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Weirdness: Capcom Selling a Rush Tissue Pouch in Japan for Mega Man Anniversary

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Just what the fans want...

While this year has been a celebration of the Mega Man franchise's 25th Anniversary, Capcom's mainly been offering soundtracks, USB pen drives, laptop skins and other non-gaming products. We've also seen the release of the classic NES titles on the 3DS Virtual Console, with some doubling up on the Wii U Virtual Console for good measure.

Sadly, the prospects of a new game — one on consoles that hasn't been primarily developed by a fan — continue to drift with no sign of resolution, while the company is running out of time if it's planning an Anniversary release. Still, Capcom continues to come up with more merchandise, one of which is pictured above. Yep, it's a soft tissue pouch in the form of the Blue Bomber's side-kick Rush, which perhaps qualifies as one of the more peculiar offerings to emerge in recent times. It's not cheap, either, with a cost of ¥4800 in Japan — that's about $48 / €37 / £31 — which is pretty steep for a tissue dispenser.

It's not listed outside of the Japanese Capcom store at the moment, which we doubt is a terrible loss. Would you consider dropping the price of a new 3DS retail game on a tissue pouch?


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Einherjar said:

YES !!! I always wanted to pla..wait a moment...still not a game...
insert usual MegaMan is dead ramble here



b23cdq said:

Running out of time? E3 is less than a week away, it might happen.
Although probably not, Capcom doesn't know what to do with him after his creator left...



Sir_JBizzle said:

I think Nintendo should just throw Capcom some money to publish a Mega Man game! They would surely do the franchise justice!



bahooney said:

Nice! And here I was clamoring for the perfect thing to put over my tissue boxes! I've been using dirty old socks this whole time.



Undead_terror said:

Since megaman is dead, they decided they didn't need rush any more so they cut him open and stuffed him with tissues.



JusticeColde said:

Mega Man deserves better than this, why does Ryu get all the nice things that he doesn't deserve?



KnightRider666 said:

I guess this is Capcom's way of setting us up so we'll be prepared for tears when they tell us there won't be any new Mega Man games made for his anniversary. Wow, just wow.



Bender said:

At least we have Megaman X on the Wii U VC... And HOPEFULLY its sequels in the near future..



Capt_N said:

Dear Capcom, we, the Mega Man fans want something novel for the 25th Anniversary. How about,... get this, Capcom,... A NEW MEGA MAN GAME!? Tissue dispensers, custom shaped flash drives w/ some comics pre-installed, desktop mini statues, error-filled audio cds... it's all fine, & good, but..., Capcom, we want a new game instead. Although the audio cds should be fixed, obviously, & collectable things priced more reasonably.

I wish Capcom would get over whatever is making them avoid, like the plague making any new Mega Man games. Inafune's gone. They need to get over it. I don't think they would destroy the franchise, if they really tried hard enough. Of course, that may not be what's bothering them about it.



JoshdahYosh said:

This is weird, really weird and mind boggling what stupid things we humans make. Capcom... don't even think of emptying people's wallets.



WaveBoy said:

I'm pretty sure this was a rejected Rush ability from Mega Man 3. Wiping Mega Man's A** could of been put to good use!

Yeesh, Capcom is starting to feel like a western developer these days, turning their RE franchise into a mindless hollywood bloated action shooter, with Ghosts 'n Goblins, Mega Man and strider getting absolutely zero love...Instead make way for the all time sleep inducing whack & bash Dead Rising 7, or 'Lost Planet' whatever and more Super Duper Street fighter thunder Turbo editions. I truly miss Capcom from the 80's and 90's. Same deal with Konami! However, a Mega man 'something', Zack & Wiki sequal and Resident Evil reboot would restore my funky faith in the company.



ogo79 said:

at least the virtual console cry babies have something to keep their tissue in.



b23cdq said:

I want the Mega Man X reboot, which several ex-retro people were working on. Turning Mega Man into a first person shooter, after doing such a good job with Metroid Prime? Yes please! But no, they cancelled it. -.-



Spagem said:

Ummmmm... wut? These are the times I don't understand Capcom's logic.

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