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Ubisoft Not Disappointed With Wii U Install Base

Posted by Andy Green

Would still like to see more out there, though

The Wii U has had a slow start to the year. After selling a decent amount before Christmas, sales have started to slip and many Wii U owners are worried about the future of third party titles, considering the install base is currently much lower than other platforms.

However, despite many attributing the delay of Rayman Legends to fears of poor sales, Ubisoft is still behind the console and says it has no problem with the current install base.

In an interview with Games Industry International Ubisoft's managing director Xavier Poix said the company has no disappointments regarding the Wii U install base, but is hoping sales will pick up in the coming months.

Selling a new way of playing can take some time, and we know the power of the brands from Nintendo and we know from the fans that the majority of what will be the system sellers are not yet available. And on our side, Rayman will be one of them for sure. We really expect Rayman to be a huge system seller on the console.

Poix believes the problem lies in educating people about the Wii U GamePad. He said while the Wii was simply about "the movements in your game", the GamePad's message is a little harder to convey:

We strongly believe that people have not yet realized the importance of the gameplay that this can provide, but for sure they need the good games to support the system. And they need the installed base to gain more support, which is not the case yet,

Ubisoft already has quite a few titles on Wii U with the likes of Assassin's Creed III, Just Dance 4 and ZombiU. It has Rayman Legends scheduled for a September release and Watch_Dogs will also be coming to Nintendo's system.

What are your thoughts on third party support for Wii U? Are you happy with the titles currently on offer? Let us know in the comments section below.


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cheetahman91 said:

"And they need the installed base to gain more support, which is not the case yet,..."

Hopefully once some more big games start coming, that will get the ball rolling.



Shining-Void said:

It's looking good. However its further down the line i'm worried about. If nintendo can keep third party support , then I won't have to get a ps4. (except for the tales of games) They always seem to be on sony's platforms.



JFug said:

Ubisoft's third party support is great, as is Activision's and Warner Bros. Interactive. However, I would like to see other 3rd party publishers on the Wii U, such as Square Enix, Capcom, EA and Namco Bandai.



zeonox said:

AC4 is also coming to Wii U. I'm pretty happy with Ubi's support of Wii U so far. The fact that AC3 DLC is on the system gives me hope for other companies to get with it and release DLC's too.



AddDavey said:

The 3rd party support for WiiU has been fairly good for a new console. People are comparing it to consoles already out and I'm pretty sure that a similar thing will happen with PS4 and Xbox 720, althought noone will complain when that happens



th3r3ds0x said:

Shame I know I've seen a few people mention they were waiting for Rayman to get a Wii U and they had to screw that up. I'm glad that Ubi is supporting Nintendo when it feels like so many others are thumbing their noses at the Wii U but, that delay of Rayman still has a bad taste in my mouth. Just looking forward to when ill think of this launch window and laugh. Right now it's not that funny.



JebbyDeringer said:

I swear gaming news has turned into "Company X said this". And then they come back completely contradicting an employee's previous statement. Stories are being made out of offhand remarks that should never be stories in the first place. But I guess anything is news.



Buzzthebatgirl said:

Ubisoft can go and (Keeping it clean here) fudge themselves, THEY abandoned the Wii U after investing time/money/resources to promoting Rayman Legends as a Wii U exclusive and then pulled the dirty. Fudge off Ubisoft, no one likes you anymore




I am still baffled by the decision to delay Rayman. I do not believe for a second that there adding additional content to the game. Why not have the best selling third party title so far for the system. It just sucks to know that a game that would be a hit and a great seller is setting in a warehouse collecting dust.




Ubi your part of the reason the user base is small. Rayman is a system seller are you suits really that stupid? Your decision making is beyond comprehension.



dartmonkey said:

Rayman is not a system seller. No one is going to throw down £250 to play the new Rayman title.
The decision to delay makes business sense - if it sells modestly on 360 and PS3 it'll still outsell the Wii U version by a crapload and launching across all platforms simultaneously gives the Xbox and PS equal prestige - the game doesn't look like a stripped down port of an old Wii U title.



NintendoLel said:

@dartmonkey Why are people relying on Rayman anyway? I love Rayman (Played all the games, including the RR series), but it's never been a system seller.



Burning_Spear said:

Ubisoft is OK by me. The Rayman thing notwithstanding — whatever their reason was, so be it — they've easily been the staunchest supporter of the console, both in words and actions.



HeatBombastic said:

Ubisoft, Rayman is a system seller, and I know a some hardcore fans who are willing to buy a console for it and some other great games. Although, how could you still believe it to be an upcoming system seller for the Wii U, when you made it multi-plat? Do you really think that people will buy the Wii U version for the exclusive controls and such?



Melkaticox said:

"You know, we're not disappointed with the install base...but Nintendo needs to start selling more Wii Us, like, seriously!"
1 week later
"We're disappointed with the Wii U's install base. But, being completely honest, we're quite happy with it"
1 month later
"Nevermind, we love it. But seriously, we're quite disappointed..."



BATRA said:

ware is my lost planet 3 for the wii u? hope it coming to the wii u or be sad



sadsack777 said:

Nintendo, a technology company widely known for its line of game consoles, was actually founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. It began as a Card Game company and evolved into one of the largest Japanese companies with a Market Capitalization of over $85 billion so me not worried at all nintendo know what there doing thats why Ubisoft are not disappointed



aaronsullivan said:

Hmm... It stings a little for him to say he thinks Rayman will be a system seller as that was one of the reasons it was so upsetting to see it delayed. It was one of the key games that got me excited to buy it at launch. Very pleased with Wii U and Nintendo Land was an awesome experience for the family that still lingers on as a regular go to game.




I've always said I'm personally satisfied with the Wii U's line up this year (barely)

There are a few as far as games I'm interested in, that are a shame to see not on there Saints Row 4, Metro Last Light and Bioshock 3.

We still have a TON on great content coming out this year like Injustice, RE: Revealations, Beyonetta 2, Watchdogs, NFS Most Wanted U, Windwaker HD, Deus Ex plus The next Call Of Duty and Assassin's Creed and hopefully the next GTA and Battlefield!

That's enough for me and again these are just the ones I'm interested in.

UPDATE: About Ubi I honestly think their lying straight through their teeth seriously. I know they mean no harm but at the end of the day their a business and their not gonna go out of their way for the Wii U unless their getting their money worth. That's why you don't see Far Cry 3 or SC: Blacklight on Wii U because it must have been a hassle to do it and they didn't think it was worth it.



LztheQuack said:

I'm not sure why anyone is questioning their support. They released six games since launch




@LzQuacker In my opinion ubi and Nintendo thought they had about 2 years to support Wiiu without interruptions now that Sony has announced and Microsoft is about to announce new systems Ubi along with other third parties are going to leave Nintendo to fend for themselves. Nintendo better go on the offense and announce a solid first party plan. I
myself will not settle for sloppy ports. It was really nice to see the effort that went into NFS & Zen Pinball
both are superior to other consoles. I doubt we will see a lot of developers take the time to give us quality ports. So let's hope Nintendo has there first party act together and they can seal some more exclusives that are as quality as the Lego game.



Amigaengine said:

Actually looking back through my catalog of NGC and Wii games there is one 3rd party that has always showed Nintendo players much love and that is Ubi Soft.
I love Rayman but I am far more excited for Watchdogs, Rainbow Six patriots and Blacklist. Keep making them Ubi and I will keep buying them.



timp29 said:

The decision to delay Rayman still baffles me. Any new game is going to move a few extra consoles. At the moment ubisoft is the biggest 3rd party supporter of WiiU so release Rayman Legends early, more WiiU consoles sold, more Ubisoft games sold.

The decision to delay is so baffling it makes one wonder if the decision wasn't made based on pressure from Microsoft or Sony.



Farmboy74 said:

Ubisoft have supported the Wii U quite well to date. But the decision to delay Rayman legends still baffles me. Surely it would sell better if it was released between now & the summer months and not when all the big hitters have been released. Another thing that is confusing is all these mixed messages that are being reported, are Ubisoft genuinely happy and a lot of what they are saying has been taken out of context by reporters? Or are they disappointed with sales of their games so far?



FullbringIchigo said:

at last a third party who understands that a console need's time to get going and will not be in every house day one and are not running away just because there isn't as many WiiU's out there like there is PS3 and 360 (which have been out about 7 years)

unlike EA but then again the CO they just got rid of didn't like Nintendo anyway



Dyltheman said:

well, the wii u is doing pretty good compared to the PS3 when when it came out and of course it kicks PS Vita in the chin. i still hate the fact that Rayman Legends is delayed. won't make it a worse game, but Ubisoft have still kinda screwed us over for no reason. I'll still buy Legends on the Wii U, but still.



Hunter-D said:

I don't think Rayman Legends will be a system seller, despite the fact that it looks set to be another well crafted platformer, you only have to look back to Origins and its sales overall to see what kind of impact it will make.

However, I thought it would have sold quite well had they stuck to the release date they had prior to the recent delay. Legends would have arrived at a time when Wii U owners wanted a top-quality title as there were no other major releases in that window. Also Nintendo & Ubisoft have been heavily backing that game since the Wii U's reveal and have been hyping it up ever since, so if anything else, gamers would at least have seen some videos/read impressions of Rayman Legends and played the demo that was released on the eShop and would have anticipated its launch, but alas, it wasn't to be.

Having said that, I really enjoyed Origins and I will buy Legends as well. Hope it sells well across all platforms.



rjejr said:

As an exclusive in the drought of this winter Rayman would have sold a few more Wii Us, as a multiplat this fall it wont sell one. It will sell to a few people who already own a Wii U but thats it.




Like someone else pointed out on this site.

No advertisement
Very little 3rd part support
Almost no product awareness
No proper nintendo games
Expensive games
Shrinking global economy

And yet nintendo have still managed to shift around 4 million units, that surprises even me.



Luffy said:

maybe i wont boycott ubi anymore... now i might re-consider rayman.

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