As the weeks pass Nintendo has been gradually bringing more 3DS retail titles to the handheld's eShop, and it seems that a series that began life as a download exclusive is set to join in — BIT.TRIP SAGA is next in line.

According to an updated page on the eShop, the collection from Gaijin Games will be available to download from 20th December in North America, with a price of $14.99. This title is a collection of all six BIT.TRIP games that were originally released on WiiWare, with each title earning strong recommendations in our reviews at the time. This boxed release on 3DS throws some stereoscopic 3D into the mix and has often been found at reduced prices in stores, though this'll offer a convenient option.

Is this a download that you may pick up as a Holiday treat? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Omar Armando Tapia Burgos for the tip.