Coming December 7th!
Coming December 7th!

Remember that Wii Mini rumour we posted the other day? Well Best Buy Canada just upgraded it from "huh?" to "legit".

The store's site features an image of the new-look console, which appears to be more akin to a set-top box than the old design. Sadly, clicking the image itself currently takes you to the Wii section of the site, with no more info or images - or even the option to pre-order.

We've since contacted Nintendo for clarification, and were predictably told that the company doesn't comment on rumour and speculation.

Do you think Nintendo could be onto something with a small, more compact Wii - especially as set-top boxes and video streaming services are picking up pace these days? Or could the release of a new-look Wii confuse shoppers, what with the Wii U hype train in full force? Drop us some thoughts in the comments field below.

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