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GameStop Reports 320,000 Wii U Sales Since Launch

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Covers a large range of trading territories

As another year settles in snippets of information are starting to reveal the Holiday fortunes of Wii U, since its North American arrival on 18th November and its subsequent releases in Europe, Japan and elsewhere. NPD figures should paint a clearer picture for the US later this week, while Nintendo's own quarterly results are due at the end of January, but today brings us news of Wii U sales in GameStop retail group stores up to 29th December.

According to the Holiday Sales Results published by the company, which covers global sales at its various outlets, the retail group sold 320,000 Wii U retail units since it arrived in its respective territories. In a line that reflects the overall tone of the results, CEO Paul Raines said a "successful Wii U launch, strong digital growth and continued momentum in the mobile space were countered by a decline in store traffic." Digital receipts rose by more than 40%, but store traffic and boxed sales dropped significantly enough for the business to return global Holiday sales 4.6% lower than the equivalent period last year.

In terms of the Wii U figure, it's tricky to judge the success or otherwise of these numbers, even though it is from one of the largest game retailers in the world. The result was listed among the positive aspects of GameStop's report, and we of course are yet to find out how overall sales through the many online and high street retailers around the world have fared. By the end of January we should have a clear picture.

Have you bought a Wii U from GameStop, and what do you make of this sales figure?


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CanisWolfred said:

I'm guessing the avarage Wii U owner bought off of Amazon, or went to Target or Walmart. Or Best Buy, which is where I like to get my electronics.



JJtheTexan said:

I literally live across the street from a GameStop — I can walk there whenever I want — but I won't shop there. Their pushy sales tactics turn me off, and I really dislike their heavy emphasis on used game sales. I know some gamers stick with used for budget reasons, and that's perfectly understandable. For me, I want to reward developers and publishers who make games I enjoy by actually paying them for the game... if they don't get any money, they can't make more games.



C7_ said:

I preorder from my local gamestop, but other than that I wont go shopping there. It's a shame really; I hate going in there and being asked 5 times if I want something completely unrelated to what I'm buying, that and their stupid +$5 on games because they can. Otherwise their wide selection would have me going in there quite regularly.



Dogpigfish said:

I could only get one on their online store so I ordered it there because I didn't want to be harassed by their low pay crazies.



ultraraichu said:

I got mines at Nintendo World Store, so that's pretty close to the root of the tree.

The only way I'll shop at gamestop is if they have a good enought pre-order bonus when I reserve my game, which I dislike because they are so pushy. Otherwise I'll shop at a place like target or toysrus that I know have better prices and deals on New games.



LittleIrves said:

I've never really had a bad time at Gamestop. It's weird — seems like everybody hates them, but the people in my local shop are pretty cool and helpful and don't really push anything. Huh.

That being said, I pre-ordered my Wii U at Toys 'R Us. Usually only buy the occasional used game at GS. But I'm glad they're around, since they offer games other big box stores (Wal-Mart, Target) won't supply.



Spoony_Tech said:

@LittleIrves It has to be where we live as the gamestops around me are all really good. I go in and talk to them all the time. Not really sure why they get a bad rep!?



dustin_g said:

they try to push 50 bucks of other stuff on people for buying a 5 dollar game



FiveDigitLP said:

I preordered mine at a Gamestop as I didn't know how quickly preorders would sell out and no one else was selling them at the time.
I don't really like Gamestop as a whole, but there WAS one near my house which had amazing employees who were always friendly and helpful. I guess the district manager liked them so much, though, that they moved them around so that they'd help bring up the sales in other stores. Lol. Goes to show that if your employees are actually good and don't push preorders in crap on people, you'll actually get MORE sales. Who would have thought?



SetupDisk said:

Walmart had the preorder and I got 20% off there because of the employee appreciation event.



AceTrainerAndy said:

I got mine off of EBAY because the guy at Gamestop told me I would never get one before the beginning of February. I payed 425 dollars for the Deluxe edition. ABout 2 weeks after my purchase I saw them everywhere. I learned my lesson though, always pre-order.



Phle said:

I think perhaps Gamestop is a bit different where I live. It's one of the few stores that has a good game library to offer unless you buy from online stores. I always go there if I'm close by, they might have one of the games I've been looking all over for. I got Kid Icarus: Uprising! there not long after release. No other store had that game until maybe 2 or 3 months later. Maybe that says more about how crappy the other stores that sell games are where I live. There isn't any other game-only-stores here, only stores that sell games in addition to the other stuff they sell. And they usually have no idea about what they are selling. The people working at Gamestop actually knows and sometimes they have even played the game themselves. That doesn't happen anywhere else around here.



KingDunsparce said:

My Gamestop is actually pretty good. Plus, there's one employee that's always seems to be there (when I'm there at least) and he knows a lot about the products.



SteveW said:

I can't wait until Gamestop is no longer allowed to sell open products as new...



astrotriforce said:

GameStop is kinda like Walmart, popular to hate. Yet not without good reason. Yet at the same time, you can often save money/time by simply going to GameStop/Walmart rather than going to a better store, but having to pay more.

I shop at GameStop quite often, it's fun to just go in and browse and see if they have any used retro games for cheap to pick up. You can always find amazing deals, of course you can also find amazing deals online, but then you have to pay for shipping and wait for it to come in the mail. GameStop offers that instant gratification.

It does completely depend on the employees as well as far as your experience goes. Sadly I can't STAND the stupid manager at the GameStop near me, and his presence sometimes stops me from going in. I love everyone else, so that's what sucks about it. Regardless I still go in quite often and have applied for a job there a few times. Never got any calls back though... like Walmart, maybe it's for the best, eh.



pntjr said:

not so good, but not so bad. Like people said above, most people pre-ordered it or got it from Walmart.



Marakuto said:

I thought that was an old man because of his beanie. But on-topic I'll probably get a Wii-U this year if more titles are released.



RantingThespian said:

I got my Wii U from Best Buy.

As for used games and hardware, I go to my local Pre Played store. They tend to have a much larger selection of used games and better prices than Gamestop. I also get treated with much more respect there.



Burning_Spear said:

I won't pre-order with GameStop because they don't make good on the bonuses, and I won't buy non-current releases because their "new" games have been opened. So that leaves ...



TingLz said:

I've been in Gamestops that were both good and bad. Thankfully in the towns I live in, they are REALLY good



Mayonnaise said:

I only ever go to gamestop for retro games. Other than that i gef sll of my games from Best Buy. They seem like one of the only stores who really take care of thier products.



Zodiak13 said:

Bought mine from Fred Meyer's. Black Friday morning every game related item, including games, is 20% off, and no one is ever there. Plus they have a lot of games I wouldn't expect them to have, found 999 there recently.



sweetiepiejonus said:

I'm not sure why Gamestop is hated so much, and it doesn't really matter but I have no big problems with Gamestop. The only thing that bothered me was when I was told how they destroyed all the cases for 3DS/DS games traded in. I get the clearing out the wall of PS2 and Gamecube games but that is unacceptable.

But I digress...once I heard they stopped taking preorders, though, I just went across the street to Walmart to guarantee it with layaway.



Schprocket said:

In Australia, GameStop trades under the name EBGames - we're a funny lot like that, we wouldn't know what Burger King was other than by looking at the branding to see that everything bar the name, Hungry Jack's, is Burger King.

I never was a fan of EBGames' pricing, particularly charging 80-90% of a new game price for used - and they have no unused stock (surprise surprise), worse when you traded the same title for around a third new game price.
I'd also complain about the 'puketahhh-puketahhh' music being so loud sometimes that I can't think, let alone converse normally.
This said, they represent the only franchised game-specialist stores that this country has and generally are the only bricks-and-mortar store to stock more than the generic "Barbiez Bratzy Horsiez" crap.

For the Wii U release, it was a case of good timing.
I had a lot of stuff to trade and EB were doing a good deal on trade-ins that were credits towards a Wii U pre-order, so with that deal and the price-match policy which the crew in Hay Street were quite keen to remind me about, I ended up exchanging cash and gear for not only my pre-order but had enough credit to get almost two additional titles.

I could not have had less hassle nor managed to come away with what I felt was a bargain had I gone anwhere else, so casting my negative generalisations about the place aside, you can have a good experience but you have to pick the sales and be armed with a competitor's catalogue



Nukarmer said:

I bought mine from a Czech online retailer and had it delivered by bus to Ukraine.



Drewroxsox said:

People are trying to justify the selling of only 320,000 Wii U s by saying that they don't like GameStop. That doesn't accumulate the whole Nintendo fan base, so I don't see how that is a valid reason.



XCWarrior said:

Great to see that most Wii Us were not bought at the Evil Empire that is Gamestop. Shop anywhere else people! You get more for your used games just about anywhere than Gamestop.



AmishThunder said:

320,000, I'd say that's a bit low. for GS. I'd guess that would have wanted to move at least 500,000. However, based on how many GS sold, I would estimate that Nintendo moved at least 1 million units in NA this holiday season. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say Nintendo moved 2 - 3 million worldwide since launch. I'll guess 2.5 million units.

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