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BIT.TRIP SAGA On The Way To 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Download some bits

As the weeks pass Nintendo has been gradually bringing more 3DS retail titles to the handheld's eShop, and it seems that a series that began life as a download exclusive is set to join in — BIT.TRIP SAGA is next in line.

According to an updated page on the eShop, the collection from Gaijin Games will be available to download from 20th December in North America, with a price of $14.99. This title is a collection of all six BIT.TRIP games that were originally released on WiiWare, with each title earning strong recommendations in our reviews at the time. This boxed release on 3DS throws some stereoscopic 3D into the mix and has often been found at reduced prices in stores, though this'll offer a convenient option.

Is this a download that you may pick up as a Holiday treat? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Omar Armando Tapia Burgos for the tip.

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Super_Conzo said:

I just bought this! It seems ideal for eShop.
Runner makes me smile from ear to ear, then makes me want to smash my 3ds, then makes me smile again.
Like this



Jellitoe said:

Got this as part of "Indie Bundle 6" with 7 other games for $6.
The should lower the price.



Bulbousaur said:

A downloadable retail title cheaper/the same price than the boxed version? The world is surely coming to an end...



Squashie said:

That's a nice price, but I already own all the games on Wii and SAGA for 3DS...



iphys said:

Grrr! I went to a lot of trouble to find Saga and paid so much more for it. If they could release it so much cheaper on the eShop, they should have just released it on the eShop in the first place.



C-Olimar said:

An download game that doesn't cost 3 times as much as retail? Madness I say! Madness!



theblackdragon said:

man i went nuts trying to find a copy of Saga and was horribly let down by the desyncing issues. did they fix it for this release? if not, this will be a no-go for me. i'll be more than happy to shell out $15 for a playable copy of Saga, though! Core and Runner are two of my favorites out of the series and they're just unplayable for me on the 3DS cart.



rayword45 said:

See Nintendo! Here's a case of a developer being completely rational about pricing! Rather then charge $40 for a game that typically costs about $8, they're charging $15 for something usually a bit higher.

And buying them all on WiiWare is $42, not $60



rayword45 said:

@LZBirdboi Well then who the hell would choose a $40 digital download with no physical product or even an account system, over an actual game for $15?

That is the stupidest argument I've heard yet about digital Nintendo.



theblackdragon said:

@lz: examples of what? I think rayword45 is being pretty rational — granted, I don't think $15 for a $35 game at retail would be feasible in all cases, but heck, if they'd take $10 off the retail price for all first-party digital downloads, I'd probably give them more than a second glance in the eShop, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be alone. :/



TingLz said:

Your rationale lacks logic! Nintendo games sell by the bucket loads, so why should they be cheaper >:3



rayword45 said:

First off, why is it that every damn time I make an argument, you get on my back? Or even worse, you fail to make an argument, and just say "wut?"

They should be cheaper to attract gamers to the digital market. When so many people complain about unreasonable pricing, and the market there clearly isn't doing as well as XBLA or PSN even, there's room for improvement.

And here are some examples (none as extreme as Pilotwings though)

Star Fox 64 3D: $31 with free shipping on Amazon, seen as low as $5 at Sears brand new
Pokemon Rumble Blast: 40 Euros on eShop, most expensive I've seen at price match free place is $30 at GameStop



rayword45 said:

@theblackdragon Nobody with any logic is expecting "all digital downloads should be 50% off release day!"

But games should generally be a tad bit cheaper (even as low as $2 difference) and old games should be a lot cheaper. Props to Aksys for this one. Good call.



LegendaryQ said:

I am going to have a serious time convincing myself not to get this. The price is just so right.



rayword45 said:

@LegendaryQ What are you waiting for? If you want a perfect lag-free version, the Wii version is cheap as well. But both are great choices.

There's no reason to not get this other then rhythm game hatred (which, then, you should stay away cause it's a particularly brutal one).



theblackdragon said:

@rayword45: I think he's just messing around for some reason. he'd be wise to knock it off :/

@legendaryQ: i'd wait to hear any news on fixing the desyncing issues and all before dropping your money on SAGA tbqh... it's tempting, but with two or three of the games potentially still borked as hell, i'd go Wii before i went 3DS for these games.



rayword45 said:

@SheldonRandoms When I went there, it was listed as $5 but sold out. It must have been some special deal because it's an extreme outlier, but still worth mention because of the comparison.



Birdman said:

$15? If I had only waited ... lol jk I really like it last year when it was $40.



Marow said:

That's a good price! Would be cool if they also released each game, but I guess that's a no-go.



Retro_on_theGo said:

grrrr! Well, I got Saga on sale at Amazon as a part of a lightning deal. Only $18 dollars, so I can't complain. If this fixes the issues of the retail version I'm totally double dipping to get a good Runner on the go!



rayword45 said:

@TheDreamingHawk That's a crappy argument.

Steam drops prices like crazy
XBLA drops prices with the big chain stores
PSN does as XBLA




rayword45 said:

@TheDreamingHawk And I don't consider GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, or any other big chain to be a "discount store".

Seriously, if they want to keep up with other download services, offer reasonable pricing and discounts. Not 5 times what you'd pay for an actual physical cartridge.



Gridatttack said:

I will sure get this. I always wanted to play the BIT TRIP ones. I got the runner one on the computer, but meh. I prefer it to play them on a handheld.

@theblackdragon Wait, what desyncing issues? D:
How do they affect the game?



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@rayword45 Steam prices "drop like crazy" you say? You haven't been on Steam for very long I guess. Those drops tend to be temporary due to sales. It actually takes quite a bit of time to pass before a game drops permanently in price on Steam.

A very good example is the original Borderlands which costed $60 at launch and took 3 years to drop to $19.99. This is not even factoring in that it stayed at $19.99 even after Borderlands 2 came out.

You're holding Nintendo to a higher pedestal when you don't have your sources right.



Banker-Style said:

The hell I'm reading,a e-Shop retail game cheaper that what you might find in the shops.
Magic indeed.



SirQuincealot said:

@ThePillowGolem when nintendo has a sale i will believe you, so far the best sale they've had is 3 dollars of switch force, this is from a canadians persecetive, i know you h=guys in europe get more consistent sales,
and who cares if steam takes for ever for a permininent price drop thier sales more than make up for it



SirQuincealot said:

also since no one answered it last time i'll ask agian how long are these games? will i be able to beat one in a single 20 min session? or do they have some meat on thier bones



theblackdragon said:

@SirQuincealot: Have you played any other rhythm-based games? It's a lot of repetition and memorization until you get it 'right' to the point where you can successfully navigate a level. The songs/levels themselves are a good few minutes' worth of song to get through in one shot (provided you're to the point where you can get through a song in one shot without losing), and there's three songs/levels in Beat, Core, Void, Flux, and there's six in Fate iirc. Runner is another beast altogether, the three levels/songs are each made up of 11 stages (and each stage has its own special 'bonus' stage if you collect all the gold pieces as you run), and then a boss stage to get through.

Unless you're some kind of god of gaming (and who knows, you might be ), you won't be able to beat each game in 20 minutes, it's a lot of trial and error. However, once you've got a game's songs memorized to the point of instinct and can blaze through them without dying, you're probably looking about four or five minutes a level with all transitions and animations considered (except for Runner, again it doesn't really fall under the same 'rules' as the other games. it's a beast all its own really :3)

@Gridattack: In the cartridge version of Saga, Core has pretty bad desyncing issues — the music and beats on-screen are not in sync sometimes. they're noticeable toward the middle and through the end of Exploration, though you can get through it if you know what's going on and what you're doing. As for Control, though... forget it, it's freakin' unplayable. and it's a damn shame because Control is seriously one of my favorite songs in the series, hands down.

As for Runner, I was able to get a few stages in but then came to a point where I could not get past (i forget now what stage it was, pretty sure it was within the first level though) because the music is off from the button taps you need to perform, and the framerate 'hiccups' sometimes so that you'll miss your beat. i know there are people who have battled through and are able to succeed with the Saga version of Runner, but I have played and played and played Runner for WiiWare until it's second nature for me, and the difference between the WiiWare version of Runner and Saga's Runner are just too great for me to enjoy it.

so far as i remember, Beat and Flux are fine, Void I could never get through anyway (so i have no idea if it desyncs or hiccups at all later on, haha), and Fate seemed OK though I didn't bother beating it all the way because I was so pissed off about Runner and Core tbqh. :3



Gridatttack said:

@theblackdragon Ah well, that sucks to hear

Ill wait to see how the digital copy turns out. If they still are all choppy, maybe ill get the wiiware versions instead...



Fuzzy said:

Found the 3DS versions to be a disappointment. Some of the games were unplayable for me.

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