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Rage of the Gladiator Battles Onto the 3DS eShop on 19th September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Gamelion shares release and game details with us

A week ago we shared the news that WiiWare brawler Rage of the Gladiator is coming to the 3DS eShop. At the time it was anticipated to be available within a few weeks, but Gamelion has now been in touch with us to share that it'll arrive in North America and Europe on 19th September for $6.99 / €6.99; the UK price is likely to be around the £5.99 mark

We rated the WiiWare original highly, and the studio's Sebastian Szczygiel told us the following about new features coming to the new version of Rage of the Gladiator.

Compared to the Wii version the 3DS version has improved graphics (presented in full stereoscopic 3D), additional difficulty mode and an in-game shop where new weapons, shields, armor etc. can be bought which are not available in the original Wii version.

You can check out our WiiWare Rage of the Gladiator review as you wait, while we'll work on a preview ahead of release. If you missed it last time, there's also a trailer for the 3DS eShop title below.

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cfgk24 said:

Please give us Spartan, Total Warrior ( Best ever game on the Gamecube!) That game totally rocked!



FiveDigitLP said:

Has anybody played this on Wiiware? It looks somewhat interesting, but it doesn't have me convinced.

The sound effects sound kind of lame and like stock sounds. Also, the game reminds me of the combat from Skyrim--that's neither a good thing or a bad thing to me, just something I thought I'd point out.



brandonbwii said:

I have mixed feelings on the WiiWare game actually. The enemies were fun, but there was an annoying, disconnected feeling when it came blocking and striking. There was also this disjointed three stooges type feeling when using your weapon. Especially with motionplus. Combat feels more like slaping monsters around than having a truly viceral connection.

I liked that you could use magic though, and the opponents were all fun to look at.

Basically except with not as fun due to the aforementioned disconnect when it comes to controls.



Windy said:

I might get this. The Backgrounds and the monsters look superb. The game even looks smooth without a hitch. Looks nice



sinalefa said:


I have it. The game is basically a Punch Out clone, but you jump instead of ducking. You can buy spells that you can use as power ups to damage foes. There was a wiiware demo, IDK if they still have it.

There are around ten fighters, and similar to Punch Out!! for Wii there is a second mode where they are harder and have new tricks. There is a lot of voice acting and some basic cutscenes to tell the story, which was amazing for a Wiiware game.

For 7 bucks you could do much worse. But it does not sound like there is enough new content to justify me double dipping.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I'd get it if I didn't already own it for Wii. I'm torn because I didn't play it much and I know I'd do it a lot more on the 3DS but 17€ for this game is just too much



FiveDigitLP said:

@sinalefa Ah, thanks for responding! I have Punch Out for the Wii (and the original for VC) and like it alright, but I'm not a huge fan of the way the gameplay works so I doubt I'll get this.



WinterWarm said:


It's sure to be a different version, but there is a WiiWare demo, for NA, anyway.

Soo excited! Isn't this version cheaper than the original?



Spoony_Tech said:

For some reason this never got enough play time on my Wii. I play my 3ds 10 times more so I'm really strongly considering picking this up. Its a fun enough game and only 6.99 is pretty much sold to me! I thought it would cost more tbh. Can't wait to see what this looks like on my 3ds. Would also serve them some good to have a demo!



Slayer said:

We all loved this on the Wii!
And now, of course, it's almost on the eShop...



DarkCoolEdge said:

@uximal If you read my comment again you should notice that I say that I have the Wii edition, which cost 10€. If you add the seven euros of this one you get the 17€ I talked about.

You should read more carefully.



Undead_terror said:

Although it looks good, it would be epic to have a game like chivalry medieval warfare on the eshop.



Pod said:

The graphics aren't as silly as in the original version of this game, which I think is a shame, as both the designs and the animation were hilarious.

It still looks fun in its iOS garbs, though, and the great simple game structure is sure to keep people of all ages smiling.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I love the WiiWare version of this game. However, these extra features (and the loss of the fun motion controls) don't excite me enough to double dip.



Kifa said:

I'm skipping this one either - already have the WiiWare original and don't see any reason to buy it again. This was meant to be played with motion controls, not buttons, so the appeal of the game is lost in translation for me.



bezerker99 said:

I have the WiiWare version and it's pretty fun. I just downloaded RotG for free on my Android phone not sure I will spend money on another version of this game. It's fun, but I don't need that many copies of it.

EDIT: After having played this a bit on my phone, I'm really enjoying the slick new polish that Gamelion gave this re-release. I might end up getting it for 3DS after all. (It's 3 bucks cheaper than what the original WiiWare version cost).

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