Ubisoft announced earlier today that Gangnam Style, the number one hit song by South Korean rapper Psy, will soon be available as downloadable content for Just Dance 4.

Having attracted more than 490 million views since it first appeared on YouTube in July, Gangnam Style has become one of the most viewed videos on the internet, as well as reaching number one in the UK Singles Chart.

“Gangnam Style and Just Dance 4, I can’t wait to see all the YouTube videos”, said Psy, presumably while bathing in coins and rubbing dollar bills all over his face.

“We’re dedicated to bringing Just Dance fans access to the music and musicians they love,” said Geoffroy Sardin, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Ubisoft EMEA. “Our fans were really vocal about wanting Gangnam Style in Just Dance 4 and we listened. This marks the first of many hot upcoming DLC tracks for Just Dance 4.”

Gangnam Style will be available to download in November 2012. Ubisoft has stated that an official release date and pricing details will be confirmed closer to the availability of the DLC.

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