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Sun 13th Nov 2011

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Tangoswthbowser commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I'll be trying to get my homies together tomorrow and throw down on some NSMBU... and beer. Then I'll try to get to High Rank on MH3U, and if I find the time I'll be fixing my N64 controllers so as to have a reason to dust off all those game cart's on the shelf.



Tangoswthbowser commented on Video: Nintendo Life Plays The First 35 Minute...:

I think these types of videos are a great idea, but if you want the "Let's play" features to really take off I fear you may be getting off on the wrong foot. Don't get me wrong I love playing monster hunter. (in fact I just got MH3 Ultimate because I won't be able to play MH3 Tri online much longer.) But, I think that the first hour/ few hours of the monster hunter games are why many people don't appreciate these games. They're judged before players get a chance to fully appreciate the experience.
I suggest that you guys turn around and do another "Let's Play" feature with a more fast-paced game before this idea falls through.



Tangoswthbowser commented on Feature: What Excites Us About Wii U - NA Edition:

My hopes mirror Morgan's and Shaan's thoughts. My fiancee is interested in games, but hasn't picked up a console controller since Super Mario World was still new. Once that Amazon box shows up on the doorstep, I'm gonna try to get her to love the world of Nintendo as much as I do.