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New Information on Pokémon X & Y Coming Soon

Posted by Orla Madden

Soon? This week to be precise

The latest episode of Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash has confirmed that new information regarding Pokémon X & Y for the 3DS will be making its way to our needy little ears during next week's episode, as well as being featured in this week's CoroCoro magazine.

CoroCoro — a Japanese manga magazine published by Shogakukan — is set to be published within the next couple of days, so we can expect a leak or two before Pokémon Smash airs this weekend.

What can we expect from our little treat this week? Some new screenshots, or perhaps new Pokémon artwork? Let us know your expectations in the comment section below.


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Xilef said:

Hoping for some new Pokemon and maybe some artwork of the main characters.



Emaan said:

Finally! So excited to see what they reveal :3

I'm hoping its new Pokemon artwork above all else, then perhaps main character art and their back stories at a close second.



Shrapmo said:

The amount that we know about the game is very little so it could be anything really! Maybe some new Pokemons? Maybe go more in depth with the battle system? Hmmmm...



Lyndexer said:

I would love seeing something new or different in this game. But, we'll find out later I guess.
(Besides, the fact that it's a new fraction of Pokemon. I was talking Gameplay wise)



Silvervisiona said:

Time to start transitioning over towards frequent investigation of CoroCoro and Can't wait!




I would be happy if Pokémon X and Pokémon Y were to introduce like maybe say a mini MMO imo. I know that's expecting a lot. Besides, ppl would probably say that that kind of thing can probably not work due to a game like Pokémon being on a portable like 3DS. But to me, a Pokémon game with the kind of feature which can allow you running into other different Pokémon trainers from anywhere in the world where you can battle or trade Pokémon with would seem like a cool idea to me.



Pikachupwnage said:

My XY hype has been dormant due to the lack of info but its reawakening with a vengance.

Gah October is too far away



Rapido said:

Oh,, October, Me and My Fiancee's month. Couples playing Pokemon XY. Sweet.



WanderingPB said:

The petition @ to release Rayman Legends is up to 7808 signatures the fans have spoken

Im curious to see how they will improve the pokemon franchise but these constant nintendo updates only make me want it more or is that their strategy? Well played Nintendo



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Im really looking forward this game. I haven't been very interested in the Pokemon series until I saw the Pokemon Direct convinced me. Cant wait to see the new info!



Furealz said:

Is this on a Sunday? I'm excited for the release! Skipped Last Gen... :/ Too Much 3DS excitement!



SCAR said:

I haven't played Pokemon since Diamond, and I plan on getting this. My brother will, he's only missing like 3 Pokemon from the whole series right now. I'm serious, he told me. I guess I'll help my brother collect this time... The graphics and new stuff I haven't done that were in Black and White 1&2 should make this pretty fresh.



rjejr said:

So who is pushing this game, Nintendo or Gamefreak? I feel like I know more about X+Y than almost any Wii U game coming out this year. Even Pikmin 3 still doesn't have a release date.



Onett said:

I'm curious if GameFreak will make a bold move similar to the jump from G/S to R/S/E in terms of the reallocation of stats, typing, abilities and moves. This series is in dire need of balancing to make the older Pokemon relevant again. Why not? The game is getting a 3D makeover, so why not give the entire game a complete overhaul?



Lalivero said:

@3DSLUIGI We can expect some kind of interaction according to this in the original announcement:

"People around the world will be able to simultaneously experience 'Real Play'. The game uses an innovative communication system that makes it feel as if you are playing with other players around the world."

This could mean that, while online, we'd be able to see others ingame doing their own thing, or maybe it'll be set to at least friends. It sounds like something big that'll kick up the interaction of players either way.

Apparently the games may also download data when online so we can have the feeling of liveliness even when offline. Can't wait to hear more about that!

@WingedFish True dat.



Peach64 said:

I'm going to try and avoid reading too much info too, as I don't want any spoilers, but it would be really nice if it had all previous Pokemon. The Real Play stuff sounds really neat. I always liked the little things in Animal Crossing, where the NPCs would talk about people you'd invited to your town and all that.



-Crystalline- said: will most likely have the info first. Great website, too! Anyways, thanks for this article, fellas. I can't wait!



kyurem6298 said:

maybe they'll announce new types like light or sound. or maybe since its a world release it will be a world sized region



MetroidofTime said:

Cant wait for this! As much as I like sprites and all that traditional Pokemon jazz, this willl be a refreshing change.



TheAdza said:

Things I want from this game that won't be in it.

Fully Customisable characters.
Full 3D movement
Co op side quests. Online and off. More with DLC.
More intuitive trades and battles and online functions
No more clunky dreamworld.
Every event pokemon available over spotpass. Even if they are paid dlc. $1 Legendary Pokemon or special Shiny pokemon? Yes please.
A Wii U battle revolution type companion app
Exp or at least BP earned in multiplayer battles online and off
Get rid of the entralink. It makes no sense and is rather pointless.

I don't think any of these things will make it into the game. But i think they would make great additions, and go a long way in keeping the older pokemon fans from dropping away from the series while still having the same winning formula for the younger audience to get hooked into playing.



MarvelMon22 said:

i hope they at least introduce the starter's evolutions, but i would also like to see what the early-dex rodent (think Rattata) or the bird or something.



Madotsuki said:

There's a weird bow-covered Eeveelution with a seekret evolution method and type

I don't even

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