After a launch day that involved a firmware update and a few icons on the home menu that weren't quite ready for action, Wii U is starting to get into its stride with entertainment apps. It's not just about games, remember.

If you haven't tried it in the last couple of days, you should know that the free YouTube app on your Wii U is live and ready to go. It joins subscription based TV streaming services Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video on the system, and of course TVii is on the way in December. YouTube, of course, will bring its brand of sneezing baby pandas and annoying Gangnam rip-offs, though don't forget that some of its videos took a lot of effort and are entirely awesome, such as The Legend of Digital Zelda.

There are some murmurings online that this YouTube app isn't particularly enjoyable to use, and that better results are possible by using the full site through the system's web browser. Maybe those of you that have tried it out can let us know how well it works — or not — in the comments below.