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Netflix Now Available on TVii

Posted by Andy Green

Still no sign of TiVO

TVii was seen as an important selling point for the Wii U in North America at launch. Unfortunately, however, it was delayed by a month and when it was released it only featured Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus - services such as TiVO and Google Maps were nowhere to be seen.

TiVO is set for an early 2013 release but it hasn't shown up yet. There is some good news though - Nintendo of America has announced Netflix is now available to stream through TVii.

The TVii service will be coming to selected regions in Europe at some point in 2013. Of course there's always the Netflix app, so nobody's missing out.

Let us know what you think to the TVii and Netflix services in the comments below.


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MiNiStRy said:

And any plans for the Australian market???? I didn't think so just like how we get shafted on a lot of other releases!



nocode said:

The overall speed of the wii u just kills any desire I have to use tvii. Maybe when they finally improve the speed i will give tvii another chance.



XCWarrior said:

I've used the feature a few times, it's not bad. But the speed up of the menus will help a ton.It's coming in April, so that will probably help with that for sure.



bofis said:

I'm confused by is this better or different than the Netflix app itself?



Ecto-1 said:

"services such as TiVO and Google Maps were nowhere to be seen"

Google Maps??? Was that supposed to be in TVii? Why?



delt75 said:

I'm still confused on what TVii does. What's the advantage of using TVii rather than just clicking on the Netflix app and watching it there?



Shworange said:

This will be great. Right now when I open Netflix, I'm bombarded by children's programming. I have to dig to find shows I may actually like. With my Tvii linked to my personal account, I should be able so eliminate Dora the explorer and caillou from popping up.



mr570 said:

I believe that what this means is that Netflix suggestions will be aggregated into the TVii content search. Once selected, if a title came from Netflix, it would launch the Netflix app. So, this update is for content discovery only.



BooJoh said:

This seems almost completely pointless. First of all, not all shows that are on Netflix have the Netflix streaming icon (for example, if you check MLP:FiM, no Netflix option is given even though all three seasons are on Netflix.) Secondly, when you choose a show on TVii, it only lists episodes that are airing/have aired on broadcast TV recently, so you can't start from episode 1 or whatever episode you have bookmarked unless it just happens to have played recently.

Finally, when you do choose to watch something on Netflix from TVii, it closes the TVii app and launches Netflix, thus completely defeating the purpose of even using TVii for Netflix.

This feature is almost completely useless.



efaulk84 said:

If the Wii U could play Blu-Ray and DVDs I could see a use for TVii, but Nintendo does not want the system to play movies so I don't see it being that useful. I feel that Nintendo feels that if people had the ability to watch Blu-Rays and DVDs on the Wii U that would have more people using the system to watch movies and not play games for it.



mr570 said:

The ability to play back Blu-ray and DVD discs requires licensing agreements with the respective encryption associations. It would mean every Wii U sold would have to pay fees to the various organizations. Tack on support Dolby Digital, THX, etc and the licensing fees can start to add up. By not supporting Disc playback they avoided all of that. Its not about keeping people locked into games its about profits. Since most people already have a means to play both of those formats it wasn't seen as a feature which would drive more sales of the Wii U and would certainly hurt the bottom line, or else they would need to charge more for the device.



mr570 said:

Imagine you are watching a Television program and you use the TVii app to find something else to watch. You might see suggestions which come from Hulu, Cable, Amazon Prime, and now Netflix too. Selecting a title which comes from Netflix would then launch the Netflix app. Just as it would launch the Amazon Prime app had the content come from there.



3dbrains said:

On the box it says it has nintendo tvii. Yet it doesnt even load up. Whats the point? & can I sue?



SMW said:

Finally some Netflix support. I haven't used Netflix in ages, but it wanted to update today. Once I got that update, I was able to pick a show on TVii and have it smoothly transition to Netflix and start playing the episode! Nice!

Now if they can update it for DVR support and fix it so it can change my TV inputs and I'll be all set! (My TV has a menu for selecting inputs, and the input button on TVii merely opens and closes the menu. Theres no way to select one.)



GamerZack87 said:

@MiNiStRy: A thousand times this. I was puzzled when I tried to use TVii a few days after buying my Wii U just to be greeted by an error message.



indienapolis said:

So far I think TVii is a sadly wasted idea. The biggest thing it had going for it, IMO, was to be able to search and suggest content from across streaming services and live TV, as well as create a unified queue of some sort. As someone who uses multiple streaming services, this sounded like a great idea. No more "is it on Netflix, no, launch Hulu, no, maybe pay for it through Amazon Video?". Or so I had hoped. As-is, its search function doesn't work very well, it is far from comprehensive with regards to content I KNOW is available, and when you DO find something to watch and select the viewing option, you are treated to the painful loading times it takes to open whatever service it streams from rather than the ability to stream through TVii. It's all pretty clunky and ultimately useless. I check back in from time to time to see if its gotten better, but so far no. I find the Miiverse aspect of it interesting, especially for live TV, but just not engaging enough to bother with the rest of it. Here's to hoping they can refine it.



Tasuki said:

@efaulk84: The reason Nintendo didnt include a DVD or Blu Ray player in the Wii U is because they didnt want to have to pay royalties to the respective owners of that technology thus it would bring the price up on the Wii U. Also there really is no need for a DVD/Blu ray player in the Wii U both are cheap enough to get and most people already have those devices in some format in their homes.

As far as Tvii goes I have no idea what its for really. I looked at when I first got my Wii U and was confused by it so I didnt think there is a point to it. If I want to watch Netflix I can just use the App which I do anyways.



AtomicToaster said:

Tvii is meant to work as a meta search between all hulu amazon netflix and your television provider. The apps are too slow loading up to make it worth it. It is awesome for regular tv as it tells you whats live and jumps you to it buy typing the channel in for you. This app has a lot of potential but needs work! Half the time it doesnt work and takes you to dead links or doesnt show all thats available on the service and if it does work its still slower than just using the channel directly. Nintendo Tvii could be big for Nintendo but not in this state!



advance_melee said:

Since i dont use hulu, will not pay for amazon, and do not have cable television the application is currently pointless for me. I just use the Netflix app and search in there. Now if i was a Tv addict and had cable tv and hulu along with my netflix then i could see it being useful.



DePapier said:

It's not here in Europe yet but from what I understand in the comments it's basically killed by loading times: that was to be expected...



TreesenHauser said:

Am I the only one who's been experiencing even more problems enjoying Netflix on Wii U since the recent patch installed? I tell ya, more problems are coming up with my console each day... not good, Nintendo.



ultraraichu said:

That's cool since netflix is the only one of the 3 I subscribe to. I use Tvii about 13% of the time when I play my Wiiu but it will be even more when it supports DVR features and load time update.



ajmetz said:

I know right? It's insane, =P. And we can't even use the BBC iPlayer Wii app in Wii Mode or anything, =(. Boo!

We need 4OD and iPlayer either via Internet Browser, like Youtube works, or via TVii. [Wouldn't mind a dedicated app either].

It seems crazy that whilst big name games aren't appearing until later in the year, that they can't at least keep us satisfied with TVii. =S Of course, maybe they're waiting on BBC and Channel 4, =S, but still....(!)....

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