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Video: Nintendo Life Plays The First 35 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Posted by Damien McFerran

Learning the hard way

Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a fantastic game, but it's also a seriously hardcore experience, requiring dedication, skill and the patience of a saint.

Just in case our reviews of the Wii U and the 3DS versions haven't convinced you to make the purchase, we sat our video features editor and Monster Hunter virgin Rory Cocker down in front of a Wii U and thrust a copy of the game into his sweaty palms. The result is shown below, and should provide series newcomers with valuable insight into the complexities and challenges that lie ahead.

It may also give you reason to smirk at Rory's inexperience with the franchise, but that's an added bonus.

You'll be seeing a lot more from Rory in the coming months as we ramp up our exclusive video content. Let us know what you think of this "Let's Play" format, and what other ideas you'd like us to run in the future.

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User Comments (27)



Shiryu said:

Very cool feature, hope you guys keep this up. =)
How about you take requests from people? As in "I can't do X in game Y", them you do a video showing how it's done.



MAB said:

I already have 150 hours clocked and I'm only just scratching the surface... Still got thousands of hours to go



GameLord08 said:

Cool feature indeed. Wouldn't be a bad regular for NL.

I'm also widely new to Monster Hunter and picked up MH3U on 3DS about a week ago. I haven't removed/swapped the cartridge for days now. It's a very demanding (yet rewarding) game, especially to us "virgins".

I've found that it's best to orientate yourself with the game's schematics first, especially with battling monsters - that way, you learn and adapt accordingly. My first approach, flinging around a Bone Hammer while mumbling Hail Mary's, did not serve me very well. Although learning's part of the fun, and I've found that finding a suitable strategy has only added to my enjoyment and benefit of the game. I've put in more or less 20 hours into the game and there's still more to complete than I could ever imagine.



Jamouse said:

That accent reminds me of those "Ask James" videos James used to do.

Anyway, great vid. Keep them coming



SwerdMurd said:

I just don't get the appeal...

It takes the fun of a dodge-and-counter encounter and MMOs the hell out of it... This type of mechanic works well as a boss encounter or highlight, but becomes a job when turned into an entire game. I tried the 3DS version - not for me. Too slow, too samey.



XCWarrior said:

If I had the time, I'd watch the video. Better using that time playing Monster Hunter. Which you all should do. Because its the best game on the system by a landslide.




Portista said:

I loved the video! Looks great!

One idea I had for you guys was maybe some articles on how do make a video game. Not many readers (including me) really know how to, and it would make for some great reads.



Tasuki said:

Great feature. This is especially useful to new comers to the game who got a poor feel of it from the demo. I hope to see more of these in the future.



bezerker99 said:

You did good for being such a new player to the game. However, 35 minutes is just a scratch on the surface to this massive game (as you mentioned in the video).

Also, nice feature, here. Videos like this are helpful in deciding if a game is more my taste or not.



Meteora said:

@SpaceApe As far as I'm concerned, the only qualm people have with the camera controls regard the 3DS version because it lacks a second circle pad, and even then, the camera controls are not bad at ALL and are easy to get used to on the 3DS, especially with the lock-on feature.

But I digress. If preconceived notions of camera controls are what are going to hold people back, they probably were never interested in the game anyway. My friends and I are having a blast with the game either way.



Windy said:

@SpaceApe I've been Festing on this game and have not had one problem with the camera views. Plus I don't know where your shopping but I only paid 39.99 for Monster Hunter. I think 39.99 is the listed retail price hmmmmm. I'm not even going to get the Circle pad pro I feel comfortable enough to continue on. I just finished the Single player quests. My only complaint about the game and I have been very vocal about it here at Nintendolife. There is no reason why the 3DS version of Monster Hunter shouldn't have Straight up online play. This having to own a Wii-U to play online is just rediculous. Other than that the game itself is one of the best Experiences on 3DS. I'm glad I got it. I almost didn't get it because of the way they setup Online play. Maybe the next version will have online play for 3DS.

ADDON: Well scratch that bit about the Retail Price I thought this was a article about the 3DS version since it was in the 3DS section. I know the games swap saves with Wii-U



Windy said:

@SwerdMurd Slow? Monster Hunter is not slow one bit. Are you talking about Attacks with certain weapons? You can change to a faster weapon



DreaddJester said:

Actually there was quite a bit of totally free DLC 2 weeks in. If I remember right two or three missions, and a few backgrounds and titles.



zionich said:

What is great for beginners is that they really toned down the difficulty of the low level monsters. Game on when you get to high and G rank.



FritzFrapp said:

Freedom Unite was my choice of best game of the last gen, and 3 Utimate will be a strong contender for this gen. Fantastic game.



Tangoswthbowser said:

I think these types of videos are a great idea, but if you want the "Let's play" features to really take off I fear you may be getting off on the wrong foot. Don't get me wrong I love playing monster hunter. (in fact I just got MH3 Ultimate because I won't be able to play MH3 Tri online much longer.) But, I think that the first hour/ few hours of the monster hunter games are why many people don't appreciate these games. They're judged before players get a chance to fully appreciate the experience.
I suggest that you guys turn around and do another "Let's Play" feature with a more fast-paced game before this idea falls through.



LavaTwilight said:

Downloaded the demo and I'll be honest I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting the game to offer more than what I got and although I appreciate that the game will obviously showcase much more than the demo could, I feel like it's not the sort of game for me. Especially if I have to dedicate hundreds of hours to it, considering I'm a completionist when it comes to games, I just couldn't justify buying it.



AbeVigoda said:

Bought the game day one, only played it for like 4-5hrs since then, and looking to sell it right now and pick up Luigi's Mansion instead. I really wanted to get into this game, but I don't have the time it requires right now.



Urbanhispanic said:

@AbeVigoda I just downloaded the demo for MH3U on the 3DS so I will see if it's for me (never played it before.) But Luigi's Mansion is FUN and so is the online MP so give it a try.



AJWolfTill said:

Yay, I enjoyed this video and would happy to see more like it. I find they are a nice way to get to know the staff members.



Hairmanban19 said:

I've played 40 hours of this so far but that is probably nothing compared to everybody else's play times on this,but it is still my favorite 3DS game!

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