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Treat Your Ears to This Awesome K.K. and Friends Animal Crossing Album

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

An alternative soundtrack for your town

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf currently the game of choice for many, it's pretty hard to get enough of the utterly charming franchise. Who thought that living in a town with talking animals and carrying out manual labour for a fictional currency would be fun? Nintendo did, and it was right.

An important part of that Animal Crossing charm is its soundtrack, of course, which soothingly tinkers away in the background as you look for that butterfly breed that the talking crocodile requested. Of course with a great soundtrack comes fan-driven remixes, and well-known download music label Gamechops — which ensures its content is licensed — has released remix album K​.​K. and Friends; it features music from the original Animal Crossing, Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. It's the collaborated work of Ben Briggs & ectogemia, with the former posting this short message on the album's page:

Working with ectogemia on K.K. and Friends has been a really fun and natural experience from start to finish, and we're proud to be showcasing our hard work on GameChops! The music from the Animal Crossing series is fantastic, and we just wanted to tribute that in a way that fans of the games could truly appreciate... what all started from one remix became a huge, wonderful collaboration, and I hope you all love it.

The album can be bought from the official Gamechops page for $7 — a physical media version is listed for $10 — and can also be found on Loudr at the same price, or $7.99 on iTunes. You can also stream it for free below to see whether you like it, which we suspect you will.


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User Comments (23)



readyletsgo said:

Omg is there ANYTHING other than animal crossing news and impressions going on in the Nintendo world? I get that it's a game a lot of people like, but my god, every post on here is about ACNL.

Please, give it a rest for a bit.



readyletsgo said:

Every post for the past few days has been about animal crossing, a break is needed is all



Sqeekieboom said:

The game is what's Hot at the moment. Allot of people are busy witht the game and there is allot of news about the game. You want them to ignore that news?
It's always like this. When Smash Bros comes out, there will be mostly news a bout smash bors, as for Mario kart 8 etc.

( •_•)>⌐■-■
Deal with it!!



Moshugan said:

Last night, was playing New Leaf at between 1am and 2am.
The music was moody, calm, but almost a bit eery.
There was this weird knocking sound in the distance, but I was unable to pinpoint the origins. It was almost like a woodpecker. I think it stopped after 2am. Maybe it was part of that hour's song?

The music in Animal Crossing is wonderful. <3



RupeeClock said:

If I'm not mistaken, that seems to be a voice sample from Sonic 3 in "Breakfast with K.K. [7 AM]", haha.
I'm liking this and I'm only two tunes in.



RudysaurusRex said:

@readyletsgo I for one am enjoying all the AC stuff. Any other time on most game sites, talking about AC is childish. But around launch time for any of these games, everybody loves it. It's simply MAGICAL!



bahooney said:

@readyletsgo Let's see.... so, just for the last 20 hours, we have:
Level-5's Favourite Character Poll Doesn't Go To Plan
3D Adventure Title Dreamfall Chapters Under Consideration For Wii U
Sonic Lost World First Impressions
Kokuga Confirmed For North American Release On 27th June
Watch The Japanese Pikmin 3 Nintendo Direct - Live!
A Hat In Time Smashes Through All Kickstarter Stretch Goals
Pilotwings Soars Into The North American Wii U EShop This Thursday
Ouya Heralds Emulation By Tweeting Image Of Super Mario Bros.
It's Time For Nintendo To Drop Region Locking

Woah! All that in less than a day, and it isn't Animal Crossing! Seriously, though I think you might be the only one on the planet who isn't totally invested in this wonderful gem of a game, try not to ruin the experience for everyone else. You are vastly outnumbered.



Nintonic said:

@readyletsgo same here. It has spoiled some of the things I wanted to see on my own just by first title reads. And these, are not the best remixes I heard of AC.

Edit: But I have the game now so I guess if you want you can go ahead Nintendo Life.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wow, this is great! Only complaints are that there are no New Leaf tracks (not a big deal except for...) and the fact that it's so short. Only about 30 min worth of music.

Still a great remix album and $7 is totally fair, but I could have done with another few tracks to make it a fuller experience.

That being said I bought this along with Blind's "NESteryears" album at the same address...and man is that one fantastic too. I recommend it if anyone's interested!



readyletsgo said:

Wow guys calm down! It's just a game. There was a stage over the past weekend on here and ign that everything was animal crossing and I will admit now that it's not as much.

I'm sure I am not the only person on the planet that just happens to not like this one franchise from Nintendo.

@Knucklesfanguy lol



Fudgenuggets said:

@readyletsgo It's just a game... JUST A GAME?!
It's like a lifestyle, maaaaaan. You have no idea... It's like everyday there's aleays something to look forward to as well as discovering new things, making friends, and meeting personal goals. It's like another world out there!

OK, I've been playing too much AC:NL. I think I'm turning into Pascal. ._.

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