Not so long ago Game Freak — best known for the Pokémon franchise — teased a new title with a silhouette, and then surprised us all by revealing an eShop title combining horse racing with Solitaire. Anyone who said "I knew that's what it'd be" is clearly not being entirely truthful.

But still, HarmoKnight was a hoot, so we should know that Game Freak wouldn't just produce a bog-standard solitaire game with some horses running on the top screen. As well as races driven by the card game, you get to nurture your horse and boost its performance, while you do also get to control the jockey at key moments.

At the moment it's only confirmed for Japan, but based on the trailer below we quite fancy this in the West. This mash-up may not seem like the most fun combination in theory, but after watching some footage it actually looks enjoyable, as well as being deliciously over the top. Check it out and let us know what you think.