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Mon 6th May 2013

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Peachy commented on Happy 15th Birthday, Banjo-Kazooie!:

Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie were awesome games. I have fond memories of being turned into a pumpkin and getting flushed down Grunty's toilet and flinging dirty underwear at enemies as a washing machine.

On DKCR3D, the crab that appears from the ship when you are selecting which file to play makes sounds that remind me of Kazooie.



Peachy commented on Namco Bandai Is Bringing Barbie And Monster Hi...:

I hope they are good games and a lot of people get enjoyment out of them.

And the more people who find games they'll enjoy on a Nintendo system the better. I see nothing wrong with appealing to people of all different ages, backgrounds, and interests.



Peachy commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

If Nintendo was trying to get LPs removed, I could understand the anger. I don't really understand why some LPers feel entitled to earn money off of LPs.

If one wants to be entitled to do whatever the heck they want with a video game, they should make their own.