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Even Miyamoto Struggles To Bring All His Pikmin Home Safely

Posted by Damien McFerran

There's hope for us mere mortals, then

Pikmin 3 may look cute at first glance, but it's a game which teaches some harsh lessons about life and death. Your actions create an army of dutiful Pikmin characters, but you're also responsible for the untimely demise of many of these adorable fellows. One of the most upsetting situations in the game involves getting to the end of a day and realising that you've left some Pikmin behind, effectively consigning them to death.

Don't allow yourselves to be too downhearted at this, though — even the Legendary Shigeru Miyamoto struggles to get all of his Pikmin back to the onion at the close of the day:

I would love to [save them], but it's not possible with my skill. So I have given up. But there are some staff who actually accomplished [this]. Personally, I like challenging myself to beat my own score in the mission mode.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Miyamoto also revealed that DLC is a possibility for the game:

Nothing has been decided yet, but Pikmin 3 puts importance on the player replaying and re-challenging himself, an element that makes the game more and more fun as users play it many times. If we hear players' desire to play more with add-on content, we would love to consider the possibilities.

Pikmin 3 launched in Europe last week, and is coming to North America at the start of August. We think it's pretty special.


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Grubdog said:

Beating it without losing a single Pikmin, that sounds like a much more motivating challenge than the Super Luigi "zero coin" one! Lives are at stake!

I'm happy to stroll through the game at my own pace first though, it's so pretty.



mr_moobs said:

I'm on day 44 and only just got to what I think is the end..
Beautiful game, intend to replay it and try to better my score and overall time



MrGawain said:

Damn that poxy sandworm thing... it was as a Seagull and I was tossing Pikmin at it like they were bread.

I'm about halfway through and I'm already planning to go back and cillit bang my conscience.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I personally like killing a few reds now and then to keep my house in order but there's nothing more annoying than losing specialist Pikmin for no reason.



Yellowgerbil said:

I totally don't make my Pikmin charge the electric fences and leave them there looks around nervously but the game is excellent, possibly best game on Wii U.



erv said:

I lost half my army on the second day, thinking I had assigned them to my captain.

I am a fearless warlord now.



Araknie said:

Day 12 here, lost a total of 126 Pikmins, the replay the day feature has saved me so many times.
And i like how things you do remain in the same place forever and the enemies don't regenerate for 2 days, that's a good help.

But some areas seem like impossibile to reach even with the right type and amound of Pikmins. Gonna take a while to be this game.

And freaking finally i should say, Classic Nintendo game here folks!



Shambo said:

I feel like a horrible invading dictator from outerspace whenever I mistakenly sent one of the cute, colorful inhabitants of this gorgeous planet to his death. But I love the game. I've come to accept that it's virtually impossible to experience this masterpiece without making myself guilty of a handful of dead Pikmin every few days.

I do however repay them by... putting them to work to create more new ones than there were lost...

I am a horrible dictator, but is it that bad to love it when it's this good?



mii-gamer said:

I feel sorry for all NA friends whom had to wait until august 4th. This game is amzing



element187 said:

"I feel sorry for all NA friends whom had to wait until august 4th."

@mii-gamer some of us will be playing it on August 2nd.... besides it goes back and fourth. My favorite game of the year came 2 months before Europe (Fire Emblem: Awakening) also Luigi's Mansion 2 came to NA a few days before I believe.



element187 said:

@SetupDisk Yeah, gamestop is claiming the codes will be sent out August 2nd... Since the European eShop let customers with a code download early, I'm hoping it will be the same for the North American eShop.



Kifa said:

I am currently in the process of replaying Pikmin 1 in an attempt to leave no Pikmin behind. After 6 days my account is clear, so it shouldn't go bad. I'm pretty sure I've not left a single one during my last playthrough, but I might be mistaken.

That said - I always tend to loose a few in combat, especially when my Bomb Squad mixes in. After almost a week of ingame time I have 8 casualties, one of whom was a brave yellow who, chased by frenzied Bulborb, detonated his bomb and thus saved many lives while forfeiting his own. He died a hero... T_T

What I'm trying to say - Pikmin is by far the only "action strategy" game that makes you care for every single of your "soldiers". And that is probably what makes it so awesome.



JaxonH said:

Miamoto is so amazingly cool isn't he? He effectively says, "By the way, if gamers want DLC, let me know and we'll get on it". I think this game has brought him much happiness, and I think that seeing Nintendo fans with a smile on their faces from his game also brings him happiness. Now that's a classic example of doing what you love. The guy definitely has a passion for his career, and it really shows.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Well, Miyamoto may not be able to do so, but I think the main developers can.
Augh.. low chance I'm getting this game soon, even later.



FritzFrapp said:

A worthy sequel after a very long wait and the perfect complement to the previous games. A beautiful, majestic and endearing piece of gaming excellence. Would definitely like to see DLC for this game.

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