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Fan Group 'Operation Zero' Attempts to Scare Nintendo of America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Into localising Fatal Frame 2, that is

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition arrived in Europe at the end of June, and despite a few flaws has been scaring gamers witless since. This isn't survival horror in the shoot-a-zombie-in-the-face Resident Evil sense, but exploring dark, creepy locales with nothing but a camera to protect you from malevolent ghosts. Played in a dark room with headphones, it's capable of giving genuine scares.

It's also a title that Nintendo of America has, so far, declined to localise. Much like Operation Rainfall's three JRPGs, this title has some fans determined to use social networks to pressurise Nintendo into releasing it on the other side of the Atlantic. Known as Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition in North America, this campaign has been up and running for a good amount of time, and is planning a write-in/call-in from 25-27th July, depending on regions: details can be found on the campaign's Facebook page.

It's hard to know whether these campaigns play a major role in securing localisations, as NoA has appeared to judge recent releases based on the reception of titles in Europe, including titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles and the upcoming The Last Story. There's still no news on Pandora's Tower, for example, but we can safely say that fan campaigns don't harm the odds of game localisations.


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Prof_Clayton said:

Please bring this to America! I would play this with my cousin every week. :/ Hopefully the new "operation rainfall" can do it!



madgear said:

Have to say it's nice for us to be getting these games in the UK for a change considering we were denied the likes of Chrono Trigger in the SNES era. However it'd be nice if every game was released everywhere or at least do away with region locks for those who want it that it wasn't made available for.



accc said:

I don't get how on the one hand, Nintendo America claims to be focusing their efforts on attracting "core gamers", and on the other hand, they refuse to release their games that were developed with those types of gamers in mind.



Katernity said:

this would be nice, but you can already get pretty much the same game for US PS2. I'd definitely prefer they localize fatal frame 4 over an update of fatal frame 2.



BenAV said:

Nintendo of America should come out and say that they were planning to localise it but they've changed their minds due to people making these stupid campaigns rather than just waiting and being patient.
That'd show 'em.



darkgamer001 said:

Why the hate against these fan groups? What exactly are they doing wrong? They are fellow Nintendo fans just like us, who want to play games that they SHOULD be playing, but of course have to cope with how lame Nintendo of America has become nowadays.
I'm not even from North America, but for years, we had pretty much the same situation with Nintendo of Europe not wanting to localize anything. At that time, I wished that people would band together to protest against this injustice.
(As a side note, Region Locking is the lamest concept ever invented on the face of the planet. Ok maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point)



CrazyOtto said:

Localizations of Pandora's Tower and FF2 Wii Edition should've been announced at E3 2012.



madgear said:

@TwilightPoint What a ridiculous thing to say. I live in the UK so I have this, Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower etc but I'd demand them here if they were never made available.

The Wii isn't the easiest system to import for, especially if you don't want to invalidate your warranty by hacking and modding. An easier solution is to just request that the game is released on your shores. I've imported a ton of games in the past - usually for a hugely inflated price and at the cost of modding a console. I'd have much preferred localised versions of those games instead. You have to remember we're consumers, not brattish kids wanting things - we give these companies their money and keep them in business so, yes, they should listen to us rather than having them dictate to us. It's the way industry works.



JustAnotherUser said:

@FonistofCruxis Yes I would. I would like to have a localization but I wouldn't demand it. If it bothered me that much I would import it. I came across ignorant in my last post so I apologise. Sorry.

I just hate how (not all of them) people are under the impression that operation rainfall made such a huge difference and now it's likely that "operations" are going to pop-up for everything.

My opinion has been formed by "We did this YEAH! It's because of us!".
I shouldn't really have this view and I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.

I have nothing against fan petitions but when they want to flood inboxes and phone lines and start making people's jobs a living hell, I draw the line.



Yanchamaru said:

Fatal Frame 2 will never be released in North America because NOA refused to localize Fatal Frame 4 (the best in the series). Tecmo Koei should publish their own games instead of giving NOA the opportunity to hand out the death sentence.



Fabian said:

Finally a cool game that Europe got while NA not.Good luck I hope you´ll get the game and Europe gets Mario Super Slugers.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Oh god no. These are run by organizations of idiots whining over a game that they didn't get.

EUROS MISSED OUT ON GAMES TOO. it's our turn, and frankly this isn't even worth it. If they dare spam every post, I'm getting mad.




TheDreamingHawk said:

@TwilightPoint Please be leader of an anti organization. I'm also sick of these Organizations whining. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, It isn't even an Nintendo game! It's made by Koei, so let them decide on it. There are OTHER GAMES coming out recently, you know, so you don't need that one game.



LztheQuack said:

Why the hate for these fan groups? Well some of them wish that Nintendo would die for not localizing some games very few would play anyway...just saying



JustAnotherUser said:

I should probably clarify that I have nothing against fan localization groups apart from those who spam a company until they do it.
It's just the same as bullying.



Willerz said:

Why should gamers have to import anyway?! Quite frankly, region-locking needs to stop. Whilst I in no way support fan-movements to get various games 'localised', it's hard not for me to be disappointed in NoA's decision not to release a game that is already in English to a mostly English speaking region, especially in starved genres such as RPGs and survival horror. It seems incredibly lazy to me. I'm not a business expert by any means, but even if this is quite a niche game, I thought the Wii was supposed to be for 'everyone'.



mamp said:

@darkgamer001 I totally agree with you, there's nothing wrong with fans being passionate about what they love. Also it's funny how some of you don't even know anything about Operation Rainfall yet you talk so much... I added them on my facebook and they are actually really cool they would actually do charity donations. They would write to Nintendo but they'd be respectful and professional about it. The letters they would send were already typed out, you just had to send it and the letters were written out in a professional manner and nothing rude was written on them (so no people weren't sending death threats to Iwata). Now they do game reviews and they share videogame information. TBH if they were the rude, demanding, and immature people you make them out to be, I wouldn't even bother with them. Yes some people cause trouble, but it's like saying NL is full of jerks just because only a few people are rude.



Bankai said:

In this topic: Some Nintendo fans on a Nintendo fan site say that they would buy a game if it was localised (but not likely at full price, no one does that).

Definitely profitable for Nintendo to localise it, then.



AlbertoC said:

When will people learn what respect is?

If these guys are organizing themselves to ask Nintendo for a game they want, it's their decision. It's not like expressing this idea or sending calls or letters is a crime, now is it?

Now, if there are hundreds of letters, then there are hundreds of fans, and Nintendo needs to hear the customers instead of getting behind a corporate wall. But if they start to be bothersome, that's different. It's not like they will send out-of-control spam, it's just going to be three days. (Just for the record, after operation rainfall i never heard complaints from Nintendo employees.)

If Operation Zero begins to spam every forum about this matter, that is an issue. If people begin to hate just by the sheer reason of hating, that is also an issue. It's easy to forget that freedom ends where rights begin.

@BenAV: I do not agree with your second comment, sir. Quoting madgear: "You have to remember we're consumers, not brattish kids wanting things - we give these companies their money and keep them in business so, yes, they should listen to us rather than having them dictate to us. It's the way industry works."



sinalefa said:

Core gamers are insatiable, so no wonder they are asking for this.

In all seriousness, besides the Kirby Anthology I don't see anything being even announced on Wii for the remainder of the year, so it would be nice to have this as it got decent reviews. Much better than the ones for Spirit Camera.

I do agree that customers and fans have the right to complain, politely, about the lack of Wii games. Whether that works is an entirely different matter, but as Thomas mentions, it won't hurt either.



Bankai said:

"we're consumers, not brattish kids wanting things - we give these companies their money and keep them in business "

Like hell. Gamers have no idea whatsoever how business works. They don't care how profitable a company is either. Gamers have this ridiculous belief that if they (and even a few hundred others, like in Project Rainfairyflossandchocolateontop) want a game, then it must therefore be a smart business decision for that game to be localised.

Guess what? For a game to be worth localising and distributing, there needs to be a certainty that it will sell XXXX numbers of units at full price, or it's not worthwhile. And those XXXXs are not one copy, they're not 100 copies. They're not even 1000 copies. For a game to be a worthwhile business decision it needs to sell thousands and thousands of copies.

No consumer can guarantee that, so every consumer that complains about a game not being released is being an entitled gamer. THEY want, and THEY don't care about the business health of the company that would be responsible for providing that game.

JRPGs and Survival Horror games don't sell that well in the US. Corporations don't survive by appeasing the tiny minorities.



AlbertoC said:

@LollipopChoSaw: These guys will contact Nintendo and with this evidence in hand the big N will make business decisions. Nintendo is not just any kind of industry, it is a video-game dedicated company, after all. If enough people want this title, it is a smart business decision to localize it. And with this operation, they want to identify and get help from these people. Is it a minority? We don't know for certain.

Please, do not be so quick to label and judge that gamers "do not know how a company works" or "have this ridiculous belief", or that "JRPGs and survival horror games don't sell that well in the US".

All things considered, Resident Evil: Revelations sold relatively well in the U.S. last month. The NPD Group told Joystiq Capcom’s horror title sold 122,000 units in March. Source:

Xenoblade Chronicles has reached 207k units sold, this is according to VGChartz who has posted their weekly sale figures. It’s up 22k units from last week. In just three weeks, sales in the US have surpassed Europe where 174k units have been sold and Japan where 158k units have been sold. Source:



Bankai said:

@AlbertoC Nope. Only becomes a smart business decision when those people guarantee they will buy a game at full cost.

And, when gamers can demonstrate they understand business, I'll stop pointing out that there is a reason that they don't run major global corporations. Until gamers have access to real data, like projected sales figures and profitability studies on a game release, they're really in no position to be telling Nintendo (who does have access to that data) what it should be doing.

Especially when Nintendo exists to make money, and a gamer's sole motivation is playing games. Believe it not, there's a conflict of interest there.



CaPPa said:

You can say that other games are coming out, but I don't want those other games I want Fatal Frame! I really do wonder if it was one of your favorite games if you'd be so blasé about it, I mean it'd be like you wanting 'NSMB2' and you get 'Barbie's Magical Horse Adventure' bought for you instead, would you really be happy about it because it's 'still a game'?

As for having patience, well I've been waiting for Fatal Frame 4 to be localized for 4 years now. That is patience enough I think, so I do not want to sit and wait another 4 years for Fatal Frame 2 to not be localized as well.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@lollipopchosaw: It's not unusual for entertainment companies to release a works that they know may not make a profit. Nintendo can take it's millions it made of the Wii localize a few games to earn the good will of their fans.



Kage_88 said:

Jesus, I'm sick of people whining (in specific on this site).

Europe/Australia have missed out on a lot of great games over the years. Granted, the internet wasn't really prominent during the SNES/N64 days - so we really didn't have an outlet to voice our frustrations...but come on.

Yes, it sucks that Nintendo isn't bringing certain titles to the US...but the fact that you get up in arms and start campaigns/petitions over EVERY game that you don't get is self-entitled and brattish. For goodness sake, this is Project many copies would it actually sell? Next to nothing, judging on past 3rd party Wii titles.

Just let it go.



Bankai said:

@TheGreenSpiny that's not how corporations work. The financial position of every product is considered separately.

Or alternatively the entire business will collapse from bad accounting practices. I assume that you don't want Nintendo to be liquidated.



ReaperX30 said:

I just signed the petition. My Wii is gathering dust so this game would make me clean it up. Seriously though I had it on the Xbox back in the day and it's one of the scariest games I've played since I first played a game on Coleco vision or intellivision or's a long time I'm getting old.



Rebel81 said:

@LollipopChoSaw, now that's how the big companies work. The costs in these cases are very low, as the games are already translated in English. I don't know what the costs of an ESRB-rating be. But making 5000 dvd's with cover costs £2520.00. Make a bit extra costs for for booklet, changing the region code and get a ESRB rating. Every efficient company can release the product with a profit.



Bankai said:

@Rebel81 marketing and promotion, and localisation involves more than just "translating into English" - American English and proper English are different, and even if nothing is changed, a game still needs to be looked at by a localisation team to ensure there's no potentially culturally offensive material in there.

And then, after you've made those 5000 DVDs, what do you do with them? The manufacturing isn't the expensive bit. It's the logistics in getting the product around the country that is expensive.

So no, there is no guarantee of a profit. If it's so easy though, don't take my word for it. Set up and publishing company of your own and import random games without concern for how many copies of the game it will sell. Good luck to you.

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