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Level-5's Fantasy Life Living it up With Official Website

Posted by Mike Mason

What a life

The official website for Level-5 / Brownie Brown RPG Fantasy Life has finally burst into existence.

The website can be found here. It's all in Japanese, but if you pop over there you can at least see some new screens and artwork that show off the town and avatar system.

Much of the information was also published in Japanese magazine Famitsu, as translated by Andriasang. You'll be able to choose from several professions and live out your life in a way that befits. For example, if you join the army you'll hang out with soldiers; an artist's life will revolve the town's studio. You can also choose to be a tailor, a miner, chef or many more. Fighting isn't essential in Fantasy Life; it's all about discovering your own way to play.

You'll have your own room to build up and fill with junk, and in the main town you can frequent a castle, market, fortune teller's house and several other places. There's a day and night cycle too, with different things unlocking and new people milling about depending on the hour.

A release date for Fantasy Life should be announced in next week's Famitsu. Until then, here's the super-cute trailer from last year.

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CanisWolfred said:

I'm still not sure what kinda game this is, but I'm under the impression that it's an MMO.



Otto-Soq said:

I am following this game for a while. Looks very, very nice. (me hopes this wil be very Dragon Quest-alike)



tat2 said:

@Mickeymac That seems a bit unlikely to me, considering it was originally meant to be a DS game. I would think that, to put it bluntly, it's Japan's answer to Sims.



Takosuke said:

So this is by some of the people who worked on Mother 3? I'll be looking out for this.



C-Olimar said:

Hopefully, this will buck the trend of weak selling Level-5 games (Guild01, Time Travellers), giving it more chance of a Western release!



komicturtle said:

I really want this game to make it over here... 20 different jobs and the ability to do whatever you want... Love open ended games like this. Also developed by Brownie Brown (devs of MOTHER3), it has to be a great game.



Radixxs said:

I remember when this was a 2D game on the DS. excited to hear more, I've been waiting long time.



mamp said:

Wasn't Professor Layton's London Life supposed to be a prototype for this game?



NImH said:

Looks a little like Little King's Story to me... Minus the real-time strategy stuff.
I'm in.



Geonjaha said:

@Mickeymac - MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. You cant disregard what it stands for based on a speculative implication of gameplay style. For a game to be an MMO - it has to be (you guessed it) multiplayer, and online.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh man this looks epic. If you actually talk to different characters & have a different storyline based on which job you choose to do it sounds like this game would have an amazingly huge amount of replayability Very exciting stuff!



Arcamenel said:

I'm excited to hear about this game! The trailer for it was one of the few that really had me wanting to get a 3DS. I hope this comes to NA.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Red_Kinetic: Yeah, but that game series handled "offline MMO" in a much more literal sense. A good example of what Mickeymac has been talking about would be Final Fantasy XII. When that game came out, it was sometimes called an offline MMO due to some of the gameplay systems.

As for the game...trailer and preview write-up sound interesting, I guess. I would need to learn more, preferably in English, before I decided if I was actually very interested.



kdognumba1 said:

Wow, is this an online RPG or just a more detailed more open world one? Either way it looks awesome and I'm officially hyped for it! Day 1 purchase!



akabenjy said:

I love Brownie Brown. Did anyone play London Life? It was awesome and I'm sure Fantasy Life will be a more complete game. I will cry if Level 5 don't release this in the West.



k8sMum said:

as @radixxs says: the link to the site doesn't work. but it's got that cute 'our page is in another castle' thingie going on.



Volmun said:

where the dragon is sleeping... is that the Leg of the Bionis from Xenoblade Chronicals!? lol - this game looks rely good... shame it is probbly JPN only... Well we can always hope. It looks like a RPG Animal Crossing

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