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Nintendo Network Premium Website Goes Live

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Good news for enthusiastic Wii U eShoppers

Unlike with the arrival of Wii, Nintendo gamers have an important choice to make when picking up a Wii U — Premium or Basic? Various factors dictate the final decision, and perhaps one is the Nintendo Network Premium promotion, which gives those with the black model points for Wii U eShop purchases. If you build up enough of these points you'll receive a code for a £5/$5/€5 discount that can be used on the Wii U or 3DS eShop.

The website that allows you to login, track access and redeem your rewards is now live — simply visit and login using your Nintendo Network ID and password. Although the front page suggests that this is the European version, a member of the Nintendo Life team in the U.S. has successfully logged in at this site, with it picking up his location details from the ID. It's been calculated that UK gamers, for example, will need to spend around £63 to be eligible for their discount, but if you have passed the threshold you'll receive your discount code right away once you log in.

While the discount code can be used on both the Wii U and 3DS eShop services, it's important to note that only content purchased on the Wii U platform contributes to your points total. It's also confirmed that purchases from the Wii Shop in the Wii U's backward compatible mode are also ineligible. On the plus side, any download purchase from the Wii U eShop — including DLC and the redemption of download codes — does count towards your tally, helping you get to a discount all the quicker.

So there you go, let us know how your quest for premium points is going in the comments below.

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SammyOfMobius said:

Sure beats Club Nintendo. Club Nintendo gives you limited options and most of them stink but this gives you any option, because you get a free 5 bucks.



Beta said:

Do they even sell download codes for games? O_O I didn't know that... I haven't seen them in shops at all... Does anybody know when they will be releasing those?



AVahne said:

It works for US owners.
AlanEdgeHead, are you sure you inputted your ID correctly?

Also I hope they combine this with Club Nintendo some day. I want Nintendo to make a completely unified Nintendo Network that encompasses all their consoles and combines each person's various user accounts. Everything's way too disconnected right now.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Spend around $63!?! Just to get 5 dollars off plus it say's limited time offer... huh... Not sure if it'd really be worth the 5 dollars.

Nintendo doesn't make sense. They have the site set up for the wii u where you can only login with your nintendo network id but then turn's around & say's you can use the 5 dollars on the wii u e-shop OR the nintendo 3ds e-shop. Maybe the 3ds need's a nintendo network id as well so people could login either way.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



koops330 said:

I was hoping this would count eShop games as well cause I bought a few already and I want a couple more. Im looking at you crashmo



Hokori said:

@Barbiegurl777 Actually think of it this way, buy ONE WiiU game digitally and you get to use $5 on another game
This is pretty neat, now what to use this $5 on? 3DS or WiiU?



gspro15198 said:

So, let me get this straight. Nintendo are only taking into account the pre tax price of a game on the eShop when they are counting points and once you get 500 points they give you £5.00 to use on the eShop does that £5.00 include the tax? wouldn't a fairer system be to count the tax both ways? It just seems to me as if you are only in reality gaining £4.00 (the tax in the UK is 20%) of your next purchase.



koopa_Trooper79 said:

@Koto Yeah that would be a great idea have eveything on one website rather than the way it is at the mo, im quite disappointed with the stars catalog, it was taken down and I thought they were gonna update it with new items buts its still the same. ;o(



SCAR said:

I don't even know what to get. I have $10 to claim, but I haven't even spent the other eShop funds to get another $5 code. My brother has my 3DS right now, so I don't even have anything I want to get right now that I can get, at least on Wii U. I wish COD BO2 just had DLC. I would have already bought DLC if it would have been on there...



Kevin_H said:

How can people complain about money for nothing?

If you buy digital games then you get a rebate and money in your pocket for more games.

if you don't buy digital games then this doesn't affect you so why gripe?



TWK said:

Awesome! This is really great!

I think I will go with Trine 2, my only fear is that it is too easy for my taste.



Mulder1617 said:

So that only applies to purchases made this month? And, where do I find my Nintendo Network id? My Mii I am using for it is named tom. So is tom my Network i.d.?



brooks83 said:

Man, if they had this on the Wii, I would've had tons of free games. I probably spent over $500 on VC/WiiWare games.




Anyone complaining about ANYTHING to do with this please get some perspective! It's a reward programme, REWARDING those that purchase digitally!

If you don't want to purchase digitally, then don't do it! But don't complain about something that does not need to be given in the first place!

Sure, there are many ways it could be better, but where else do you see a console manufacturer running anything as rewarding as this?



Lunapplebloom said:

@THENAMESNORMAN Actually Sony's Playstation Network offers, in my opinion, the best digital incentive program on any games console. Not saying that we should all start complaining about Nintendo's effort, but just bear in mind that the competition has an overall better structured service than Nintendo's at the moment.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Sees wii U credit option

Don't care, I don't buy much games on wii U shop anyway, this program is stupi-

Sees the option for 3DS Credit




SCAR said:

No ones complaining so stop complaining... Haha. There's just not that much on the eShop yet, but once there is, it will be alot more beneficial.



DarkNinja9 said:

well this is nice but i still get the feeling they will announce a US website for some reason =|

anyway i like this i might use it to get my pokemon radar with this xDD



Gameday said:

Im sure peeps will spend alot of money here. When it adds up over the months depending on what the limited time date stamp is im sure it will all be worth it.



Bankai said:

Hey sweet. I've got a nice discount already because I bought Tekken on Wii U.



Sun said:

I also want to know where are game codes sold! I haven't seen any of those in Europe...



SilverLightning said:

NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! i cant seem to log in to the website i have a 32GB premium Wii U and a nintendo network ID, but when i try to log in it doesnt work i know my details are correct because i checked. have i missed something?



defrb said:

Prices are to high for me in the eshop, for example they sell fifa13 for 70 euro while i can get it for 48 euro new in box from a website.



Hokori said:

@TheDreamingHawk But you can use that $5 to another WiiU title if you wanted (I payed $70 for NSMBU, I points, had $6 left over, then got the $5 back, so now all I need is a $50 card to get the next game)

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