtesy of a heads up from NintenDaan, we've now uploaded a higher quality version of this trailer and some 3DS eShop commercials below. Enjoy!

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Pokémon X & Y is coming rather soon, and if you didn't know that then you're clearly not paying any attention to the world of the 3DS. Its arrival on 12th October can't come soon enough for some fans, and somewhat befitting of its status as a new generation in the franchise it's bringing its fair share of new ideas and features. By utilising the capabilities of the 3DS and Nintendo's growing confidence with online functionality and services, this could possible be the most in-depth, fully rounded experience that the series has seen.

Of course many of you already know this, but there's nothing quite like a loud, bright and undoubtedly awesome Japanese trailer to remind us of some of these features and build the buzz. The summary video below covers quite a few — not all, obviously — bases, and does so in a way that, frankly, only adverts from Nintendo's homeland seem to do so.

Check it out below and, remember, try to contain yourself from the dangers of spontaneous combustion.

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Wonder_Ideal said:

HYYYYYYPE! There is so much I am excited for in this game that I can't focus on my favorite aspect.



Phle said:

Wow. I really can't wait to get my hands on this game. I will be getting the X version of the game (^_^)



Peach64 said:

I had no interest in this game until today. I played Pokemon yellow over 15 years ago and Pokemon White 2 last year and it felt way too similar. I'd not bothered reading any news on this until I saw an animated gif splashed across kotaku's front page showing the ability to change clothes and hair styles, and now I sort of want it...



Keep said:

Pokemon like you've never seen before...

...cuteness overload coming soon.



Gioku said:

Yep, I saw this yesterday, it's frickin' amazing! I spy Sudowoodo in with those Oorottos!



bro2dragons said:

I am really hyped for this... but the only thing that worries me is that the mega evolutions seem to evolve mid-battle. I wonder if the items are then a one-use thing, or if you have to choose to use it on the pokemon taking up a turn in battle or if it's automatic and just a REALLY annoying cutscene that's going to play every time.

I really hope it's the second and you have to sacrifice a turn to gain power (making their existence a little less unbalanced), but to my knowledge, they haven't really specified that.



Gioku said:

@mariobro4: Nope, I think Mega Blaziken is awesome, too!

@bro2dragons: It's not mid-battle unless you send out the Mega Pokémon mid-battle. As far as I know, you can Mega Evolve it as many times as you get into battles, but you can only use one Mega Pokémon at a time due to the fact that you need the corresponding wrist band.



gamingreal said:

its silly i know but thing i'm most looking forward too in this is the character customisation



Arcamenel said:

Mega Pokemon so far have only been shown at level 100, hopefully that's another requirement.

EDIT: Scratch that, a gameplay video of the PSS showed Mewtwo X at level 50.



Unit_DTH said:

If I wasn't excited before, I sure as hell am now! I've played every iteration of pkmn since red and blue for my gameboy pocket and these versions are the first ones that I've been excited about since diamond and pearl! Can't wait, I'm getting Y and my son is getting X.



IKAY said:

You can ride on a rhyhorn, too! This means the riding will be a HM. Also you can jump the stairs in booth directions, now! One of the best HMs!



natsu said:

I wish a could speed up time, or go in the hyperbolic time chamber



Marakuto said:

@IKAY I don't think that riding will be an HM, it's probably just going to be someone's Pokemon you can borrow to travel the field (got that impression because Gogoat can only be used to travel by borrowing one then returning it.)



AyeHaley said:

Apparently the game isn't fully playable in 3D. Just the battles or the overworld. At least thats what I've heard. I think its sad. I'll still buy/play the games but I would love to have the full game in stereoscopic 3D.

Edit: For the record I still hope/think it isn't true.



AJWolfTill said:

Trying not to get swept away all the way to Japan by this hype but it's getting harder.



Windy said:

I pre-Paid this a couple days ago at Gamestop in lieu of Pre-Paying for the New Etrian Odyssey. At some point I will have them both but i'm really glad I bought the Pokemon.



Kirby3ds said:

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



okamiki said:

@AyeHaley I think that is just stupid. All nintendo games came in 3d so why this one in particularly would come with some parts in 3d and others not?

I'm not saying you are right or not but seriously you think that is true?

So I hope this time I won't wear a freaking hat...

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