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Sun 7th Apr 2013

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Sqeekieboom commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

The Abundance of 2D Mario's and the lack of a Real 3D Mario is what's annoying.
After 3D world i don't wanna see another mario for 2 years. They can start announcing a 3D mario in the works with footage 1 year after 3D world.



Sqeekieboom commented on Treat Your Ears to This Awesome K.K. and Frien...:

The game is what's Hot at the moment. Allot of people are busy witht the game and there is allot of news about the game. You want them to ignore that news?
It's always like this. When Smash Bros comes out, there will be mostly news a bout smash bors, as for Mario kart 8 etc.

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Deal with it!!