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Wed 22nd February, 2012

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Madotsuki commented on Shigesato Itoi Says Mother 4 Would Be "Impossi...:

It's understandable if he doesn't want another Mother game... but what about making another game in general?

Of course, there is an answer to that too. Itoi isn't a game designer, at least not specifically. He writes essays and blogs and is a general personality. He may not have time or interest in making video games again. Oh well...



Madotsuki commented on Introducing: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Beg...:

Oh also you forgot the thing where you're assigned one of 17 charm tables determined upon starting a new game, and 5 of those (which luckily are somewhat rare) have only 200-800 charms which are all terrible (compare to the other tables which tend to have 20,000ish charms). You can check which table you have by entering hauls from Moga fishing into a program, since you really oughta restart as soon as possible if you landed on one of the "cursed" tables



Madotsuki commented on Renegade Kid Worried About 3DS Piracy:

Yeah, this is just a load of crap. Piracy might reduce game sales, but I honestly don't care, because a lot of lost sales are likely people who would have bought the game and barely played it due to not liking it. But that's besides the point.

I have two main points. One, even despite the piracy, many DS developers had commercial success. If you weren't having commercial success, why are you blaming piracy? Obviously others are doing well, and I doubt they were pirated that much less. You're just not making a good game, or if you are (in the case of developers like Renegade Kid) you're not promoting it right.

The other main point: Where the heck are they gonna go? Assuming they stick with handhelds, the PSP is rampant with piracy, the Vita barely sold anything so far, and they've already complained about the DS. They can't go to PC, because there's piracy there too. So, they'll go to consoles? I guess they'll just end up on Xbox Live Arcade, then.

Also, region locking... If anything, Nintendo deserves for the 3DS to be hacked, just because of that. They really had it coming. They don't deserve the piracy, but really, what did they expect? People would be happy with region locking?



Madotsuki commented on Nicalis Teases 3DS Ikachan Port:

Yeah, it's like one or two hours long. I hope they add a decent amount of bonus content; Nintendo's probably going to charge the same amount as they did for Cave Story 3DS.



Madotsuki commented on Round Up: Wii U Launch Window Games:

That's a lot of games for Launch WINDOW, sure, but the important part Nintendo usually misses is launch DAY.

But they seem to be getting it nailed this time. Sure, a lot of these are ports. But they've got Rayman Legends, NSMBWiiU, and (if it's really good like I'm hoping) ZombiU as good launch exclusives. That's a huge step up from 3DS.



Madotsuki commented on Mobile Dev: "Iwata Makes Me Fear for Nintendo'...:

Oh, it's ngmoco. That's that company that used to make GOOD games, right?
Yeah, I'm not listening to a word they say. I've played the Free-to-Play crap they release these days. It's awful. If going from making critically acclaimed paid games like Rolando to making crap like We Rule isn't an example of selling out, I don't know what is. So yes, making Free-to-play games IS greedy, it seems, as the ludicrous amount of profits made ngmoco abandon their roots for money.