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Project CARS Will "Fill A Space" On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Catering for a need for speed

The Wii U is short on racing simulations. In fact, aside from Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Fast And Furious: Showdown — neither of which could ever be described as hardcore racers — there's nothing to scratch that Gran Turismo / Forza itch on Nintendo's console.

Which is precisely why Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios feels confident that the Wii U version of its game will find a receptive audience. Creative Director Andy Tudor told EDGE magazine:

You see the passion people have for Forza and Gran Turismo, and if you're a publisher you wonder, 'Are we really gonna cut into that audience?' But we believe we can, especially on Wii U and PC, where there's a space to fill.

Project CARS (which stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is unique in that it has been funded with contributions from the gaming community, and not via the traditional publisher model. Slightly Mad Studios will publish the game itself, and contributors will gain a share of the profits made once the title is complete. Around 80,000 backers are now on board, giving Slightly Mad an extensive network of testers and supporters which could make the game the best in the genre.

The game is expected to launch at the start of 2014. Are you keen to burn some rubber? Let us know by posting a comment.

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GiftedGimp said:

Really Looking forward to this racing sim. I know some people will say about lack of analog triggers but the Right stick works excellent as analog accel/brake.



Marshi said:

Im realy realy wanting this.But this is the big game that will either make or break the whole digital shoulder buttons issue on the wiiu gamepad.Sims absolutely depend on analogue acceleration and breaking,so im dubious as to how slightly mad will combat this without either breaking the game or turning it into need for speed 2.0



Scollurio said:

Guys being with the game (as supporter/tester) since the very earliest stages I can only tell you this comes along awesomely nice. People often complain about how the cars control, they obviously don't have much simulator experience and even if they do, you have a PLETHORA of options tinkering the controls and basicly EVERY aspect of this game to your personal needs, on PC now in PRE-alpha status you already have a solid support for almost every input device under the sun and the optins ingame for weather, time progression, opponent ai, event setup etc... is beyond anything I've ever seen, and I've been into hardcore sim racing ever since I first saw an early Gran Turismo and since then Im with almost every racing game that calls itself a SIM! Very highly recommended folks! And Yes lack of analog triggers really is a bummer, is to be seen how it works with sticks though!



Marshi said:

@GiftedGimp gt5 adopts that as standard but it just dosnt feel right.Im hoping for a new peripheral or even better a proper forcefeedback wheel.Gt5 is good with a pad,but with a wheel is the best driving experience in gaming.sims demand wheels



Scollurio said:

They should make some racing wheel with force feedback and 3 pedals, bundle it with this and make it so you can put the gamepad into the steering wheel as dashboard showing you critical information just like in a real race car.
I just hope it sells well because Im not sure that "racing nerds" not all have alredy a PC to play racing sims and enough Wii-U only owners are interested in this!



Kifa said:

I'm not sure about the lack of analogue triggers either. If any one of you ever drove a real car then you know that precise control over the amount of power coming from the engine and the brakes is crucial. Heck, even the clutch is essential, though I imagine most of US NLife readers never used a car with manual transmission... Bottom line - if that is going to be a sim, we'll need a new controller.

And no, right stick does not work as a trigger equivalent. At least not for me - i need to have something reminiscent of pedals, otherwise I'm just lost.



Marshi said:

@Scollurio if pc suports every usb wheel surely the wiiu could?or even better an official project cars wiiu wheel?Heard anything like that?



Scollurio said:

@Kifa good point. I think there really HAS to be some sort of wheel with pedals to properly enjoy this. Im playing it with Logitech G27 on PC and its absolutely stunning experience!



JSuede said:

@Marshi Simply map the right stick to the accelerator and the brake. Far more precision than even an analog trigger....and it feels pretty awesome. It's not like anything important is ever mapped to the right stick anyway.

There is that random port on the Gamepad, so some kind of wheel might not be out of the question.



Scollurio said:

@Marshi Yeah on PC you've plenty of options on consoles its a tough thing though, it was always hard to come by a reasonably priced wheel on the 360 since there only were garbage wheels OR the really expensive Fanatec wheels, whereas the Logitech wheels worked on PC AND PS3, it does not only come down to technical compatibility but also licensing issues and stuff. So technically sure would a G27 work on the Wii U given the proper support with some OS-update, but if they ALLOW it is on another card. I'd also rather go with a SlightlyMadStudio Wii U exklusive steering wheel, but I doubt it. Bringing the game to the Wii U is risky enough I guess but manufacturing a wheel that no other game would really use than this? Very doubtful! ;(



Scollurio said:

@JSuede Youre right with what you say, still it feels like a workaround, but yes surely you can get accustomed to that solution. I had to chuckle about your notion nothing important is ever mapped to the right stick, I guess shooters would be pretty boring if you only could aim straight ahead!

But hey, it's a bit like DOOM then, and I loved it!
Just pulling your leg, don't mind me!



Lin1876 said:

@GiftedGimp It doesn't really, because you can only have throttle or brakes. However, many drivers both real and virtual use both pedals to balance the car round corners and there's simply no scope for that with the R stick. It's still a million times better than digital buttons, but proper triggers are the only way to go.

However, if game supported a good USB wheel which was also compatible with the PC and maybe even the PS3 (like a lot of the Logitech ones) then I would be very interested.



b23cdq said:

Filling a space until the next F-Zero comes out. This could be awesome.



MadAdam81 said:

@Scollurio shouldnt be hard for them to allow people to map accelerator to right stick and brakes to left stick on any controller for all versions.



8thGenConsoles said:

Project CARS can't be Wii U's Forza or Gran Turismo because it's not an exclusive. But i'll be getting this game when it's out



TooManyToasters said:

Many have tried (N64 and so on), none have succeeded. But it does look like these guys have the experience other devs lacked.



GiftedGimp said:

@Lin1876 From my Karting team days you are taught Not to press the brake while accelerating, F1 and as far as I know all professional race sports its not encouraged, it causes lock-ups, over revs and over heating of the brakes.
The trigger system allows you to brake while accelerating, where as the right stick method doesn't thus making it more realistic.
Depending on trigger type and how the game is programmed for the system triggers varies how well the analog accel/brake feels. Xbox triggers are far better than the ps3 for example.
The thing is its been that many years that controllers have had analog triggers that it's what people are used to and yes there's ni denying that WiiU should of had Analog triggers, and hopefully a revised pro-controller wilth analog triggers will be available but at the same time the Right stick method will work just as well, maybe even better depending on game coding and comparable controller with analog triggers. So overall its not a big issue not having analog triggers.



TruenoGT said:

Big simulation fan and do iRacing on the PC, but I will likely get it on WiiU, as it would be awesome to play this type of game on the gamepad. Hopefully the WiiU version is worthy with a good frame rate (60FPS!) and solid online connectivity.



GiftedGimp said:

@JSuede Be interesting if that random port was used for analog footpedals and then for steering given the platers are given the choice Motion or Stick controls.
I forgot about the 'random' port tbh.



Lin1876 said:

@GiftedGimp To be honest, one of the reasons I don't have a Pro Controller is because I'm hoping for an upgraded one to be released. I think the Wii U's stick position will make it easier to use, but it's no substitute for triggers.

To explain why, I'll stick to the car analogies. Using the stick is equivalent to right foot braking, while triggers are equivalent to left foot braking. Many racing drivers left foot brake unless they have a reason for not doing so, such as injury. Even if a driver doesn't balance the car with the throttle and brake, which many do (though you're right that karters are discouraged from doing this), left foot braking allows for an instantaneous transition from acceleration to braking an vice versa. This simply isn't possible if you right foot brake and, likewise, isn't possible using an analogue stick. Craig Scarorough outlined it quite well.



Lin1876 said:

@GiftedGimp Though I stress that is just my opinion. If you prefer using the right stick then good for you, I just don't like it.



GiftedGimp said:

@Lin1876 I understand where your coming from and yep, in faster, longer sweeping corners if the speed or turn in is misjudged a driver will alternate brak/accel as needed, where as get it right its purly throttle control to keep the balance.
However all I'm saying is Right Stick accel/brake isn't a game breaker, it used to be the norm at one time and it may take a bit of getting used to if you'r only ever used to trigger controls but right stick is just as effective overall.

I dont mind either way when I had forza I used Triggers, and got into the nasty habit of braking and accelerating at the same time on GT5, I used the Right Stick. Your right it is a persons preference usuallt built on what your used to. If no one had invented anolog controls yet we'd all be happy with digital steering, Accel & brake because thatswhat we'd be used to.



Spoony_Tech said:

Now this is really my style of game and I've been waiting for a true racing sim to hit a Nintendo console for ages. Its one of the few games I want a Wii U for. Hope it turns out as good or better then the other sims!



bassoongoon said:

Awesome! This game looks really fun. I have been excited for it ever since I first heard about it.



Stark_Nebula said:

This kind of development cycle seems really intelligent. If this model is effective, more 3rd party developers should try it out. They'd get really good games out. With 8000 or so game testers, it should be pretty polished. I'd definitely pick this up to tide me over until the next F-Zero.



element187 said:

I hope they are right... I'm not convinced that my fellow Nintendo fans would buy it. NFS:MWu bombed so hard, even though Criterion did such a fantastic job of showing the world that the Wii U is far stronger than the PS360. They should have been rewarded with sales just for creating the best looking Wii U game hands down.

Its visually ALMOST on par with the PC version i bought (PC version is 1080p and 60fps though.. but I double dipped so I could have a visual showcase of the Wii U's strength and to see the excellent gamepad additions).

Why did it bomb? Late port? Injustice bombed on the Wii U as well and it was released at the exact same time.



element187 said:

"US NLife readers never used a car with manual transmission... "

@Kifa I live in the US and I only drive manual transmissions.



capitalism said:

I have the beta version on my PC right now and I've been with the game since the start so I'm definitely ready for this to release on Wii U.



AJWolfTill said:

Are those screenshots from the Wii U version? In all honesty they look better to me than the two driving games shown at the Sony and Microsoft press conferences. I'm not a fan of racing games but I hope more third party devs use the Wii U to carve a place for their franchises in the absence of 3rd party big guns.



WiigamewithU said:

@AJWolfTill I was thinking the same thing...if this is the WiiU version than im happy that we can get a racing simulator that looks absolutely can they keep the framerate upto task? I think this console has more power than what we all expect or know...



BrightBeing said:

At the moment, I'm more interested in "The 90's Arcade Racer" than I am of this title, but it still seems like a great deal of fun.



TheRealThanos said:

@Rumbler NFS Most Wanted certainly is a great game and looks pretty damn good, but it is not even on par with Project CARS, which tops it in every way imaginable, although you shouldn't even compare the two because one is an arcade racer and the other a super realistic driving sim. The car models and physics are some of the best seen today on ANY system, so no, Need for Speed definitely does NOT look better. If you do think so, then it's a taste thing and that might mean that you're more of an arcade racer kind of person, but objectively seen, Project CARS is in a different league.

@element187 You actually answered yourself concerning the wondering if your fellow Nintendo fans would buy this: it's a sim, not a Need for Speed game, so actually there's no choice, UNLESS you only like one of these kind of genres. So, them maybe not liking Need for Speed should normally (taking into account people being able to think in a reasonable fashion) not mean that they will automatically skip Project CARS altogether.



nilcam said:

@Scollurio How does this game compare to Gran Turismo, Forza, Dirt, etc.? I'm more a fan of arcade racers (RR7 is my current favorite) but I'm interested.



Scollurio said:

Nothing wrong about arcade racers, I thouroughly enjoy games like Mario Kart and Blur, but with the right friends nothing beats the tough competition a true simulator can give you, where you're really chasing tenths of seconds, even hundreths of seconds.

Well how does it compare. I guess both GT and Forza managed nicely to bring a Simulation-like experience to the masses without alienating them too much. I'd definitely say its a step up though in terms of simulation. There's a plethora of things to consider that no other racing game has done so far all in once. Let me summarize:

  • Plenty of real-world-laser-scanned tracks and fantasy ones
  • Car classes from rallye, onroad, open wheel, kart to oval, GT and more
  • Weather Conditions, dynamic, set, or real feed from the real location
  • Time-Progression settings, want a thunderstorm looming over your race in the middle of the pitch black night and time progresses to a nice morning sun within a few laps - you can totally do that
  • Indepth tuning of your car based on real world data
  • HUGE multiplayer component, even race in teams, participate in huge nationwide or international competitions
  • wonderful graphics (if you have a powerful machine)
  • The frist racing game that - in my opinion - nails the sensation of "mechanical grip" like you can feel (with racing wheel) at the outmost point of a turn where gravity carries your car outwards that the tires are gripping into the pavement and you stay on your racing line (or NOT if you overshoot it)
  • up to 68 cars (final version) on track at once (Forza: 16 so far...)

Summed up I think this will turn out the most hardcore and complete real racing game ever made and has PLENTY of options to tailor it self to all kinds of player with all kind of experience, so no one should be afraid to try it!
Can't wait for it!



nilcam said:

@Scollurio Thanks! I've been interested in Project CARS for awhile and it's good to have that kind of knowledge about the game. I really didn't like Dirt 3 but i haven't written off the genre. I love RR7 due to its ridiculous nature but its slight touch of reality. I ordered Gran Turismo 5 XL so that I can see if I have any love for this genre. If it goes well, I'll probably get Project CARS for Wii U.



Scollurio said:

@nilcam If you really wanna delve into sim-racing GT5 is a good way to start, even though iRacing enthusiasts will challenge you saying its not a real sim, if you come from things like RidgeRacer it will feel VERY sim to you. Important is to give it time, in the difficulty/realism settings start out with something intermediate, not with the complete fruitcake settings, somewhere in the middle. Then try to get a feel for the cars, it will take some time, try to stay with one car at first, dont worry about new cars or upgrading too much in the beginning, once you start to feel the nuances of your laps, like you can feel "this one was quicker than the last one" without even checking the laptime, then you're getting there and the fun begins. It's nothing you can master on one weekend. It's a bit like Monster Hunter in that regard! Good luck and have fun its always nice to see someone making the jump to worrying about breaking points, apaxes and how to accelarate smoothly out of a bend!



sonicfan1373 said:


I agree, bringing accessories like a steering wheel or support for Logitech G25 and G27 should all be Nintendo's responsibility. Slightly Mad Studios should make a request for some of these accessories and see how Nintendo responds.



Captain_Gonru said:

@Kifa I feel I must defend us US readers, and say that some have not only driven manual, but prefer it.
But yes, I'm at least interested in hearing more. I don't know about any sort of racing peripheral, though. They always seem either too cheaply made, or too expensively. And no Wii U wheel, either. I didn't care for it in Mario Kart Wii.



MadAdam81 said:

@CasuallyDressed Ah, I think I need another coffee - or better yet, another brain. Unless accelerate and steer can be seamlessly combined on the same stick (forward and left, forward and right shouldn't be too hard to get used to).



micronean said:

I'm totally looking forward to this game, on Wii U. I just hope there's a large enough online community to play the game with.



Kaihaku said:

Yes! Please come and ‘be the Forza’ on the Wii U! Between this and Mario Kart the Wii U will have both extremes of the racing game spectrum.

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