When Wii U launched we brought you the news that Ubisoft was bringing its uPlay service directly to the Wii U as an app, a further example of the publisher's early enthusiasm for the system. The app was available on the European eShop right from the off, and it appears that it's now live in North America, too.

This uPlay download is free of charge, though you'll likely need to use the Wii U eShop's search function to track it down. It's a small and relatively quick download, and once installed you can open it up and login on an existing account or setup a new one. Once logged in you can select a game, and if it's a title that you've been playing the app will display your unlocked achievements and show the rewards that you can unlock. With 10 tokens for signing up and most games throwing some initial points your way, you're likely to be in a position to redeem them for some game content in no time.

The goodies on offer range from wallpapers to additional game modes, meaning that it's probably worth saving up your winnings for more substantial content. With the app directly integrating with the games it recognises on the system, it should make the uPlay service intuitive and easy to use for Wii U gamers.

Is this something you're going to dabble with, especially with some games having additional content included as a reward? Let us know in the comments below.