A little while ago we told you about Pokémon Tretta Lab coming to the 3DS in Japan, an app accompanied by fairly bulky hardware to bring an arcade experience home. It arrives in the region on 10th August, with the app being free but the hardware costing 3,800 yen (approx. £25 / €30 / $38).

This provides a variation of Pokémon Tretta arcades found throughout Japan, where you collect plastic discs for different 'mon and use them to enter battles to win more discs. It's a form of NFC (near field communication), and certainly taps into the collect'em'all instincts, while the 3DS app offers Tretta Analyser, Type Checker and Auto Battle modes to explore.

While we know a fair bit about it, it's nevertheless pleasing to finally see it in action courtesy of the new trailer, below. It's smaller than the arcade, which is nice, but still seizes the crown of bulkiest 3DS accessory out there, which is going some with the Circle Pad Pro XL doing the rounds. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

[source kotaku.com]