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XSEED Publishing Rune Factory 4 In North America

Posted by Orla Madden

A big year for the company

Not only will XSEED provide the localisation of Pandora's Tower in North America this year, but it also plans to bring RPG title Rune Factory 4 to the 3DS later this year, with the aim of a summer release.

The game will be the first in the series which allows the player to choose either a male or female protagonist. Aside from the usual dungeon crawling and monster hunting, players are able to fall in love with a partner and start their own family together. Crafting, cooking and farming duties keep you busy when you want to take a break from the main quest.

The title released in Japan in July 2012, and there has been no mention of a European release. US readers, are you happy to see XSEED publish the game? Let us know your thoughts.


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Would love to check this out, but with Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the way, I think I'm gonna pass. Only so much time...



Void said:

I was expecting them to publish it, it was more a matter of when.
And it's not really a hard choice for me, as I like Rune Factory better than Animal Crossing.



AyeHaley said:

Ain't got time for this game or Harvest Moon with Animal Crossing coming our way. Sadly.



Holly said:

I'm thrilled! I've logged more than 200 hours in Rune Factory Frontier for Wii.



Chrno-x said:

I hope Rising Star Games will release EU version of new Rune Factory as before :]



Nintendawg said:

Well, this is quite a surprise. I would have thought that Natsume would be the publisher as was the case with all previous RF games. Strange.
Not that I'm complaining, of course! I've been looking forward to its release ever since it was first announced for Japan!
And Natsume still owes us a patch for that terrible game-freezing bug in Harvest Moon 3D - The Tale of Two Towns. >



TheLilK98 said:

I don't know, do I want this? Also, I'm really not getting what all the hype is about Animal Crossing. and don't pull the "You've never played it then" BS, I've played Wild World. It was ok, but definitely not anything to celebrate about. From what I can see, this game is better than New Leaf anyway. That being said, I still don't particularly want it.



CanisWolfred said:

@TheLilK98 To be fair, this is a game you have to play to understand. Like, half the fun for me comes from planning out how I'm gonna do things, since time is a factor in Rune Factory games. Do I spend time in the Dungeon, or do I water my crops? How many crops should I plant, and which ones, so it won't take too much time away from dungeoneering, yet will still make me a profit?

Granted, there are different ways to play and tons of different aspects to like. It's also more varied than Animal crossing, in a way. It's not for everyone, but I'd at least look up long gameplay videos, preferable playthroughs, so you get an some idea of what its like to play the game.



Chrono_Cross said:

Like others have said, New Leaf will be released soon, so diving into RF4 as soon as it releases sounds like a terrible idea.

I'll definitely pick it up after I'm done with New Leaf. Which will be a year after it releases.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Chrono_Cross Good luck being "done" with New Leaf, or any Animal crossing for that matter.

@TheLilk98 If you like sim games (especially Harvest Moon) or dungeon crawlers you'll probably like Rune Factory, on the other hand if both strike your fancy your in for a real treat.

Can't wait been anticipating this one for a long while now. Kinda strange since Natsume usually publishes the DS versions, but hurray for XSEED! Now I just need to finish my second play-through of RF3.



Spoony_Tech said:

I was going to ask someone to explain this series to me but CanisWolfred kinda already did the. If you are still watching how would you rate this series as I've never touched one of the games?



CanisWolfred said:

@Tech101 The series has its ups and downs. I've only played Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii (9.0/10), RF: Tides of Destiny on the Wii (6.5/10), and Rune Factory 3 on the DS (8.5/10). It's very fun and heavily addicting. Most of the elements come together well, and replay value in impossibly high. My only qualm is that Natsume does a sub-par job with localizing the series (dry scripts and downright terrible voice acting), which is why I'm glad XSEED got ahold of the game. I also kinda like it on consoles more, but it's not that big a deal. They still play the same, I just get hand cramps if I play the game on a portable for 4 hours at a time...which is pretty easy to do.



k8sMum said:

@caniswolfred: that's interesting, because i much prefer my HM/RF games on handhelds. it just feels more immersive to me.

anyway, i am one happy camper hearing this news! i will get both RF4 and Animal Crossing...i tend to play AC in bits and bobs thru the day whilst i play RF/HM games for hours at a time when i am able.

now if we can just get a true release date for A New Leaf it would be icing on the cake.



Flowerlark said:

Actually, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny allowed you to choose your gender, too. But I didn't get that one after the horribly slow paced Frontier, so I'm eager for this feature in the much more awesome handheld installments.



Einherjar said:

Lucky for you guys Ill hope for a EU release then. Also, just a BIT off topic:
I got mixed answers about the 3DS regon lock. some say its only for 3DS games, others say it affects DS games as well. Since i still need to get RF3 (which, to my knowledge, never came to EU) will a US copy run on my EU 3DS ?

Back on topic: I like RF (and Harvest Moon in general) a tad more than Animal Crossing because you have an objective. Sure, you can set your own goals in AC, but i often sat there, running in circles thinking to myself "and what now ? bought everything important, got enough bells, fish and bugs..."



GuardianKing said:

I actually want this game...

It's a refreshing twist on the RPG genre I've always secretly wished for...



Spoony_Tech said:

Thanks for your opinions on the series CanisWolfred. I definitely have to check it out since I'm loving my 3ds and all the rpgs coming out on it. It's about time too. I hope we have as many rpgs as the ds got!!



AVahne said:

This, Monster Hunter, and Fire Emblem Awakening are going to increase my 3DS usage by 200%.



Windy said:

Anyone know if Rune Factory 4 has online co-op? I'm still waiting for a good co-op game. Heroes of Ruin was good but something new is in line.



CanisWolfred said:

@brandonbwii Why? This series doesn't do that badly. It's one they've handled before and it worked out well for them.

@Windy There's no online co-op. It wouldn't need it, anyways. It's more Harvest-moon-in-a-fantasy-setting-with-some-dungeon-crawling than a full-on action-RPG.



Azikira said:

Does anyone know if you can have same-gender partners?

...I can't be the only one wondering...



NImH said:

@Azikira the only thing i was wondering was who was going to ask first. It never fails when a Harvest Moon comes out.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Azikira The only Harvest Moon that did that I'm aware of is Harvest Moon DS Cute complete with baby adoption (the DS game's girl version) but I think that was removed for the US version (or changed to "best friends" I can't remember which).



Nintendawg said:

@Einherjar The region lock for DSi games only comes into play when there are DSi features being used in those games (i.e. camera). Since RF3 doesn't use any of those features, it should work just fine.



Klinny said:

Yay! I'm really looking forward to this.

@Einherjar The 3DS can play DS games from other regions, but not 3DS games, (at least for the North American 3DS. Perhaps EU 3DS is different?) I've imported European DS games and have had no problem playing them on my 3DS, (aside from not being able to select the language I want, lol, but that is an irrelevant issue if you just want to play in English).
Edit: Ah, I wasn't aware of the DSi restrictions mentioned above!

@Azikira From my understanding, you can unlock an option to change your character's appearance to different characters, (including male/female protagonist). So you could play as a male who looks like a female, and marry a female character for example. Here's a link to the forums where I read about it: (There may be spoilers).



Azikira said:

Thanks, guys. I'm just glad we're all mature enough here to not judge same-gender relationships so harshly.

I guess being a manly girl will have to work for me~ wiggles



Jellitoe said:

Might get this, Liked the last one. The farming element is not as good as Harvest moon, but the battle makes up for it.



xBanex said:

I've been waiting on this! But with Animal crossing coming out, I think I'll have to pass. :c

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