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Thu 6th Dec 2012

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WuuU commented on Wii U Struggles to Make an Impact in the UK So...:

I didn't see too many Wii U games with really good reviews, so I just got Zombie U, NSMBU, and the bundled NintendoLand. I almost feel like the name "Wii U" is confusing to people who aren't in-the-know about Wii stuff. They might as well have just used "Wii 2."

I started out looking at handheld games and honed in on the 3DS XL. It took me a while to finally bother Googling "wii u" (after I kept seeing references to the name) because I didn't really know there was a new console system from Nintendo. I'm usually a PC gamer, though. Anyway, I wound up buying both, but I knew I was taking a chance on the Wii U, being a brand new, untested system with few existing games. Here's hoping it does well