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Weirdness: These Gaist Crusher 3DS Add-Ons Aren't Particularly Stylish

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Lumps of plastic to bolt onto the 3DS? Check...

Not so long ago we brought you the news that Treasure — best known for brilliant titles such as Sin & Punishment: Star Successor and Gunstar Heroes — is working with Capcom on Gaist Crusher for the 3DS. It's a title that'll aim to combine the in-game action with a broader branding effort, including various toys to accompany the games.

A new Japanese trailer — no Western release has been mentioned to date — shows how additional toys will hook up with the 3DS and affect the game. Though optional, the pictured plastic case allows gamers to attach ""Gai Metals" to their system, which provides in-game gear unique to the toys; away from the handheld the toys transform into neat little figurines. When bolted onto a 3DS, however, it's not the most appealing lump of coloured plastic ever seen, while the trailer only shows the contraption being hooked up to a standard 3DS — perhaps the plastic brace can be adjusted for 3DS XL systems.

You can see the game, and the add-on, in action below. Recent bolt-ons like this and the Pokémon Tretta Lab scanner continue to do the image of the Circle Pad Pro no harm, in comparison.

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BriBri said:

How dare you! They are super stylish!

Joking aside, the game looks incredibly ace. Going to pre-order (with add-on!) as soon as Play-Asia opens them up...



ricklongo said:

At least at first glance, Gaist Crusher is just the biggest Saint Seiya ripoff ever.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I don't care how cheesy the plastic toys are or how big a rip-off of Santa Seya it is, it's a Treasure game and if by any chance it was released on Western markets, I would get it in a heartbeat. But its not likely that will happen any time soon.



Squashie said:

Is it wrong of me to actually quite like the look of this? For some reason, I quite like the vibrant clumps of plastic, however, I doubt I would feel the same if they were sat in the palm of my hand!



Emblem said:

No way i could play with that thing attached to my 3DS on the commute to work lol, Game looks nice though and Treasure rarely disappoints.



RQuinain said:

How exactly do those work? They don't seem to connect to the IR sensor. Is there some sort of a QR code inside of the Gai Metal that the camera reads?



Volmun said:

id go about with the Armer plate on but idk about the big jewl thing... id only use it sat at home or over a frends tbh.. knowing me id lose it otherwise -_- Entryway.. i dowt this will leave JPN.. id buy it if i culd



supermage65 said:

Why didn't they just make a separate device that communicates through IR, or at least a chord for God's sake.

That thing's disgusting.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol they sure know how to make things look cool in japan almost reminds me of the 90s here in the US with cool type ads on tv

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