The Wii U is short on racing simulations. In fact, aside from Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Fast And Furious: Showdown — neither of which could ever be described as hardcore racers — there's nothing to scratch that Gran Turismo / Forza itch on Nintendo's console.

Which is precisely why Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios feels confident that the Wii U version of its game will find a receptive audience. Creative Director Andy Tudor told EDGE magazine:

You see the passion people have for Forza and Gran Turismo, and if you're a publisher you wonder, 'Are we really gonna cut into that audience?' But we believe we can, especially on Wii U and PC, where there's a space to fill.

Project CARS (which stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is unique in that it has been funded with contributions from the gaming community, and not via the traditional publisher model. Slightly Mad Studios will publish the game itself, and contributors will gain a share of the profits made once the title is complete. Around 80,000 backers are now on board, giving Slightly Mad an extensive network of testers and supporters which could make the game the best in the genre.

The game is expected to launch at the start of 2014. Are you keen to burn some rubber? Let us know by posting a comment.