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Nintendo Has No Plans To Launch Wii Mini In The UK

Posted by Orla Madden

For Canada's eyes only

It began as a rumour which led to an official announcement, but we now know that the Wii Mini is real. It's a Canadian exclusive for the time being, but for those of you who may have been hoping that the pint-sized console could travel to the UK in the near future, we've got some bad news.

Speaking with CVG at last night's Wii U midnight launch, Nintendo UK's head of consumer marketing James Honeywell delivered some disappointing news:

We have no plans to launch it in the UK. Our focus here is all about Wii U.

The Wii Mini will launch in Canada on 7th December for $99. It's a smaller, cheaper version of the popular Wii console which lacks online functionality.

Were you hoping to see it released in other regions?


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TromaDogg said:

I think it's a nicely designed little console from the outside but it's also a completely unnecessary addition to the Wii family, same as the Game Boy Micro was to the Game Boy Advance line. No Gamecube compatibility is one thing but removing all online functions is ridiculous...I know the Wii didn't have the best online service but I still downloaded plenty of VC/WiiWare titles on mine



Omega said:

I already have two Wiis. But I was hoping it would be released in Europe because that would raise the life-cycle of the Wii like that of the Playstation 2. Saying "we only concentrate on the Wii U" is pretty nearsighted. They still have to learn a lot from Sony.



warvad said:

Wow, the collector's value on this thing will be insane....

Now I need to find a Canadian redirecting service.



Gameday said:

No cube ? No online ? Why gut the system even more ? 50 Bucks id pick this up for a collectors item at best..



Kirk said:

If they don't plan on releasing it anywhere else then I REALLY do struggle to see the point in it. Why waste the time, energy and money developing and manufacturing this thing if it's only a one-off that's sold to Canadians only. I guess it can just be considered a special edition or something but it seems pretty strange to me.



okamiki said:

Next year for EU I bet. Holidays to sale wii u and next year for wii price drop and new design.



hamae said:

If you happen to want to get a red Wiimote plus & nunchuk (that cost $70 here), then the little console only costs you $30. Really not bad as a collector item.



Tasuki said:

I guess if you dont live in Canada or have no way of getting there there is always the Ebay route but I am sure the price will be alot more than $99 dollars.



Wintendo said:

@Yasume Some people clearly do

I think I'm gonna buy it for the red wii remote and nunchuck, and keep the wii mini somewhere safe hehe I also live in Canada.



anthony999 said:

the one major drawback with this mini that there is NO wifi connection at all...and no backward capabilites for Gamecube games...I wouldn't bother, unless it's for a gift for kids...



DrDaisy said:

It looks cute, but hasn't pretty much everyone interested in Wii bought one already?
And it lacks online compatibility? Seriously?! That's ironic seeing as how the PS2 Slim came with a bult-in internet connection. Way to go backwards, Nintendo!



hYdeks said:

honestly, I still might get this just cause I like a couple Wii games, but never really got into the online part of the Wii, never was that great, sadly.

hey, come on, don't blame Canada, we didn't make them do it lol



alLabouTandroiD said:

Well, Canadian neighbours live so far away from each other that their Wii online would be way too laggy for comfort. So the only option is to make the system more portable. Not surprised it isn't coming to the UK.



DrDaisy said:

I'll need whatever the hell I want to need! I am so sick of fanboys who defend every fault! What's next? "You don't need it to stay on for more than 30 minutes! Get outside."? Right now I'm trying to imagine what kind of excuse fanboys (or fangirls) would make for a system that demands monthly payments for use of each game even after it's been bought!



FyreeTSG said:

@warvad EXACTLY--AS a collector, I'm all over it--if I had the money(and felt like dealing with Canadian Online Shopping)(I live in Oregon, US)--I'd get it...
sure, it doesn't have online--but I don't need it....people who are wanting online, get one of the MILLIONS of other Wii's, in a wide variety of colors--and weren't people b*tching about the LACK of options a few years ago.

People will get this for one of a few reasons:
1)They're collectors--
2)The Red/Black console+Red controllers(which haven't been seen bundled since the SMBWii Red bundle)
3)They just want something to play Wii games on, that's NEW, and a bit more affordable

The NO Bundled Game sucks, but it's 6 years since the Wii came out, and there are PLENTY of games, and plenty of used ones at that, to choose from--you can get better games for the $30 you'll have left(about the money left from buying the Mini over another "standard" Wii)--

NO Wii Shop, kinda stinks, but again, if you want THAT feature--get the normal console--PLUS the Wii Shop's dead anyway(and lacking in anything that I for one would consider wasting points on anymore--unless Nintendo shocks the world by releasing the NES Tetris, SMW2, DK64, Starfox, or some more N64 games)....



FyreeTSG said:

plus this is VERY reminscent of the NES-101(Top loader), and late-model SNES in the 90's...which are HELLA Collectors Items---and I'm happy to have the NES-101(paid $75 for it, it's my BAYBEE!)---

I'd be the collectors value for the wiimote and nunchuk alone are gonna be packaged on ebay for $100 themselves---just like the Gold Wiimotes and Nunchuks---

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