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La Mulana Beginner's Guide is Essential Viewing for Adventurers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It'll call you names

So, La Mulana is just a few days away. For Nintendo gamers that enjoy an action-platforming challenge and still have love for their Wii system, this has been a long-awaited WiiWare title that's likely to scratch an itch.

Challenge is the word, though, and developer Nigoro has been kind enough to produce a lengthy beginner's guide video. It's narrated by the cute — and cheeky — Mulberk, the "idol of the game", and shows that there's more to this one then running around in a temple and getting obliterated by boss creatures. At one point you get laptop tips from an old man in a tent — we wonder what Wi-Fi service he uses — and Mulberk then explains that you start as a "penniless deadbeat" but need money for a number of useful items. She also suggests that you take notes on the box of tissues next to you, presumably because the game is that difficult that tears are inevitable.

It's worth sticking with this video, as it's not only humorous at points but also provides vital tips that will help in the game. Don't leave your tent — Wi-Fi enabled, of course — without checking it out below.

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citizenerased said:

Terrifying, and funny. "Sucks, doesn't it?"

"You can write notes on that box of tissues you alwasy keep nearby... hehehe"



ShadJV said:

Great, I can scratch that masochistic itch until it bleeds. Hopefully it can tide me over until Cloudberry Kingdom.



GeminiSaint said:

That tissue box line...
Because of the context, the wording, and her mischievous laugh, I really don't think they were making a reference to the tears of the player. They were talking about... something else. Ahem.



Marioman64 said:

wait, it's using a laptop instead of that random blob of msx roms? awww
hopefully the old man still says the most random of random things when you enter is tent repeatedly



nasachi said:

i played the original La Mulana... the difficulty of Demons + Dark Souls is a joke compared to LM (although it's not unfair, if you die it's your fault)



Sforzando said:

I am so excite. Will be downloading this tomorrow! I'll keep my tissue box handy.

For tears. That will happen in this game. Of course.

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