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YouTube App Goes Live on Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In case you hadn't tapped the icon yet

After a launch day that involved a firmware update and a few icons on the home menu that weren't quite ready for action, Wii U is starting to get into its stride with entertainment apps. It's not just about games, remember.

If you haven't tried it in the last couple of days, you should know that the free YouTube app on your Wii U is live and ready to go. It joins subscription based TV streaming services Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video on the system, and of course TVii is on the way in December. YouTube, of course, will bring its brand of sneezing baby pandas and annoying Gangnam rip-offs, though don't forget that some of its videos took a lot of effort and are entirely awesome, such as The Legend of Digital Zelda.

There are some murmurings online that this YouTube app isn't particularly enjoyable to use, and that better results are possible by using the full site through the system's web browser. Maybe those of you that have tried it out can let us know how well it works — or not — in the comments below.


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regulus5 said:

The youtube app is really slow and has crashed my system twice. The browser is definitely the way to go at this point it works flawlessly. Hopefully they'll have a patch to fix the problems soon and also allowing us to watch on the game pad is a must.



siavm said:

The YouTube app is awful. I can barely get videos to play, it has no second screen viewing option, and it froze my wii u once. The browser one though is way better. I hope they fix it soon, if not I may just delete it off my system and just use the browser one.



47drift said:

It's pretty terrible. Can't view favorites, can't view likes, can't watch on the gamepad, runs slowly, playlists are limited, can't view by account without subscriptions, can't browse for other videos while a video is playing, can't add to favorites, can't rate, can't nothin'. I complained about this on Miiverse and was accused of being an Xbox fanboy. Go figure.



ajcismo said:

Crashed on me the first time I used it right after install, but has worked fine since. The picture is nice on the Gamepad & tv (better than my blu-ray player running it), but the interface is confusing & completely lacking on the Gamepad. Try it out, but yeah, I agree going with the browser is the easier solution. At least until the interface is fixed.



SpaceKappa said:

The interface is the same as on the PS3 but it's slower and often won't load any videos at all. When scrolling through my subscriptions it kept saying "no videos" even though I'm pretty sure the Angry Video Game Nerd has a video or two up on his channel.

I'm sure it'll be fixed with a patch, but I'm kinda wondering how it got finalized at this point.



9th_Sage said:

Google really needs to fix it, it's not enjoyable to use (most of the time videos in my subscriptions don't show up, glad it's not only happening to me).



Firebird360 said:

The app is kind of sketchy but it shows a lot of promise. The web explorer on the other hand is very good, easily beating what the other consoles offer, I actually find myself using it more than I thought I would.



Jonisme said:

The app is a half-baked port from the app PS3. (Note the d-pad indicator) But it does have potential, and I use it over the browser because it is HD.



nocode said:

Count me in for "its garbage". Claims all of my subscribed channels have "no videos". Clearly wasn't tested.



edcomics said:

As mentioned above, I can't access my favorites, which defeats the purpose almost entirely. Browsing is a major pain, and there's essentially no gamepad support. Again, it defeats the purpose. I'll have to try loading the website through the browser, but I had assumed it wouldn't work. I hate to be negative, but some WiiU features are disappointing me.



Tsuchiya said:

Oh, if only there was another way of properly viewing the internet as intended....



Kagamine said:

The App is overaly horrible. Going to Youtube in the browser works infinitely better, and i don't have to close a game to do so.



Moshugan said:

Judging by the comments they were in a hurry to launch the app.
Haven't they done any quality control on it?



SetupDisk said:

Stick to watching it through the browser. The only thing good about the app on PS3 was that you could finally watch youtube on it since the browser for that is so poor. That is definitely not the case here.

I was actually quite sad to see it was the same design as the PS3 app when it booted up.



DarkLloyd said:

yeah its the same as the ps3 youtube app which isnt helping much either because i cant access my favourites or get to a certain video i want, but with the internet browser its much better and it looks exactly like it would on your computer

plus whenever you play a video it automatically goes and fill the gamepad as its seperate thing so you could play music and go to a different website as long as you dont close that video page



pntjr said:

Seems to me like it's trash. Is it on the same level as the Wii Youtube app?



hendie001 said:

I don t mind the way it is set up but when i try to return to the wii u menu it takes up wards of 15 min to load. I unplugged my wii u the first time it happend, the second time i let it try to load and about 15 min later i got to the wii menu.



rjejr said:

So Nintendo released this garbage app just as a way of advertising how good their console browser it? Works for me as I'm always on the internet and almost never on Youtube. Though I admittedly did contribute to Psy besting The Biebs.



ReshiramZekrom said:

@pntjr I can actually watch video on the Wii app (although the Wii app can lag), so the Wii app is actually better than the Wii U app. o_0



MDee14 said:

Youtube app is very bad! my videos don't appear for those im subscribe to. it froze my system once. it also made me active twice. highly recommend the web version, until its updated



Metal_Slugger said:

Its ok looks a lot like the PS3 version which is super bad. The PS3 one crashes on just about every video I tried. The WiiU at least played all the ones I tried so far.

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