Yesterday we brought you the news that a new Professor Layton title is heading to iOS and Android, so it only seems appropriate that we report on another DS/3DS title that's making the leap to smartphones and tablets. An iOS release of Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure, or Rhythm Kaitou R as it's known in Japan, is listed on SEGA's page for the Tokyo Game Show.

Like the Layton equivalent, it looks like this will be a freemium title with plenty of add-ons to buy separately. It's not clear how closely it'll follow the 3DS title, as it will apparently be re-worked for shorter play sessions and include a social feature, which could theoretically be similar to an online version of the StreetPass functionality in the original. As an indication of the early stage of development, even the featured screenshots are from the 3DS version.

It'll be interesting to see how the freemium model accommodates the story of the 3DS title, if at all, especially as that was a big part of producer Shun Nakamura's ambition when developing the game.

The approach we are taking now, of adding in plot, is my way of reviving music games. In this new method, I believe old-fashioned music games and Bemani style have a place to live.

As more developers and publishers release variations of the same game or franchise both on 3DS and smartphone/tablet platforms, we'll be able to see how the different experiences shape up.